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Title: A Glorious Battle

Part: 2

Author: Thea Zara aka 50ftqueenie

Pairing: Anya/Xander, later Anya/Xander/Spike

Warnings: Character Death, eventually adult sexual content, het, slash, threesome, Violence, Bloodplay.

Rating: R for now, depending on the muse and how pornriffic she decides to get in later parts I may adjust accordingly.

Summary: Instead of Glory's minions grabbing Spike, they instead try to get the three newest people in the Slayer's group.

Previously: Memories

Well fed and unimpressed with the room's occupants, Glorificus stepped out to let her minions know of her latest whims. The moment she was gone, Spike forced himself towards Anya as fast as he could crawl on his broken hands... towards her still strong heartbeat. He knew there was nothing to be done, at least nothing medical. There was no way to ask what she'd want, and no way to know if it would even work, or help for that matter, but it was the only thing he could offer her. She'd been a demon for a thousand years, odds were she could be happy as one again.

As delicately as he could he picked up a wrist and bit, bracing himself for the pain. It never came. Either she was numb or paralyzed. He drank as deeply as he dared; he'd need her blood to have enough to turn her. He had no plans on making Anyanka some lowly fledge. She would be his childe, and someday a master vampire, if either of them lived long enough, and if she healed.

When her heart began to stutter, he released her wrist and bit his own savagely. He held it over her mouth and let it pour into her. The more the better, it would not only change the body, but heal it... if he could get enough into her.

As she drank he spoke softly. Promises and encouragement, he nattered away about Xander and money and promised to get her all souled up. He described the bloody mess they were going to make of Glory, and he prayed. He prayed that the daft cow left them alone long enough for Anya to rise, and for him to heal. Long after her heart had stopped its staccato beat, he continued talking, his voice gone horse. His hand held hers and he waited.


Xander moved in cautiously. He had held one gun at the ready while planting charges around the first floor. He clipped the detonator to his belt and then got the rocket launcher ready. He could only hope the thing made a dent in the bitch. He slipped upstairs quietly, and started his search from the top floor.

After several empty rooms, he found a locked door and managed to force it. What he found was Spike muttering to Anya's corpse. As he stepped into the room, Spike turned as if protecting it. He slid in and then out of gameface as he realized who was there.

"Harris? We have to go, come on, get over here, we have to get out before she comes back. Is anyone else here?"

Xander however was transfixed by the blood running down Spike's mouth, and the bite mark on Anya's wrist. One voice in his mind was screaming to kill the thing that fed on his Anya. The other, the thing that he always thought of as the soldier, told him to look again, that he was missing something. If Spike had fed on her, and by the evidence clearly he had, why then was he sitting beside her talking to her corpse?

Instead of ripping Spike to pieces, the calm analytical soldier part just went back to planning how to get the two of them out of the lion's den, while blowing up said den.

"Hiya, doll face, if you were coming to get your girl, she's a tiny bit dead at the moment." Glory said suddenly from the doorway behind him.

In less than a second he pasted on a goofy grin and turned to face her. "Girlfriend? No ma'am, and can I assume you're the lady of the house? I'm here representing the Electrolux Corporation, and just came to show you the absolute latest in home decorating equipment. Take this little baby right here," He said pulling the rocket launcher off his shoulder. "it's the top of the line in quick home remodeling tools. Why just a squeeze of this here trigger will begin our demonstration." Shouldering the weapon he pulled the trigger as Glory turned to run.

The rocket slammed her across the hallway and through the locked door on the other side. She hit a stack of boxes and fell to the floor in the smoke filled and burning room.

Xander throw off the rocket launcher and pulled up a gun and rushed forward. He emptied a full clip into her prone form before rushing back to help Spike, who was struggling to his feet, holding Anya close.

"If I take her, can you make it?" He asked the swooning vampire. Spike nodded, but when Xander reached for Anya, he couldn't make himself let go.
Xander left her in Spike's arms, and with cool efficiency pulled out the knife at his belt and sliced across his palm and re-sheathed it. He held the bloody hand up to an astonished Spike, who looked at him stunned for a brief moment before he quickly lapped up the offering. After a moment or two, Spike licked at the wound to close it off.

The soldier in Xander looked at Spike again, assessing. Satisfied he turned back to the fallen goddess. He pumped another clip into her, before setting the final bomb, tossing it into the room with her. He quickly pulled Spike toward the elevator, his other hand pulling the trigger from the belt. They'd either all make it out, or die trying.

One of Glory's toadies was in the elevator car as it opened. Releasing his hold on Spike, he re-pulled his knife, quickly sliding it across the troll's throat before pulling him out of the car and tossing him into the hall. Spike followed him into the car and he hit the button for the lobby. Xander quickly reloaded his remaining weapon.

When they got to the lobby, there were several of Glory's followers. Bringing up the gun, Xander fired at them, sending most running, and dropping three more. He quickly herded Spike out the door and into the early night. In less than three minutes they'd reached Xander's car. He helped Spike into the backseat with Anya's body and hurried around to the driver's seat.

Xander put his keys in the ignition, and then raised the hand with the remote for the bombs. "Die bitch!" He said before pushing the trigger.

In the blown out room on the top floor of Glory's strong hold, the hell-goddess could not sustain anymore damage. With her energy at its lowest point ever, she was forced to step back and let her counterpart Ben take over. He groggily came to and looked down at the bloody, holey dress he was wearing and the disaster of the room around himself, and wondered briefly just who the hell the bitch had pissed off.

He didn't have time for a next thought as the bomb went off incinerating him, and putting a fiery end to Glorificus and her followers.

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