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Title: A Glorious Battle

Part: 4

Author: Thea Zara aka 50ftqueenie

Pairing: Anya/Xander, later Anya/Xander/Spike

Warnings: Character Death, eventually adult sexual content, het, slash, threesome, Violence, Bloodplay.

Rating: R for now, depending on the muse and how pornriffic she decides to get in later parts I may adjust accordingly.

Summary: Instead of Glory's minions grabbing Spike, they instead try to get the three newest people in the Slayer's group.

Previously: Memories

It took Tara an hour and a half to get everything she needed and get to Xander's apartment. By then, he was out of bed and forcing yet more blood onto a still sore, and confused, Spike. When Xander let Tara in, Spike was on his third cup of the day.

Tara moved to sit at the table and began pulling out spell components while Xander watched. "Where's the orb?" He asked when he realized she hadn't pulled one out of the bag.

"I'm n-not doing th-that spell." She said as firmly as she could. "It is a c-curse and I won't just p-p-pull a soul from Heaven, without m-making sure it wants to b-be here."

Hearing them calmly discuss re-ensouling Anya, Spike jumped into the conversation, glaring at Xander. "You knew? Why didn't you say anything?"

Xander smiled grimly at him. "Spike did it even occur to you that normally you'd take a dead body to the hospital? I'm not entirely blind, I know what kind of damage that bitch did to both of you, and Anya's body doesn't have a mark on it. Besides that, you fed on her, yet you could barely move back there, that means you gave every bit of blood you took, and probably then some, back, trying to turn her. Considering the way you were with her, and the fact that you did give her that much blood, I'd say she was a childe, not a minion, which is good cause she'd have torn you a new one for making her a minion when she rises."

"Too bloody right she's a childe, she's MY childe, my only childe ever. Now I promised I'd get her all souled up, if that's what she'd have wanted, so what's this about doing a different spell?" He asked turning to Tara.

"B-basically the spell communicates with the soul, and if the soul agrees, it should pull it back to the body and merge it with the demon. If the soul doesn't agree, the spell fails and the soul stays wherever it's gone to."

"This spell... are there any bleeding clauses in it?" Spike asked.

"N-no, as long as she agrees, her soul and her demon will become one and trying to separate them wouldn't work."

"Can you do this spell on someone else if you have to?" Xander asked quietly.

Spike's eyes became huge and he began backing away. "Now wait just a minute, here..."

Xander rolled his eyes and snorted. "I didn't mean you, Spike."

"Yeah, course you didn't. Who then, that poofed up, nancy boy sire of mine?"

"Who gives a crap about HIM?" Xander asked. "Well aside from Buffy."

"I meant, if Anya chooses this, if she agrees, she'll be immortal. You know barring sunlight and pissed off slayers." Xander walked away from them a minute, digging in his drawer and pulling out a pair of bunny slippers. He reached way down inside one and pulled out a box. He opened it for them to see. "I was trying to find the right time to ask. For better or worse, you know. If that's what it took, I'd do it."

Neither witch nor vampire said anything as they watched Xander looking at Anya.


Tara was almost finished setting up the spell when it happened. There was no warning. One minute Anya was completely still and lifeless. The next she was up, in game face, and darting towards Xander's neck.

Spike snatched her out of the air mid leap and spun her around, pinning her to the bed. "It's alright, luv. Sire's here and northing's gonna hurt ya, ya silly bint. Sire's right here." He held her close and spoke softly. The hissing stopped as he held a wrist to her mouth. She bit down almost delicately, testing out her new teeth, and relishing the blood.

Spike looked up, expecting to see disgust on their faces, no matter how accepting the whelp claimed to be. Instead he found Tara calmly finishing up her spell preparations, and Xander... Xander was watching Spike and his new childe with love.

After several minutes, Spike gently pushed her off his arm. Another cup of warmed blood was waiting for him. "Here, you're still healing too." He said as he placed the cup in Spike's hand. "How often do you need to feed her, while she's this young?"

"As much as I can. The more she gets the stronger she'll be. She's healed visibly, including the broken neck, but I'm worried about her mind. Glory fe-"

"I know." Xander said cutting him off. "I saw it."

"How?" Spike asked.

Before Xander could answer, Anya spoke up. "The spy spell."

"What spell?" He asked Xander, not taking his eyes off Anya.

"It was a sort of game between us."

"That's right sire, a very naughty game. A game where I'd tell him to turn the spell on and then I'd-" As she spoke her hands slithered down her body.
Just before they got to the bottom of the t-shirt, Spike grabbed her hands and interrupted her. "I think I get the idea, luv. You always were a right bit of naughty. Xander, why don't you see how Tara's doing with that thing she's working on."

"I'm j-just about r-ready with that th-thing, Spike." She began the spell talking to them as she added herbs and other ingredients into the mix. "In a moment I'll be in a trance, while I seek Anya out. Once I have her answer, I'll return to my body, and complete the spell."

They watched as Tara slipped into a trance. Anya began a low moaning, as she pulled away from her sire. He didn't understand what was upsetting her, but she was struggling to get loose and he was afraid Xander would become a casualty to her hunger if he didn't keep his hold.

"Calm down, luv. Tell me what's the matter." He asked softly, while his hands clung with all his strength.

"You don't want me. You're going to force a soul in me, and I'll become some sexless brooding thing, like Angel. Please, sire, please, I'd rather die."

That's when he realized she wasn't trying to get to Xander, to food. She was trying to reach the windows and the sunlight behind the blinds.

Xander realized the same thing at the same time, and instead of being frozen by the realization, he was galvanized into action. He flew forward and wrapped his arms around the demon, pinning her between himself and Spike, and began his own soft words. "Tara said it's not going to be that way, An. You'll have a soul, but it will be a part of you, not a jailer. And no clause. Would I dare keep you from your orgasms? And if your soul is happy where it is, Spike is here to teach you all about being a big bad, isn't that right, Spike."

"Course that's right. Can't let any childe of mine do without all the training she'll need to cause bloody mayhem, now can I?"

His words soothed her, and she stopped struggling, but her nostrils were flaring at the tantalizing smell of hot fresh blood pumping so close. "Xander, I think you'd better back away, now." Spike said in his best 'lets all remain calm' voice.

Instead, Xander held out his own wrist. Two sets of yellow eyes looked at him, quite possibly questioning his sanity. "It's ok, I trust you." He said, talking to Anya, but looking at Spike.

With great care, and with her sire watching closely, Anya bit gently into the meatier part of Xander's lower arm. She slid her new fangs in and then nursed on the blood that pumped out, lapping her tongue slowly across the bite to get every drop before the saliva closed the wound.

There was a maddening itch through her mind suddenly. The spell was working, and she grabbed a hold of both Xander and Spike as it took effect. Something was holding her, becoming a part of her. For a moment she panicked fearing they'd lied, but she felt none of the hatred she would have expected, for she had taken this soul's place, instead she felt curiosity and friendship, and before becoming one, the thought that 'Finally someone understands what it's like to be me.'

The demon wasn't gone, and wasn't subjugated, it simply became whole in a way it had never conceived of. Instead of being a caricature of the being who had been Anya, it BECAME Anya. It loved her loves, it knew her thoughts, It felt her cravings, and it was determined to wipe those fluffy tailed, floppy eared vermin called bunnies off the planet.

It was good to have goals.
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