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A Vampire's Embrace, Interrupted Again

A couple of inquiries have been made into why I haven't posted more of A Vampire's Embrace, so I thought I'd answer all questions here and let everyone know what's happening. This past week has been....bad. Like major bad. Lightning hit the house next to us Tuesday, setting it on fire and taking out the cable junction box for the whole block, so I didn't even have the Internet back till yesterday and to top it off, my computer got a major case of something and kept crashing so I had to reformat without being able to back anything up. I lost the two upcoming chapters I meant to post when the cable company fixed everything. So now, I have to redo them. I'll try to get at least one chapter up in the next two or three days and then post new parts as I can during finals, which start this week. Thank you to everyone who sent inquiries and well wishes, and I hope this answers all your questions. Rest assured I have every intention of going on with and completing the story.
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