NeeNee (bookstorequeer) wrote in bloodclaim,

fic search

I know I've asked this before. I know it. I just can't find it! So... I have to ask a slightly different question and hopefully come up with the answer I'm looking for:

AU - human fic. Xander's raising the kid because the mother (Faith) skipped outta town. I don't remember what he does for a living but I thiiiink Spike is a musician (not sure on that count). Spike's gay/wot but Xander isn't. Spike falls for him anyway, there's an incident with the kid getting stung by a bee in the park...

I'm probably just too lazy to look through my bookmarked fics but, any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much, everyone! It's Oil, Water and Some Other Unmixy Things by Anjanka. Dang you guys are quick!

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