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Nighttime in the City of Angels

Title: Nighttime in the City of Angels
By: vampiresembrace
Chapter: 1/1
Pairing: S/X, non-con S/X/Cordy
Rating: R+
Feedback: Welcome, Wanted, Needed, Desired....yeah, I'm an attention whore
Concrit: In email/comments/any other way you can think of
Disclaimer: I don't own anybody but my original characters. The folks from BtVS and AtS belong to Joss Whedon and their creators. I didn't make a red cent from this writing. No worries, I'm just playing with them.
Warning/Squicks: AU, AI-bashing, character death, hot mansex, torture, non-con,  angst, heavy breathing, smut, foul language, mayhem, hedonism, blasphemy, communism (umm, ignore that), and all kinds of things Mom wouldn't approve of
Summary: Spike and Xander visit Los Angeles .
Previous Pieces: Here
Author's Notes: Sequel to With Friends Like These. Once someone suggested to do the second part, the visit with the LA Fang Gang, I had to do it.  A Vampire’s Embrace will be back , but my muse isn’t cooperating on that front lately.  I’m not giving up on that story, just putting it on hold till the muse gets her act together. I have a few other ideas floating around, so this might not be the last in a series of one or two part stories.
Not beta'ed.

Nighttime in the City of Angels
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