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Title : TEMPTATION 26/40
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the
characters in this story and make no
money off them.

Summary: AU. Xander is a young man
living in an Amish community when he
finds himself confronted by the evil of a

STRONG WARNING: although done in a respectful
manner, this story deals with religious issues. If you
find that offensive DO NOT READ.

Special thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful artwork

Spike lifted and flipped Xander onto the ground on his back.
He offered no resistance and cooperated with nothing but trust and
affection on his face.
He slid his hands over Xander's chest and stomach.
He pinched and twisted his nipples almost painfully.

Xander had never done that to himself and couldn't believe how
sensitive they were, hardening into tiny stones.
His body squirmed and arched.
The demon's hands were cool on his overheated skin.

"That felt so good when you sucked me. Do you want
me to show you how it feels? Do you want me to suck
your cock, Xander?"

All words failed him. Xander's cock was straining painfully
begging for some relief, as he was torn between the need
to wrap his fist around himself and bring the instant orgasm
he knew was waiting, and the incredible image of Spike
putting his mouth around his rigid erection.

Xander's hair flopped wildly as his head nodded up and down.
Spike chuckled. His own flagged erection was already
recovering nicely as he lowered his mouth to Xander's
swollen cock.

As soon as the heat of the head pressed against Spike's lips
he groaned and instantly hardened. The smell of the boy was
like the earth itself. Warmth and sunshine. Sweat and musk.

He had never had a willing human lover and it was the
most erotic thing he had ever known.

Come to think of it he had never had any type of gentle, consensual,
relationship. His years with Angel had been punctuated with violent
bloody rape and abuse. Something his human side hated, but sadly
his demon craved.

His years with Dru were taxing. Her mental state was such that
she was seldom cognizant of who she was even with.
He had loved her deeply, but in the end had to let her go.
He was never what she wanted and he was tired of trying to be.

Now his unlife had taken the strangest turn of all. Here he was,
a Master vampire, giving pleasure to a human. But not just any
human. This was Xander. The most wonderful, perfect,
human in the world.
Far more than Spike deserved, or had the right to touch.

If only things were different he would claim this boy for his
own for eternity. Never to let him go. Reality then began to
threatened his concentration.
The truth of the situation was depressing and caused Spike's
mood and erection to droop.

Spike looked up at the questioning brown eyes and decided
the deep reflection could definitely wait for another time.
With renewed gusto he plunged down over the length of the
blood engorged throbbing cock

Xander instantly grabbed fistfulls of Spike's hair and thrust his
hips upward.
"Oh my goodness!"
He could actually feel the last of his functioning brain cells
sizzle and burn out.

It had suddenly become very important to Spike that he give
Xander the best blow job in the world. He didn't want anything
that bitch Anya did to ever dampen the memory of this night.

Sucking deeply he slid his lips up and down slowly causing the
head to bump the back of his throat on each pass.
He would nibble lightly on the fat head and dip his tongue
into the leaking slit tasting more and more of the boys life
fluid. Like his blood, it told so much about him.

Weting his finger with saliva, Spike reached down to the
wrinkled secret opening of the boy's body. He longed to
plunge his own aching cock through the tight ring of muscle
and feel the boy flex and squeeze around him, but accepted
the fact that it would never happen.

No, this time was for Xander.
To know it was alright for two men to enjoy each other's
bodies and that the sky would not fall on them if they did.

Easing his finger in, he could feel the boy go tense around him.
Before he had the chance to protest, Spike crooked his
finger and made a direct hit on the swollen nub.

The reaction was expected and instaneous.
Xander gasp emptied himself into the mouth of the Demon and
Spike lovingly swallowed every drop.

He held the cock firmly in his mouth and enjoyed the feel of
it as it pulsed and pumped cum up his hardened balls and out
the tip.
Spike wanted to stay and fuck this wonderful boy for hours,
unfortunately he was only human and already yawning.

Giving them both just a few moments to recover, Spike jumped
to his feet, pulling Xander up with him.
"Go in and get some sleep. Come to me early tomorrow
night and we will spend some time together."

Xander hesitated. Part of him wanted to stay here all night
curled up around the wonderful demon, but part of him was
just exhausted.

He knew if he got a good nights sleep he would be better
able to catch up on all his neglected work and still have
energy left for more sucking tomorrow.

Throwing his arms around the demon's neck he pulled
him in for a tight embrace. Nuzzling his neck Xander
"I love you, demon."

Then with a kiss he scooped up his discarded clothes
and dressed quickly. He took off at a dead run stopping only
once to turn and smile.
Xander lifted his hand in a wave good bye and disappeared
into the night.

Spike watched him go with a heavy heart. He knew everything
the witch had said was true. There was no place in Xander's life
for a demon. He tried to regret what they had just done, but he
knew he never could. If he lived for another thousand years
he would wake every night thinking of him and go to bed
each morning to dream of this.

Spike did not return to the barn that night. Instead he headed
in the opposite direction.
Through the woods toward the nearest town.
He ran as fast and as hard as his demon legs would
carry him. He blanked his mind and let his senses
lead him.

Jesus H. Christ.
He needed a drink.

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