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Title : TEMPTATION 17/40
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the
characters in this story and make no
money off them.

Summary: AU. Xander is a young man
living in an Amish community when he
finds himself confronted by the evil of a

STRONG WARNING: although done in a respectful
manner, this story deals with religious issues. If you
find that offensive DO NOT READ.
Please forgive a litte Buffy bashing in this chapter.

Special thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful artwork

The small nondescript red car pulled into the
motel parking lot, and swung sharply into the first
available space.
Turning the key the driver shut off the engine and
faced his passenger.

"How long are we gonna keep doing this Buffy?
We have been chasing his ass half way across the
country and he always manages to stay just one
step ahead of us."

"I told you, we are going to do this till we find him
and I put a stake through his Black. Shriveled. Heart."

Discussion over she rubbed her eyes and rested her head back
on the passenger side seat.
"Now I'm tired and I need a nap. Go get us a room."

Buffy flipped the visor down and, checking herself
in the mirror, began primping her hair and make up,
expecting her orders to be followed without further hesitation.

Angel sighed the sigh of a pussy whipped vampire and
climbed out of the car. Luckily Buffy's attention was
so entirely focused on herself she did not see the light
bounce in his step or the smile on his face as he crossed
the parking lot toward the motel office.

It took just a few minutes and they were settled into a
room on the third floor at the rear of the building.
The decor was as nondescript as any low budget motel
could be. Green shag carpet laid new in the seventies
matched the color of the paisley print bedspread.

Angel wrinkled his nose at the funky smell rolling
of the suspicious stains on the heavy bed cover.
From their recent travels he had come to know that although
motels change the sheets, most bedspreads are seldom if
ever cleaned, and God knows what people do on them.

He shrugged. Didn't matter. He had left a few stains
himself over the years. Besides it wasn't like he could catch

Unsure how long they would be staying, Angel double
checked the quality of the drapes and the angle of the sun.

Finally satisfied, he carried in the bags as Buffy took a
shower. All settled in, Angel flopped down onto the bed
letting his ass bounce a couple times before his back
relaxed against the headboard.

He listened as the water ran in the bathroom and wondered
if there would be any hot left for him.
Oh well. He had found what he was looking for.
He couldn't keep the sparkle of glee from his face.

He knew it as soon as they stopped the car at that last
farm house. They had come to the right place at last.
He was there.
His childe.
He had let Buffy think it was her idea to hunt him down
but truth be told Angel was jonesin' for some Spike ass.

Oh, yes. That sweet, tight, high, firm, bubble ass.
The very reason Buffy had insisted on this trip.
Angel shook his head.

He still could not believe how mad she got that night
a few months ago. It probably never would have
happened if he hadn't drank that alcohol soaked
blood he got from the red cross dumpster.

'Buffy was just too fuckin' sensitive. Roll her over, fuck
her in the ass, and call out Spike's name just one time
and she is all bent out of shape. Sheesh. How
fuckin' picky can you be?' He thought.

That's when she started on this obsessive quest to
find and kill him, he remembered, which, at first, he objected
too, then after some rethink he decided it might work out after
all. Find him, fuck him, and tell Buffy it's time to give up.
Everybody is happy.

Angel's thoughts shut off at the same time as the water.
Buffy burst into the room wearing nothing but a large white
towel. Angel wondered if she realized the towel actually covered
more of her than most of the outfits she wore.

Leaping on to the bed, Buffy straddled Angels' body. Flinging her
towel to the side of the bed she sat back proudly. "You want some of

She shook herself in an attempt to cause her smaller than small
titties to bounce seductively. Nothing moved.

Taking Angels' hand she guided it to her crotch. Manipulating his
hand expertly she took one of his fingers and shoved it into
her wet pussy.
"Cause it feels like this wants some of you."

Angel briefly thought about reaching for the remote control and flipping
on HBO when suddenly a full color picture popped into his mind.
Closing his eyes his body and brain conjured up the memory of long
nights of hot sex nearly a hundred years ago. Throwing his head back
Angel moaned and hardened quickly.

"Oh, yea, Baby, that's what I'm talking' about."
Buffy fumbled with the zipper on Angel's pants.

"I knew you had to have some of this wet hot pussy. Isn't
nothing better than a little Buffy stuff is there, Baby?"

"Shhhh. Don't talk Buffy."
Angel scrambled to turn out all the lights and strip off the last
of his clothes. Climbing back into the bed he tried to ignore the
heat of her tongue as she kissed him deeply. Following her lead
he continued to finger fuck her till she was quivering with need.

When he knew she had reached the point she would refuse him
nothing, he grabbed her ankles and flipped her over on her stomach.
"Hell yea Angel, give me some doggy style. Woof woof you big
chunk of stud muffin you."

"Shhhh. No words Buffy. The motel has thin walls."
Angel pulled her to her knees and slid his thick meat in to
her clinging cunt.

With his eyes closed and his fist in her hair, Angel rode to
climax, slamming his cock as deep and hard as a slayer could take.

He ached with the need to pull out at the last minute and ram
it into her dry tight ass, but knew that would just start more trouble.
Trouble he wanted very much to avoid now that his target
was within reach. He could wait just a little long for what
he really wanted.

Pumping her full of cool cum, he felt her pussy continue to twitch and
hump, knowing the blood had settled in her clit making it swollen
and aching to explode.

Sliding out, he fell to the side of the bed and yawned.
"Hey! What about me?"
Buffy continued to jerk her hips and rub her hand over herself.

"Didn't you bring a vibrator or anything? Can't you just use
that? I'm beat."

Angel yawned again and appeared to be struggling to keep
his eyes open.

"Fuck, Angel!" Buffy flopped onto her back and began
frantically tweaking her way to a weak, unsatisfying orgasm.
Jumping out of bed she angrily snatched her towel from the
floor and headed to the bathroom to clean up.

"That is exactly why I am going to dispose of that bastard.
Maybe then you will get your brain and dick where they belong."

Slamming the bathroom door he heard the shower kick back on.
Smiling, he stroked his half hard cock.

'Oh they are going to be right where they belong.
Soon Spike. Very soon.'

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