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Title : TEMPTATION 13/40
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the
characters in this story and make no
money off them.

Summary: AU. Xander is a young man
living in an Amish community when he
finds himself confronted by the evil of a

STRONG WARNING: although done in a respectful
manner, this story deals with religious issues. If you
find that offensive DO NOT READ.

Xander stood stock still with his fingertips
on his mouth. His lips burned like fire, which struck
him as extraordinarily odd since the lips that had just
touched his were so very cool.

"You must not do that. It is wrong and I will leave
if you intend to force yourself upon me."
Xander's voice quivered and lacked the firm resolve
he had been hoping for.

Spike had turned his back to the boy and seemed to
have already forgotten what he had just done.
In truth he was giddy as a school girl at a make up party.
The human had promised him the whole evening and
he intended to make the most of it.

Spinning back around, Spike's attention had shifted
again. "I know! We'll play a game. One for one.
I get to ask you a question and you get to ask me one
in return. And you are not allowed to lie."

Xander finally realized he still had his fingers to his
mouth and quickly shoved both hands in his pockets.

"I don't ever lie. It is a sin"

Much to his dismay he found himself sounding like a sullen
five year old child, pouting and stammering.

Spike waved his hands dramatically in the air.

"Yea, yea, everything interesting is a sin. So, that's the
game. I'll go first. Why do you live like this?"
He jumped up to sit on a hay bale and waited expectantly.

"Like what?"

Spike exploded!

Screaming and stomping, his feet stirred up a cloud of hay
dust from the floor.

"NO NO NO!! You are not allowed to ask a question till
you answer mine. You are breaking the rules! This is MY
fuckin' game and you have to follow the fucking rules!"

By now Xander had seen too may of these temper
tantrums to be surprised or frightened so, crossing his
arms, he waited it out.

When the flow of steam from the volcano demon seemed
to have played out, Xander sighed, pulled out his own hay
bale, and settled in.

"Fine, o.k., well like I said, we are Old Order Amish so
we shun all distractions of the modern world keeping our
focus on God's will."

Xander waited. When it seemed as though that was an
acceptable answer, he took his turn.
"Were you really a human like me once?"

Spike grinned. He couldn't have be happier if someone
had just offered him a fat toddler for lunch.
"Yep, Name was William and I lived 130 years ago in
London. Don't you ever want to go into the city and live
like everybody else?"

Xander's brain felt scrambled. It was a fact. Demons lie.
But why would he lie about his age and background?
How would that benefit him?
Wait, what was the question?

"Oh, um, no. There is nothing in the city I want. 'What
benefits a man who gains the world if he loses his soul'?
Who did you live with in London?"

Unlike Xander, Spike's brain seemed to easily travel on
several tracks at the same time.

"My Mother. In a large house with gas lights and fire places
just like you have, so we are very much alike. Why
don't you have a beard like your father? And by the
way you are not allowed to throw in bible verses."

Xander saw the verbal ping pong ball bounce into his court and
felt like he was holding a paddle full of holes.

"A man does not grow a beard in our community till he is
married. A single man remains clean shaven. So if you
were like me how did you get so evil? And you only
made up that rule about bible verses because as an unclean
thing you don't know any."

Xander fought the urge to stick out his tongue and give
Spike a 'Nah nah'

Spike giggled mentally. Time to kick it up a notch.

"I'm evil because when Angel turned me the demon replaced
my soul and took over. Now I do what I want, when I
want, and to who I want. Did you like it when I kissed you?
Oh, and Isahiah 3:5 says 'The child shall behave himself
proudly against the ancient'. Mother read the bible to me
every night."

Spike then did what Xander had thought about and scrunched
his face up at Xander.

Xander was taken aback by the wiggling of the pink moist
tongue and the Demon's knowledge of the good book.

Being a man of his word, Xander was honest.
"I didn't like it because it confused me. Why did you do that?
By the way Cor. 5:13 says 'Therefore put away from among
yourselves that wicked person'"

"Same answer as before. I do what I want. Did you ever
think about kissing a man? 'And the truth shall set you free."

Xander jumped to his feet. He was flustered and torn between
his nature and promise to be honest and his struggle to keep
certain things private from the Demon.

"That is not a bible verse! I resist impure thoughts."
He could feel his heartbeat speed up and the sweat bead on
his forehead.
"My question. Were you sent here to torment and test me?"

Spike also stood and walked slowly towards Xander.
He stopped when their faces were just inches apart.
"No one sent me. I came here all on my own. But now that
I am here nothing will ever be the same."

Spike closed the distance between them. He cupped his
hand behind Xander's head and pulled his lips to Spike's
for the kiss they had both been thinking about.

Xander closed his eyes to prevent the vertigo that threatened
to cause him to pass out. He made no move to return the
kiss or stop it's progression. Gasping, Xander opened his
mouth and Spike's tongue slipped in. He tasted ever inch of the
humans warm sweet flavor.

One of them moaned.

The sound was like a slap of reality and Xander pulled back.
The fear that filled him was greater than when he was
first confronted by the evil that was now laughing at him.

Xander turned to run from the barn.
Spike caught him at the door.
"Wait. I don't want to argue. Tell you what, I
promise to keep my lips to myself if you will go for
a walk with me in the moonlight.

Xander thought for a moment then, against his better
judgement, nodded.

Interesting Amish Fun Fact

English is a second language for Amish and most children
don't learn to speak it until they are taught in school.
They speak a bastardized version of German called
Pennsylvania Dutch.

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