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Title : TEMPTATION 22/40
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the
characters in this story and make no
money off them.

Summary: AU. Xander is a young man
living in an Amish community when he
finds himself confronted by the evil of a

STRONG WARNING: although done in a respectful
manner, this story deals with religious issues. If you
find that offensive DO NOT READ.
Warning #2 non con. Otherwise known as forceable entry.

Special thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful artwork

Spike knew the exact moment his body had shut down.
Angels attack had struck too many punishing blows and
with his arms pinned at his sides he could no longer
defend himself.

In a move of self preservation he did what he had done
so many times before.
He allowed his Sire to use and abuse his body for his
own pleasure.

Over the years this had happened hundreds of times.
Worse than this. He thanked what ever beings that
answered the prayers of a demon that Xander had not
come out as promised.

Only after the attack had ended and he laid broken and
bleeding did the thoughts of deceit come to him,
'What if Xander knew of this. What if he told Angel
where to find me?'

That thought hurt more that all the injuries his body
was struggling to mend.
Lying alone all night long Spike had convinced himself
that it was true. Xander had betrayed him.

'When I regain my strength I'll slaughter them all. I'll teach
him to turn on me like this.'
Spike's thoughts were murderous, but he was having trouble
making his heart back them up.

Silently he waited. Unable to move or speak his body
slowly began it's painful recovery. Calmly he wondered
if the big oaf had left him in a spot out of the sun or if this
was it. Either way it didn't much matter.

By early morning he knew he wouldn't have long to wait
for his answer. He was shocked when Xander came.
He had all but given up on him

He could have cried at the relief of knowing the boy
had not had a part in this. He tried to reach out to him to
tell him he would be all right, but it just took too much
effort and his body could not maintain.

Spike laid patiently to see what Xander would do with him.
When the cool water touched his abused backside, Spike
wept. Other than his own Mother, no human had
ever cared for him before or since his death.

He wanted to scream from the agony when Xander turned
him over but knew it would help the bones to heal better
if he were straightened out. No, the real shock came with
Xander's exploration of Spike's cock. He wasn't sure how
Xander felt about it, but he knew he was enjoying it emensly.

He would have been content to lie there all day and do
nothing but relax and heal while Xander fondled his cock.
unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. And the
end of this little slice of heaven came with a stab of pain
so sharp he nearly did lose consciousness as Xander
carried him to darkened corner of the barn.

Turning to go Spike tried with every bit of effort he had to
scream to Xander
"Don't go! Please stay with me." but he remained silent.
Silent and again alone.

'Well, hell. Can this morning get any stranger?'
The answer to Spike's question came with the
arrival of the witch.

Mentally Spike braced himself. His one and only experience
with her had really not gone well for him and he did not relish
a repeat. Quickly and efficiently he felt someone slide
a pair of smooth, worn cotton pants over his legs.
He relaxed. They smelled like Xander.

If he hadn't been an evil, no morals, sociopathic demon, he
might have been uncomfortable eavesdropping on their private
conversation. As it was, he was thrilled. His boy liked him.
Not just like - liked him but, LIKE - liked him.
He had spent way too much time in California.

Immediately he started making plans. They would run
away together.
They would fuck in the moonlight. They would.......

Spike had been so lost in his own delusions he had almost
forgotten about the presence of the witch till she knelt close
to him.

The minute she held her hands over his body he felt the
heat and power rush through him.
He could feel her seeking information and knew she was
receiving it.
What she didn't know, he was sure, was that the heat and
power coursing through him from her was accelerating the
healing of his body.

He was convinced she had no idea what she was capable of.
Then she shifted her probe to his mind and emotions, and that was
something he was not prepared to share. He had confusing
feelings for the boy and he knew it was not in his best interests
for anyone to recognize that so he shut her out.

Thanks to the witch he would be healed by tomorrow.
Maybe he should steal her too. He wondered what it
would feel like to stick his cock in that. 'Bet it would
be like a wet finger in a light socket.' Spike chuckled
to himself. Then he stopped. No, he didn't think
his boy would like that, and for some bizarre reason
that bothered him.


The smell of the fresh blood hit his nose and curled through
his entire being. A craving stronger than life itself flooded
him. If he hadn't been in his present state he surely would
have ripped the life and blood from whatever creature
was wounded and bleeding.

The instant it hit his lips he knew. The wounded creature
was his own boy. His boy had bled himself for Spike.
When he swallowed the images of love and purity that
washed through him left him stunned.

He had always heard there was nothing more powerful
than the blood of a true innocent freely given.
And the blood told him everything.

Xander was moral.
He was very nearly without sin, yet human and flawed.
Spike knew then that even his demon was not evil enough
to bring corruption to this human.

This human that he wanted desperately to let himself love.

Then as suddenly as it started, it stopped.
"Xander! Stop! No more!."
Willow was tugging frantically on her brother's arm trying
to dislodge the bleeding hand from the suction of the
Demon's mouth.

Xander pulled back, woozy and light headed.
"Wow, that was a little on the scary side."

Willow slapped him on the back.
"Scary? Are you crazy? Don't you ever do anything
like that again." Throwing her arms around her brother,
Xander could feel the dampness against his shoulder and
knew it was her tears.

"You're right, I'm sorry. I don't know why I did that.
Look, I'm going to lay down here and take a quick nap.
Please do me a favor. Milk the cow and take the eggs
to Mother. I just need a few minutes."

Willow stood up and looked down on her beloved Brother.
She wanted to respond, but it was too late. He was
already sound asleep. Curled up next to his Demon.

Willow twisted her hands in her apron.
"Oh, my sweet Brother. If only you knew of the terrible
things I have seen. Things that will surely come to pass if he
remains here."

Xander never stirred. Sadly Willow did as he asked. She
completed his chores and left the barn, quietly closing
the door so he wasn't disturbed.
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