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First Evil

Author: Thea Zara aka 50ftqueenie

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Warnings/Squicks: The plot is driven by child abuse (both sexual and physical), non-con, slash, violence, attempted suicide, bloodplay, and the author making horribly cliche use of multiple personality disorder caused by the first two. There is however plot and H/C. The non con/child abuse is part of that and NOT part of the slash relationship itself.

Summary: Xander has a trigger, and with an unexpected death, the First now has a means to use it. Set just after Orpheus in Season 4 of Angel, and just prior to the Buffy episode 'Dirty Girls'.

Author's note: This is obviously going to go AU right off the bat, and in this AU, Spike's trigger is broken enough that the First can no longer make him kill, but it can still cause blackouts.

Previous Parts: Memories

Cordelia was just heading back upstairs when Xander, Willow, and Faith slipped into the lobby of the hotel. Angel's nostrils flared and he turned towards the two returning women, and the man held between them.

Inhumanly fast, Angel rushed forward and snatched Xander up into the air, one large fist wrapped around his throat. Before witch or slayer could move or speak, Spike darted past and knocked Angel away from his consort. With a brief look to ensure Xander was safe, Spike turned and slammed his Sire into the nearest wall.

"Just what the bloody FUCK do you think you were doing?" He screamed.

"I should ask you that question, Spike. What did you do to him?" Angel grabbed Spike and spun him around until he was the one slammed into the wall.

"Yo, Witch, I hope you got a warranty on that soul spell, cause..." Faith said, not quite sure whether to help or stop Angel.

"That's Angel." Xander said, as he regained his footing. He slipped his hand into Faith's pocket as he slid past her. "No one does pompous ass and disapproving sire, like Angel."

Angel's people all stayed back, wary and watching, as he throttled Spike. Willow was about to separate them, when Xander caught her eye and shook his head.

He slipped up behind Angel and slid the stake he'd pulled from Faith's pocket into position over his un-beating heart. "You know, you'd think after being dead for two hundred and fifty years, you'd remember you don't actually need to breath, so all you're really doing by choking him is pissing him off. Now, be a good vampire and PUT MY MATE DOWN! Otherwise I'll be forced to dust your sorry ass and take a gamble on Dru being in a sane mood."

Shocked, Angel released Spike, who threw one more angry punch at Angel before pulling Xander behind him and slipping back across the lobby to stand by Willow and Faith, both of whom were giving Angel dirty looks. He moved as if he was going to reach for Spike again. Willow stepped forward slightly.

"I wouldn't do that, if I were you." She said, giving him a very cold look. "I know for a fact you're still Angel in there, so cut the crap, mister. Xander has been through enough tonight, and Spike has a soul, so there's no excuse for attacking either one of them."

"You cursed SPIKE!" Angel yelled glaring at her.

"Why the HELL does everyone blame me for that... you curse one vampire and suddenly every time one pops up with a soul it must be Willow's doing. Until I came here to do YOU a favor, I was on the magical wagon."

Angel was thoroughly confused by now. "There's a magic wagon? And if it wasn't you, how did Spike get a soul? It's probably some kind of sick little game, to get you to trust him. Is that it Spike? What game are you playing?" He started getting angry again.

Before Spike could get a very pissed off word in, Willow replied. "I mean I was trying to stay away from doing magic, because of what happened after Tara, you great big poopy headed doofus. And do you think we're really THAT stupid? He has a soul, and if you can't see it well that's just your loss."

Despite his every nature screaming at him to attack with words or fists or fangs, Spike spoke quietly, calmly. He couldn't risk Xander just because of his temper. "I fell in love, and then I did something very wrong, and hurt the person I loved. I went off to Africa and went through the Trials, and earned my soul as the prize. The ever lovin' booby prize if you ask me, but there ya go."

Angel stared at Spike in shock. "You went through the Trials? You went through the Trials and won, and asked for your soul? Because you're in love with Xander Harris?"

Spike looked more than a bit uncomfortable at that. "I didn't do it for Xander. Me and him... this thing... it's kind of new."

"How new." Angel asked.

"Last night."

Angel just started laughing. "Only you, Spike."

Spike growled and Angel walked away, into his office shaking his head. He really needed a drink.


Cordelia, or rather the thing inside her, had watched the proceedings with amusement, more certain now than ever, that these bumbling idiots would never be enough to stop her. At what seemed like the end of the floor show, she turned to head to her room.

She didn't get very far before a pair of brown eyes caught sight of her.

"Willow, what the HELL is that thing?" Xander asked, pointing towards Cordelia.

"Don't look at me, you're the one who dated her." Willow stage whispered back.

"That thing is NOT my Cordy. Can't you see it? It's like this infected rot feeding on her soul. You have to help her Willow. That thing, it's hurting her can't you see it?" Xander was in tears again, but his eyes blazed with fury.

Willow turned and looked again, really looked the way Tara had tried so often to teach her. In the way she hadn't tried since the day Tara had died. "It's obscene!" She hissed before her hair began losing color and fading white. She started speaking words no one in the room, including Willow herself, recognized.

Instinctively, Xander grabbed both Faith and Spike's hands, and placed one on each of Willow's shoulders, before he placed his own hand over her heart. Her voice got louder and louder, and as it did he felt a rush of power going from him, into her, and could see it happening to Faith and Spike too.

Winds blew around them and the thing on the stairs was pinned in place by Willow's power. Suddenly, Angel's son flew at them in a rage. "Stop it, you're hurting her!"

Xander pulled his hand from Willow's heart and grabbed the boy before he could reach Willow. He spun them both around and pinned the boy to the ground. Which naturally was about the time Angel came back out of the office to see what the HELL was going on.


Whatever power was flowing through Willow, had Cordelia floating in the air over the stairs. Her body thrummed with energy from the witch, and the rotted thing that had been clinging to her body so hard finally gave up its purchase on the seer. A slinking pile of putridness slithered down the stairs toward its last hope, toward Fred.

Wesley, Gunn and Lorne were all held transfixed. It had limited power, but it had enough for that small group. Their minds marveled at its glory, while Fred tried to get away. She could see its true form, she could feel the thing reaching out for her, and holding her in place. The truest fear she had ever felt was running through her, and yet she couldn't move.

Willow, Faith and Spike all collapsed as the spell finished. Xander and Connor were struggling against one another, and Angel was ready to jump in, just as soon as he figured out who to help. Cordy was still floating above the stairs, while Gunn, Wesley and Lorne were all standing around looking stoned.

Just as the thing was about to touch it's new incubator, Gwen stepped into the room and with a truly disgusted look on her face ran forward and sent enough energy through the mass on the floor to send it boiling and rolling. A scream of pure fury washed over them as it died.

The men seemed to snap out of it and Fred began thanking Gwen hysterically while backing away from the sludgey remains that would have made her it's mother.

A pissed off voice from above seemed to sum it all up nicely. "What the HELL is wrong with you people?"

Angel, who'd waded in to try and drag Xander and Connor apart, whipped his head around at the sound of that voice.

No one said anything for several moments and everyone had frozen... with the exception of Xander, who wiggled out from under Connor and got to his feet before speaking.

"Now THAT is my Cordy." He said with a grin, before joining Willow, Faith, and Spike on the floor.

This took a decided turn on me mid write, and I'm a little worried about how the action scene works. There will be more of a wait for further chapters, but probably a new chapter of 'Want' late tonight/early tomorrow.

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