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Bored.. someone cheer me up please?


I'm bored.

Sooooo... instead of starting in on the 1500 word essay I have to hand in before 3pm *tomorrow*, something I seriously cannot be fucked doing, I've decided to hand out a challenge for all those fantastic writers out there... :)


Xander gets 'gayed' up by Willow... however unintentionally...

But... Xander becomes not the all-round lovable gay dude we like to read about.... he becomes a *stereotype*

Xander can be....  a drag queen, twink, leatherman, Daddy, chub, sub, straight girls handbag, neurotic, bitchqueen or drama queen.

now, Xander doesn't neccessarily  have to be likeable and Willow is more than welcome to whimper.. 'I hate GayXander'. Xander can have serious 'issues' with straights, hate them even.... "those friggin breeders!'

I would love ths to be a comedy... the idea is full of potential even if it is a one shot... lol.

Thanks to anyone who volunteers.
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