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Meet & Greet with Deadboy

First fic here ever. One of my first one shots.

Title: Meet & Greet with Deadboy
Author: Yaya
Pairing: S/X
Rating: light R maybe
Disclaimer: I don't own any persons in the story and don't make money off them.

Summary: Slightly AU. Xander visits W&H in Season 5 of AtS.

A/N: My first post here so please be gentle with me.

„Spike, are you sure there’s nobody here? I don’t fancy a meet & greet with deadboy.” As an answer the blonde vampire growled. “Will you please shut up? As I said, he’s out helping the helpless. He’s probably not back till dawn.”


“If you say so …” In Xander’s tone was evidence of his disbelieve. He tried to trust his lover but he knew how often his plans failed. But Spike could be very convincing at times. When he held his hand out to Xander, he could do nothing else as to take it.


He let himself be pulled over to the massive desk in front of the wall where all this impressive weapons where located. ‘Dude, overcompensating much?’ was all he thought after he got a good look around the office. He snapped back to present when he felt Spike grab his shirt. He helped pulling it over his head and decided to do some pulling of his own.


Finally, he had his lover right where he wanted him. Pressing against each other, lips locked in an almost brutal kiss. “I’m so going to stake you if somebody catches us. Just so you know.” He ground his hips in an answering hardness and grinned. That seemed to piss Spike off slightly and before he could draw a breath, the desk was cleared from any papers and he lay on his back on the tabletop.


Now it was the vamp’s time to grin smugly down on his prey. “Yeah, I got it. You’re the Big Bad.” “Damn straight, I am. And you better not forget it. How about you shut your gob now and put your tongue to a better use?” Teasingly Xander licked his lips and got the desired effect. Spike growled and pounced.


More short, passionate kisses follow in-between tearing off clothes, grinding and growling from both. Clothes were narrowed down to boxers (in Xander’s case) and open jeans (in Spike’s case). Just when things really started to get interesting the door to the office opened.


Xander was quick to dislocate Spike, jump down the desk, which he hid behind as an afterthought. “Deadboy, it isn’t what you think …” He trailed off because it wasn’t Angel who stood in the doorway. “Harmony? What are you doing here?”


But Harmony was too busy watching Spike who was now casually sprawled on the floor in front of the desk. His jeans were riding lower than before and Harmony was a little slack – jawed because she knew what was behind the fabric. Behind her, you could see movement.


“Harmony, do you have the papers I asked for? They should have been right on Angel’s desk. He was workin’ on them before he left. Just a moment, Lorne. Have you found them?” Gunn studied the papers in his hands while he shoved himself past the secretary to look for the papers. Only after Xander’s quiet squeak he looked up and stood still in shock.


To Xander’s Horror somebody else pushed himself past Harmony and noticed his half naked state. “Sugar cakes, what are you doing on the floor? And who is your handsome friend behind the desk?” Spike grinned and got slowly off the floor. “Was finally getting’ somethin’ before Harm was so rude and interrupted. And that’s an ol’ pal of mine from Sunnyhell.”


“An old pal that you have to fuck on Angel’s desk?”, came the incredulous question from Gunn. “Xander looks better than in High School, I give him that. But why not me, blondie bear?” Harm asked a second later in a disbelieving voice.


“Bloody hell, this is all Peaches fault!” That brought the attention back to Spike after all had turned to Harmony after her question. “How should it be Angel’s fault?” Lorne asked rather interested. “Most of the time it’s his fault. Besides, … if he didn’t make such a fuss because of his bloody office I wouldn’t even have gotten the idea.”


“So I was just a lucky coincidence that you picked me to christen Deadboy’s office?” If you didn’t know him you could think Xander was offended. “Actually the office was christened at the last Halloween party. Angel did it himself. Maybe Spike wanted to christen the desk? As far as we know Angel and Eve only did it behind the couch.” Lorne explained. “Ahem, do I have to face Angelus or did his soul finally get stuck on him permanently?” Xander asked a bit concerned.




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