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Title: A Glorious Battle

Part: 3

Author: Thea Zara aka 50ftqueenie

Pairing: Anya/Xander, later Anya/Xander/Spike

Warnings: Character Death, eventually adult sexual content, het, slash, threesome, Violence, Bloodplay.

Rating: R for now, depending on the muse and how pornriffic she decides to get in later parts I may adjust accordingly.

Summary: Instead of Glory's minions grabbing Spike, they instead try to get the three newest people in the Slayer's group.

Previously: Memories

Still cruising on the adrenaline from the battle Xander tried to figure out what he was supposed to do with the two bodies in the backseat. Who did he take Anya to? Who did he get to help Spike? Those were the main two that kept re-popping up, but about a million others floated through his mind, while the soldier half of his brain, which was stronger after a battle like this, moved him along as if on auto pilot.

The soldier seemed to have at least one answer, as he found himself in front of Willy's. He turned to tell Spike to stay there, although honestly where would he go in his condition, but he was passed out, still holding Anya close. Xander slipped inside, one hand hovering over the gun at his waist, the other over his wallet.

"Harris, you shouldn't be in here, not by yourself at least." Willy said as he moved down to where Xander was standing at the bar.

"Considering I blew up a hell-god tonight, I hardly think you're in any position to refuse me service." He countered with a cold sneer.

Willy raised his hands in a placating manner. "I wouldn't dream of refusing the Slayer's friend." He said in an obvious manner, warning anyone in the bar who might have reason to avoid the Slayer... meaning everyone in the bar.

Instead of leaving as Willy clearly expected, Xander pulled him halfway across the bar by the front of his shirt. "I think you need your hearing checked Willy, I said I blew up a hell-god tonight. Its really been one of those days and I'm not quite in the mood to put up with any shit." He drew with his free hand and shot a Marlesk demon who was sneaking up on him in the head before putting the gun under Willy's throat. "Generally that means I don't want to be bothered with trying to get your shit for brains outta my hair tonight, but if need be I'll make an exception... are we clear?"

Willy nodded enthusiastically, and Xander released his hold on the ratty little man's shirt. "What can I get for you."

"I need you're entire stock of human blood, boxed up, and ready to go, five minutes ago."

"Blood? You got it." He turned and was scurrying off to fill the order when Xander spoke again.

"By the way, if there's anything even remotely off about any of the blood, I'll just come back and take yours instead." He said coldly.

Willy swallowed hard and jerked his head up and down while he hurried to shove blood bags into a larger cardboard box. Every so often he would drop a questionable one back into the freezer. He sat the box on the counter and backed away carefully. Xander dropped a wad of cash on the counter, without counting the money or waiting on a total. Xander slid the box under one arm and turned, surveying the rest of the bar, gun still in one hand. No one met his eye and he left without rushing.

He slipped the blood into the passenger seat and then started the car and drove back to the apartment. Once there he woke Spike up and helped him out of the car, before handing him the box of blood and pulling Anya out. He carried her upstairs quickly, while Spike trailed along behind. When he to the apartment door he unlocked it and went in, calling out a quick invite to Spike as he went.

He laid her out on their bed, then taking the box back from Spike, he went into the kitchen and began switching back and forth between heating blood and getting the rest put away in the fridge. Spike, swaying on his feet, looked back and forth from the kitchen to the bed, completely confused and out of his depth.

When the microwave dinged, Xander came out of the kitchen, carrying the mug. With his free hand he led Spike to the bed, and pushed him down until he was sitting. That accomplished he handed the vampire the mug of blood, and moved back to finish the job of putting the blood away, heating another bag while he worked. After it finished he took the second bag of blood out and refilled Spike's rapidly emptying cup, before throwing the plastic bag away.

Spike drank gratefully, but watched Xander with a wary eye. He was waiting for an explosion, a breakdown, for some reaction. Instead, Xander began closing blinds and curtains. When that was done, he went into the bathroom and returned with a stack of towels and washrags, a small bucket of warm water, and a bar of soap. He sat those things down, then started searching through the closet. He pulled out two pair of sweatpants and three t-shirts.

Taking the empty cup from Spike, he handed him a pair of the sweatpants, one of the t-shirts, a towel, and a washrag and gestured to the bathroom. "Go clean up and change. Let me know if you need help setting or bandaging anything."

Spike watched him a moment, and then quietly slipped from the room. Once he was gone, Xander began stripping Anya down. He lovingly washed her all over and searched for any of the damage he'd seen inflicted, and found no trace of any of it, aside from the bloodstained clothing, and her lack of life. When she was cleaned, he held her up and slipped one of the t-shirts over her head. It went practically to her knees, and he kissed each one lightly, before covering her up.

He stacked the last pair of sweatpants, the t-shirt, and his own washcloth and towel, and dropped the rest into the hamper. He dumped the water out into the sink, and heated up one last bag of blood. When Spike came out of the bathroom a few minutes later, practically lost inside the over-sized clothes, Xander handed him the cup and pushed him towards the bed. "I'm gonna go get cleaned up. Drink up and then lay down, you need to rest." He said, slipping into the bathroom before Spike could question or comment.

Avoiding the wet towel on the floor, he turned the water on as hot as he could stand it and stripped down quickly before throwing himself under the spray. One part of him knew what was coming, but another part refused to acknowledge it, so he stood under the spray, letting it wash over him, while he tried desperately not to think. When thoughts started easing in past the rush of water, he quickly moved to scrubbing his body down, concentrating on each part. When he'd washed himself over twice and the thoughts were threatening again, he shut off the water, threw on his clothes and stepped out of the bathroom.

Spike was laying atop the covers, careful even in sleep not to touch Anya. Xander sat Spike's empty cup in the sink, before sliding into the bed on the other side of Anya. He pulled the covers down until he slipped into the bed and then pulled them up so that all three bodies were covered. He rolled Anya on her side, so that he was spooned up behind her, and she was touching Spike.

One part of him made note of how cold she was. 'I'm going to have to get used to that.' was the only thought he had, before the stress of the day and the complete adrenaline crash pulled him into slumber.


The insistent ringing finally woke him up about twelve hours after he'd gone to sleep. He ignored the phone for the moment as he took stock of the situation. He was still tucked up behind Anya, but one hand was now resting on Spike's side. Sometime during the night, Spike had shifted around so that he was curled around Anya's front protectively. Instead of freaking out, as he probably would have waking up like this yesterday morning, Xander stroked his hand down Spike's arm briefly before rolling over and grabbing the phone.

Willow was on the other end talking a mile a minute, bringing him up to date on the happenings. Apparently there was a robot, Spike was gonna sell Dawn out to Glory, Death was Buffy's gift, and Tara was ok with just a bump on her head.

Xander hmmed and ahhed and uh-uhed at all the right points without actually forming words for his half of the conversation. Winding down, she said she had to go get Tara a new ice pack before going to class, and Xander made appropriate support-o guy mmm hmm's. After hanging up the phone, he wrapped his arm back around Anya until it was back on Spike's arm and waited.

After about fifteen minutes he dialed Willow's number. When it was picked up, he closed his eyes a moment before speaking.

"Tara I need your help."

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