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New Community Pimp

GUYS!!! Theres a rockin new community afoot!  Heeee! Its a pimping community called themagic_box

The smashin  indigodiaries  came up with the idea, made it, and now im helping her out and being a co-mod. SO! What is this community you say?!

Its for all BtVS/Angel related recs, announcements, news and pimps.  It can be very difficult to keep track of all the challenges, nominations/awards cycles, brand spanking new authors and community news that is flying around on a pretty much daily basis.

So... why not have it all in one place??! Heres whats allowed at the comm:
~~ Rec Lists - kinks, ships, ratings
~~ Community Pimps
~~ Fandom News - conventions, films, interviews
~~ Awards News - nomination cycles, awards announcements
~~ Solo Recommendations - favourite authors/artists
~~ Art Recs
~~ Fic Recs
~~ Challenge News - current challenges across the communities

PLEASE JOIN!!!! And please check out the rules HERE, to make sure you know the full story :D Hopefully it'l help to keep the fandom united and help encourage people to get feedback and enter challenges. Spread the word pretty pleasey! X D

themagic_box  ::   themagic_box  ::  themagic_box


  Thanks darkhavens for letting me post : D




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