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FIC: This is Not a Trilogy (3 stories, S/X, Mature)

Hi, I'm here to post about three new cowritten fics written for spring_with_xan.

Series Title: This is Not a Trilogy
Authors: apreludetoanend and savoytruffle
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Excessive use of cultural references, both high and low brow.
Notes: This is a series of three different stories that do not follow upon each other, but rather share the same beginning, each veering off in a different direction. They are fun to read together for their similarities and differences, but any single story can stand alone. Our thanks to cordelianne for excellent beta reading. All mistakes are our own.
Summary: Xander gets called to the police station to pick up something he's lost. (I promise you, I'd give you more than that if I knew how. Follow us on faith?)

This is Not a Story

These are Not Enchildas

This is Not My Beautiful Wife

Or all three here or here.

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