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Title : TEMPTATION 19/40
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the
characters in this story and make no
money off them.

Summary: AU. Xander is a young man
living in an Amish community when he
finds himself confronted by the evil of a

STRONG WARNING: although done in a respectful
manner, this story deals with religious issues. If you
find that offensive DO NOT READ.
Warning #2 non con. Otherwise known as forceable entry.

Special thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful artwork

Spike was stunned. Of all the people on the face of
the earth he sure didn't expect to see..

"Angel. So it's true. I knew Buffy was tracking me,
but I really didn't think you were riding shotgun for her.
And what the fuck is her problem anyway? Not like she
doesn't have other vampires to stake. Why she after me?"

Angel strolled in casually appearing for all the world
like he owned the place.
He walked to the cow stall and running his fingers
over the bite mark on her neck, snorted.

"Oh you know how she can be sometimes. Got this
wild hair up her ass that I have you on my mind when
I'm putting the cock to her. Thinks if we get rid of
you I will give her more orgasms. Silly bitch.
If I didn't need her to help out in LA I wouldn't force
myself to fuck her at all."

Turning back around, Angel slid to game face and
back again so smoothly that someone watching might
not have caught it at all.

Spike froze. He was probably the only one that understood
that there was no real division between Angel and Angelus.
They were two demons sharing the same body, but
they were not, like most people thought separate beings.

It is always a mistake to assume a soul makes you a good
person. Some of the most vicious people in history had
souls, and he was looking at one of them now.

Angel could easily slip between the two when it
suited him most. And Angelus was most comfortable
when he was beating and raping his favorite childe.

"How did you find me?"
Spike was slowly stepping back hoping to put as much
distance between them as possible.

"You kidding?" Angel laughed. "That fucking Slayer must
have a godamn GPS system up her snatch. Tracked you straight
here. Soon as we got out of the car I could feel you.
I'm not sure why she couldn't. Must have something to do
with the witch living here. That's certainly an interesting turn of
events, eh?" Angel had a big grin on his face.

Spike leaned nervously against the center post and fumbled
with a cigarette.
"So now what? You gonna run back and tell her that you
found me?"

Anger tapped his finger on his chin thoughtfully. "I'm thinkin' no.
I'm thinkin' I fuck the shit out of you and get good and satisfied
then go back and convince her to give up and return to California.
Maybe in a year or so when I get the Spike itch on the head
of my cock we do it all again. Now that is what I call a plan.
So what do you think Spikey?"

Spike lunged for the barn door and hoped against hope to
make a run for it. Angel was quicker. Fuckin' big oaf always
was fast on his feet.
Blocking the escape he then grabbed Spike in a head lock
and threw him to the ground.

As badly as Spike feared what was coming, his main concern
now was that Xander would be in danger. He hoped beyond hope
that the boy would just stay in the house tonight.
Silently he said a prayer of his own.
'Please don't let him see this.'

Jumping back to his feet Spike took his stance and raised his fists.
"You want this, it's gonna cost you. Ain't nothing free in this life
and anything you get off of me you gotta work for. Come on,
Wanker, lets see what you got."

The fists and feet flew. Punches and kicks landed hard
and accurately. The sounds of grunts and snapping bones filled
the barn causing the animals to stomp their feet and show their distress.

A kick to the side and Spike could feel his ribs shatter.
A fist to the nose and Angel's blood spurted, spraying them both.

Spike's boot connected with the side of Angel's head and he hit the
floor. Grabbing Spike's foot as it swung for another kick, he pulled
Spike to the ground with him.

Climbing on top, Angel pinned Spike's arms down with his
legs and began a flurry of punches that reduced Spike's face to a
mess of blood and broken bones.

Finally exhausted, Angel rolled off when he knew Spike was
unconscious and the fight was over.

Flipping the broken body over onto his stomach,
Angel jerked off Spike's pants and then his own. Spitting
on his hand he massaged a cock that had ben hard and leaking
since the fight began.

Angel took a minute to enjoy the sight in front of him.
He had almost forgotten how beautiful this pale sweet ass was.
And as Sire, it belonged to him. Sometimes Spike forgot that,
but Angel didn't mind reminding him. As Sire, it was his job
to show his childe the true path of his destiny. And that the
purpose of his unlife was to please Angel.

Grabbing him by the hips, Angel pulled the limp body back
to him and shoved his thick cock in with one thrust.
The smell of blood as Spike's insides tore sent Angel into a
shark like frenzy.

He fucked frantically, slamming himself deeper and harder
with each plunge.
There was no use of imagination this time.
He knew exactly who he was fucking and he knew it wouldn't
last long.

"Ahh, fuck Spike!"
Angel jerked and rocked as his body pumped again and again
what seemed like an unending supply of thick cold cum.

Limp and spent, Angel pulled his soft cock out of Spike's
battered body. Scooping the blood off his cock, he licked it
from each finger.

After resting for a few minutes, he stood on shaky legs and
looked down at what was left of Spike. Angel did his best
to straighten his clothes and staggered for the door.
Pausing, he glanced back.
"Thanks Spike. You always were a good time."

Taking a moment to check the area for humans, Angel slipped
out of the barn and headed back to the motel and a sleeping Buffy.

"Hope the bitch left me some hot water."

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