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Title: A Glorious Battle

Part: 1

Author: Thea Zara aka 50ftqueenie

Pairing: Anya/Xander, later Anya/Xander/Spike

Warnings: Character Death, eventually adult sexual content, het, slash, threesome, Violence, Bloodplay.

Rating: R for now, depending on the muse and how pornriffic she decides to get in later parts I may adjust accordingly.

Summary: Instead of Glory's minions grabbing Spike, they instead try to get the three newest people in the Slayer's group.

He stayed out of sight, watching and waiting. He kept track of numbers, and waited for his chance to get inside. He could blow the place up from over here, but he had two things to get before he blew it. Three if he could take that bitch's head for a trophy.

He checked and rechecked his weapons, scoffing at the idea that he was some sort of Neo of the Hellmouth. Flannel instead of leather and latex and other materials that slid into the 'naughty but fun' list in his head. He was a little to clumsy, generally speaking, for the Neo title too. The only similarity was the very large duffel bag full of weaponry and explosives. Thanks to his nighttime visits to the ever useful Sunnydale military armory.

There, there was his shot. Several of the bitch's minions were scurrying out like rats. He waited until they were out of sight, and then moved in. This was it.

Xander Harris grabbed his weapons and moved toward the building that held a pair of corpses he was going to get back, and a bitch of a Hell God he was going to kill.


Glory's minions had made a play for the three newest members of the Scooby gang. Willow had been able to defend Tara, with the blonde's help of course. Spike and Buffy had almost succeeded, but she had been knocked down and gotten confused, or so she told Xander later. Anya had been grabbed while on her way home from the Magic Box. Xander had seen it all, but been much too far away to help. Thanks to Anya's latest game.

She'd been trying to cheer him up, and herself in the process, and had managed a tiny little eavesdropper spell on herself. When she called and told him to, Xander would chant a few words and find himself looking at Anya, wherever she was, whatever she was doing. She was almost always doing something naughty in those times, but Xander would occasionally open the link at other times. He didn't do it to 'test' her, or because he wanted to keep an eye on her. He just got lonely once in awhile, and couldn't quite believe he really had someone so wonderful who loved him back.

On those days, he would chant the spell's trigger and just watch his girl work or shop or have fun. On this day, he saw her fighting the fucking bastards who were trying to kidnap her. He rushed blindly to help, leaving his job site and jumping into his car, while still watching her. She was beautiful to behold, years of seeing the grace and beauty of a fighter in Buffy had honed his eye, and his girl was gorgeous when she fought, but she was going to lose. There were just too fucking many.

One managed to do the inevitable, by sneaking up behind her while she was fighting off another three and bashing her on the head. He screamed at that but didn't realize it because the connection closed the minute she was unconscious. By the time he got to where she'd been attacked they were long gone.

He'd tried Buffy first, in the hope that she was back from her trip, and yes she was, but all she could focus on was a need to 'rescue Spike'. Willow was a tad more helpful, but Tara had been hurt in the attack and she was in the middle of rushing her to the hospital. Grinding his teeth, he climbed back behind the wheel and made his way to the storage unit he'd had since high school.

Periodic visits to the base after the incident with the Judge had warranted a bit more storage capability than your average teenager's closet could manage. He was halfway through loading up guns and ammo when his Anya-vision kicked in again. Within a minute he was back inside the storage unit looking for high explosives.

Glory had his Anya and Spike. From what he could see, Spike was an infinity of shades between black and blue, and Anya was a little roughed up from the fight, but otherwise ok, so far.

"Where is my key?" Glory asked the vampire. Xander held his breath, waiting for Spike to betray them all.

"Your key now is it? Well then maybe you ought to look for it wherever you left it then. I haven't seen any keys laying about." Xander winced at Glory's response. She scraped her nails down his already sliced up chest, down his stomach and then gripped his crotch and flexed her hand. Spike screamed and passed out. When he did, Glory's attention shifted over to Anya.

"So, your pretty new to their little group ain'tcha sweetie?" She asked Anya jovially.

"Not especially, although there are times Xander's friends act like it." Anya replied.

"Xander huh? Is that your guy? I bet he knows where my key is. Doesn't he?"

"Why would Buffy tell him. She thinks he's some barely capable screw-up. She pretty much hates me, cause I used to be a demon. And Spike? He's spent most of his time with Buffy and her little group trying to kill them or just plain annoying them. You've pretty much listed the three people least likely to know anything about where your key is." Anya said.

"Really, so the slayer hates this vampire, huh? JINX!" Glory screeched.

"Yes, your most illustrious one?"

"My little friend here has informed me that the Slayer hates this vampire. Wanna tell me why he's decorating the room if there isn't some chance he knows where my key is?"

"Bu-but your most profane one, the slayer, she called him precious. She said he was her one and only. She was laying on top of him, and denouncing one she proclaimed to have stupid hair."

"That would be Angel." Anya said helpfully. "And yeah I could see how Buffy might need orgasms, but she was probably being sarcastic. From what I've noticed, she seemed to like Angel's hair, no matter how stupid it looked."

"Who cares about his hair, where the hell is my key?" Glory shouted.

"I've been trying to tell you, you got the wrong people, neither of us know where any damned key is." Anya yelled back.

He forced himself out of the vision that was freezing him in place as Glory started torturing Anya, grabbed the explosives, and ran for the car. He tried Buffy again, hoping her weird ass need to rescue Spike would lead to a much needed distraction so he could get Anya back, but she was no longer home.

He thought of trying Willow again, but knew if she was in the hospital there'd be no reaching her. Instead he'd rushed to the area Buffy had fought Glory in, and looked around for a building that could be the right one. After what seemed like forever, he spotted one of Glory's scabrous minions, and followed it back to Glory's lair. After he got settled into a good spot he checked back in with Anya.

God she was in bad shape, and Spike was in the background yelling. He calmed himself forcibly and tried to listen to whatever Spike was saying. He would kill the bastard slow if he told Glory the truth. When he realized what Spike was saying, he couldn't believe it. Not only had Spike not saved himself by giving them up, he was trying to goad the Hell bitch into torturing him instead of Anya by insulting her.

That was the moment he realized he would be bringing Spike home too. The Spike he thought he knew, the one he'd derided and taunted wouldn't have waited a moment before turning over information that would hurt them, and he damned sure wouldn't be practically begging for more torture to save one of them pain. Apparently he didn't know Spike at all, and if that was the kind of person he was, then Xander was damned sure going to get to know him, once he'd saved them both.

He was finally ready to make his move and opened the link again. This time oh God this time Glory told them both she was hungry. Xander watched, his throat locking in a scream of pain and anguish, as that thing slid her fingers into Anya's mind. He watched Spike pull himself lose, and throw himself against the Hell-god. And he watched Spike being thrown across the room.

Anya was screaming and screaming and screaming.

In a fit of pique, Glory reached out her well manicured hands and twisted Anya's head sharply. The crack of her neck was the last thing Xander heard before his beautiful Anya was gone. He sank to the ground. Tears threatened but didn't come, not yet. He still had a mission and the soldier in him took over checking and rechecking equipment, preparing for the assault to come.

I know I have other stories to finish, but my damned muse needs Ritalin. I've been bouncing between this fic and my OMWF story that takes off at the end of the episode.

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