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Title : TEMPTATION 21/40
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the
characters in this story and make no
money off them.

Summary: AU. Xander is a young man
living in an Amish community when he
finds himself confronted by the evil of a

STRONG WARNING: although done in a respectful
manner, this story deals with religious issues. If you
find that offensive DO NOT READ.
Warning #2 non con. Otherwise known as forceable entry.

Special thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful artwork

Xander ran as fast as he could back to the house.
out of breath he pushed open the door hard enough
to cause it to slam back against the wall.

"Merciful Heaven! Xander, what on earth has gotten
into you?"
Jess spun around nearly dropping the plates she was
putting on the breakfast table.

"Where are the eggs and the milk pail? I do declare
Xander sometimes you are so irresponsible."

Xander shook out his napkin and filled his plate with food.
"I'm sorry, Mother. I have been trying to get that buggy wheel
fixed and have been neglectful on my other chores. I think
I would be able to get all caught up if Willow would come
out after we eat and help me."

Xander looked at his sister and gave her his best pleading
eyes. She had no idea what he was up to now, but knew
with all certainty that it had nothing to do with a buggy.

In any case she would walk to the ends of the earth for
the brother she loved.
"Sure, Xan. I would love to give you a hand."

The relief showed in his posture and face. He knew she
would not fail him. He knew in his heart she was more
than him and he trusted that she would know what to do.

The prayer and meal went as a thousand before them.
Basic talk of work to do. Hinted tidbits of the upcoming
Sunday afternoon with the Millers.

Xander let that talk go right over his head. There was no
room left in his brain right now to house it.
Twitching and bouncing in his seat, he shoveled in the
food and ask to be excused.

Grabbing Willow by the hand he hustled her out the door,
then at a dead run he detoured around to the back yard and
snatched a pair of his own pants off the clothes line.

As he jerked them off, the wooden clothes pins flew up and
spun into the air. Xander and Willow had reached
the barn before the pins hit the ground.

Carefully closing the door behind them, he then led her to
the back stall where he had left the seemingly lifeless body.
Pulling off the blanket, Willow slapped both hands over
her eyes. "Holy Moley!"

Xander's eyebrows went straight to his hairline.
"Willow! I have never heard you speak like that!"

Willow turned to her brother with a tone of stern reprimand
in her voice and a scowl on her lips.
"Well I guess I was saving it for the day my dear Brother
hid an injured half naked demon in our barn! What is
going on, Xander?
Is this the evil that has been tormenting you? Cause I
must say he doesn't appear to dangerous. And who or
what did this to him?"

Xander felt the time for total honesty had come at last and
if his sister was to help him she deserved to know the truth.
He quickly pulled his pants on Spike's exposed body as
he started to speak.

He explained how the Demon had appeared in the barn and
what his demands and threats had been. He told her that the
two English that had come to the farm last night had surely
done this and that Angel was the true evil, although Little
Miss Short Skirt was probably a cohort.

He finally finished by baring his soul.. He told her of the
long talks he and the demon had and how it confused him.
He at last admitted the worst part. He confessed that he
had some sort of feeling of affection for the Demon.

"He is a Demon, Xander. How do you know that all of
this isn't to trick you?"

Xander shoved his hands deep in his pants and lifted his
"I don't know. Truth is I don't know anything right now.
My feelings are confused and my brain is in a tizzy. I do
know one thing. This isn't fake." Xander tipped his
head toward the prone figure on the floor. "Is he dying?"

Willow looked back and forth between the Demon and her
beloved Brother. "How would I know?"

"I have been honest with you Sister. Isn't it time you were
honest with me?"

Willow hesitated for only a second.
This was something she had wanted to talk to him about
for years. Ever since she realized that other people
didn't see and hear the same things she did, but she feared
the condemnation. Being different in the Amish Community
is not something to be embraced or discussed.

As simply as she could, she explained that it seemed to be
an energy in her, and an ability to read the unseen energy
in and around other people and things.

She said when her emotions are high or during her woman's
time of the month the energy seems strongest and she
told him of using it to try and frighten the Demon.
She dropped her head and smiled.
"I don't even know if he felt it or not"

Xander took her hands in his. "I feel it Willow. I can feel it
right now. Look at him and tell me what you see."

Willow hesitated for only a minute then turned her full
attention to the body beside them.

"I see a Demon that tries to cloak itself with a human mask.
It is false, but not. It is the face and body that the man wore
when it was human. He is old. Very old, yet in some
ways very childish.

I see a heavy black fog that surrounds it. It flows
in and out of it's body even as it floats and reforms, almost
like a smoke. Right now it is slow and sluggish like
swimming through mud.

Because the fog is moving and I think he is still alive.
Demon alive."

Xander nodded eagerly letting her know he understood
what she was trying to explain. Kneeling down beside
Spike Willow closed her eyes and placed her hands
over his body.
After a few minutes an expression of disgust wrinkled
her brow and she pulled back.

"He is not dying. He is in a type of coma to heal himself.
He will eventually do it on his own, but if he is to heal
properly he needs blood.

I tried to look into his mind to read the energy of his emotions
but his Demon pushed me away. Leave him be Xander. Let
him recover alone then make him go. I have a bad feeling.
If he stays something will happen to change all our lives.
And not in a good way."

Xander paid no mind to Willow's warning. He was
already thinking about how he could get blood for his Demon.
He could not injure any of the livestock, although it would
almost be like milking them. No, he wouldn't do it.
So that left only one option. Xander extracted the small
pocket knife from his britches.

As he opened the blade Willow grabbed his wrist.
"Please, no! Don't do this, Xander. You must not
offer your life's blood to the Devil. It is surely a sin."

Xander gently pulled his hand from her grip and kissed
her lightly on the cheek. "With your prayers and love,
dear Sister, I'm sure my soul is safe."

With no further thought or pause Xander sliced across
the palm of his hand and let the blood flow into the mouth
of the sleeping Demon.

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