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Title : TEMPTATION 25/40
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the
characters in this story and make no
money off them.

Summary: AU. Xander is a young man
living in an Amish community when he
finds himself confronted by the evil of a

STRONG WARNING: although done in a respectful
manner, this story deals with religious issues. If you
find that offensive DO NOT READ.

Special thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful artwork

Two hours later found Spike still standing at the edge
of the woods. He had leaned on the fence smoking
till he ran out of cigarettes. He couldn't stand the
thought of going back into that barn again. He had
been couped up way too long.

Now that Angel had found him and scratched his little
Sire's itch there was really no reason to stay here at all.
He was free to go.
He could just collect his things and leave.

He was a free spirit for fuck's sake, not some pet chihuahua
hanging around for a pat on the head. There was
nothing here to interest him anyway.

"Hey, there you are. I looked in the barn but you weren't
there then I saw your hair. Kinda glows in the moonlight.
Sorry I took so long. Had to help out my Mother. So what'ch
doing way out here?"

Spike threw down and angrily stomped out the butt of his
last smoke.

"What, I can't come outside? You want me to stay hidden
in the barn where no one knows I exist? Well Fuck you!
You don't own me! You're not the boss of me.
Demon here.
Spawn of the devil, remember? I come and go as I please,
and frankly right now I please to go."

Xander stepped forward and pulled Spike into a tight embrace.
He felt as though every muscle in his body was strung taught as
a bow string.

"What's wrong. Demon? What has happened to upset you?
I don't want to own you, I just like to be with you.
Of course you are free to go, but I will miss you when you do."

The quiet simple words were all it took to melt Spike's
iron resolve. He clutched Xander close and breathed in deeply,
hoping to imprint his scent into Spike's memory for all time.

Pulling back just a fraction of an inch, Spike sought out the
lips of the warm human who had found his heart.
This time Xander was ready.

Opening his mouth he let the demon's slick wet tongue
seek out his own. Moaning, Xander opened wider and tried
to delve deeper.

Releasing his grip on the boy, Spike began fumbling with
the buttons on Xander's fly taking only a minute to wonder
about a group of barbarians who would consider a zipper
a modern convenience to shun.

When he realized what Spike was trying to do, Xander
pushed him back.
"No, not here."
Breathlessly Xander grabbed his hand and yanked Spike into
the cover of the trees. Looking in all directions he attacked his
own buttons mumbling,
"This is good. Come on, we're good."

Spike hardly heard. He had his own problems.
Remembering that he was also wearing a pair of Xander's
britches Spike couldn't understand why it was so much
different that the button fly levis he often wore.

Finally both cocks tumbled free. Hard and erect they
jutted out of the confines of the heavy blue cotton.
Xander stood stock still.
He stared at first one then the other.

Not sure what to do with either, he hoped beyond hope
that Spike would take it from here.

No worry - he would.

Spike stripped off the rest of his clothes slowly as he
watched Xander watch him. Standing naked, he stepped
back and with his arms outstretched allowed Xander to
get a good look.
Shame and insecurity were words that had no meaning to Spike.

The early evening moonlight that shone down bathed
everything in a soft blue haze. Spike's pale nude body
seemed to shine in an unearthly glow. Xander's mouth
hung open as he stared at the glorious form
in front of him.

Confidently Spike stepped back in and removed Xander's
shirt and pants unassisted. Running his hands up the warm
human skin, Spike felt his own excitement ramp up higher.
"Bloody beautiful!"

The sound of Spike's voice broke the spell and Xander flew
into action. Grabbing and touching every inch of skin he
could reach. It all needed to be kissed, tasted and rubbed.

Spike floated on a cloud of euphoria.
He briefly wondered if the Amish made good doctors
because he had never been so thoroughly examined.

Xander kissed Spike's chest and stomach. Holding tightly
to the demon's sharp hip bones he slid slowly to his knees.
There he sat with Spike's hard leaking cock just inches
from his nose.

"Do you know what men do together, Xander?"
Xander never took his eyes off the object in front of him.
He remembered seeing it soft and just knew it would be
wonderful when it was full and ready.

He was not disappointed. It was the most exciting, perfect
thing he had ever seen.
He shook his head. "I'm not sure what any two people
do together."

Spike widened his stance, causing his cock to sway and bob.
"Lick it, Xander. Just put your tongue on it and taste it."
To Xander that sounded like the most logical thing in the
world, so he did.

Starting at the base, Xander licked a strip up to the tip.
Swiping over the slit Xander's tongue scooped up the fluid
that had leaked out.

The taste that filled his mouth was an odd combination of
bitter, salty and sour. But more than that, It was
pure Spike.
Sitting back he let the flavor settle in as he watched
his hand work the saliva wet cock.

He liked the way pulling the foreskin up caused the
wrinkled sac to stretch tight and show the balls as they
shifted and flopped, so he licked them too.

Spike kept both hands on Xander's head. He wanted to ram
his cock down the boy's throat and fuck his face till he
exploded, but even his demon understood that this was
so much better.

"Suck on me, Xander. Wrap you lips around it and suck
on it." Spike's voice showed the strain of the self control
that was quickly slipping away.

What followed was an awkward, noisy, sloppy, blow job.
Xander's excitement and eager attempt easily made up
for his lack of experience.

Spike threw his head back and thought of nothing past
the heat and the suction that was working and pleasing
his cock.

"Play with my balls, Xander. Ugh, yea, just like that."
Within minutes, Spike could feel the sharp tingle start
in his spine and shoot down to his groin.

Not wanting to shock or choke his boy, Spike made the
hardest decision of his unlife. He gripped his cock and
pulled it from the heaven of his boy's mouth.

Xander watched, mesmerized as Spike's cock grew
even harder and jerked in his hand when the first spurts
of thick cum shot out.

Surprising them both, his tongue darted and caught some.
Licking his lips, Xander moaned and wrapped his hand
around his own still stiff cock as the flavor burst in his mouth.

Watching his boy fist himself frantically, Spike reached down
and stilled his hand. "Let me. I want to do that."

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