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Title : TEMPTATION 32/40
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the
characters in this story and make no
money off them.

Summary: AU. Xander is a young man
living in an Amish community when he
finds himself confronted by the evil of a

STRONG WARNING: although done in a respectful
manner, this story deals with religious issues. If you
find that offensive DO NOT READ.

The cave should have been cold and uncomfortable.
Not the most appealing place to consummate and seal the
physical connection of two beings.

Yet, for these two it seemed perfect.
Cool, dark, and cozy.

Xander quickly pulled the heavy cotton shirt off over
his head. He laid back and unbuttoned his britches
freeing his hard ready cock. Lightly he ran his own
hand up and down it's length.

"Show me Spike. You asked me once if I knew what
two men do together. Well I want you to show me."

Spike stretched out on his side. He ran his hand down
Xander's chest, feeling the tremors in the boys's stomach,
he stopped with his hand on Xander's pubic hair.
Grabbing a handful he shook it lightly causing the beautiful
cock to bounce back and forth.

He knew in the darkness Xander could not see well,
but with his enhanced vision everything was clear.
Something else was also clear.

He knew exactly what Xander was talking about when
he spoke of a connection. He felt it too, and it was wonderful.

It had danced around him, teased him with it's puzzle
till the boy gave his blood. When that happened something
seemed to slide perfectly into place.
It was something Spike tried his best to dismiss as just wishful thinking
or his demon's desperate need to connect to another body.

Yet it was more. It was almost like having a soul of his own.
It filled him with a warmth and acceptance he hadn't known
since death.

It was something he would miss very much when he
moved on and left the boy behind.

Letting his hand roam on down he cupped the boy's heavy
full balls as he leaned over and attached his lips to first one
then the other dark brown nipple.

He lazily licked and sucked each till Xander was
squirming and moaning.

His fingers kept rolling and tugging on the sac.
The wrinkled skin pulled taught as he felt the balls
shift and move in his cool slim hands.

Xander placed his hands high over his head in an
unconscious show of subservient surrender.

It was exactly what his demon wanted to see.
His own cock, hard and too long neglected, began to leak
against the front of his already mud and blood soiled
borrowed pants.

Spike quickly shimmied out of his clothes and tossed them
into a crumpled pile at the side. Straddling the boy's body
Spike pulled off Xander's pants, leaving them both naked and
shivering in the damp cave.

"Touch me, Boy. Feel what another man's cock is like.
Look how hard it is. Straining to be inside you."

Spikes words were both an order and an affirmation of
Xander's already busy hands.
Xander couldn't touch enough.

His hands were everywhere from the sunken dip of the
Demon's collar bone to the sharp jutting hip bones that
stuck out at the sides of the most wonderful cock in the

Xander's fingers wrapped around it's length as he slid
back the hooded skin. Leaning over, he needed to smell
it, rub it over his face leaving wet, sticky stripes across
his cheeks and closed eyes.

He wanted badly to suck it again and have the Demon suck
on him, but his body seemed to know that there was more.
Something better waiting to awaken deep inside him.
So he waited Waited for Spike to show him.

Spike's demon positively crowed at the thought of
crawling inside the boy's body and becoming one
with the hot blood filled vessel. Owning, taking, possessing
what the demon already considered his.

Leaning back down he again kissed the boy, tasting everything
about him, searching for any doubt or hesitation, almost
wishing the boy could be strong enough to resist what he
"Are you sure you want this Xander?"

Xander arched up trying to find pressure or friction to
relieve his throbbing erection.
"I'm not stupid, Demon. I know what I want. I know
who I want."

Spike cringed. He knew of all the murder, arson, theft,
and violent things he had done in his unlife
the corruption of this innocent was probably the worst.
Yet he could not stop.

If he stepped into the sunlight tomorrow he would not
regret today.
With nothing more than saliva to ease the way, Spike
slid down to prepare Xander's opening for his very
ready cock.

Thinking Spike was going to suck on his privates again,
Xander spread his legs and got comfortable. When that
cool tongue took it's first swipe across the soft skin behind
the balls and over the wrinkled hole, Xander tensed up as
though he had been shot.

"What are you doing? You must not do that. Oh, you
shouldn't.... Oh my!"

Spike chuckled.
"You like that huh? Gotta get you nice and wet.
Might still hurt a little, but I can make you feel so good."

Xander's whole body felt calm.
"You're off to a good start."
Spike could feel the hole relax. His tongue slipped in and out
easily as did his fingers.

"Demon, the other day you touched me inside. Do it again."

"Like this?"
Spike rapped against the gland as his finger fucked
the slick hole.

"Oh, yes, that's so.......Oh, yes."
Xander's hips moved of their own volition. He rode and humped
with each stroke of finger against the hidden nub.

Feeling as though the boy was as ready as he was
ever going to be, Spike spit on his hand and coated
his cock. He lined himself up and stopped.

Then as if reading his mind, Xander whispered.
"I don't care about any of that. I care about you. Please,
just do it."

Spike pushed. He tried but the boy was too tight.
"Relax, Xander. Let your body have what it wants."

He tried again and this time the fat sore head finally popped in
through the virgin entrance.
Spike could feel waves of pain rolling from the boy, but Xander
held his protests to himself.

After a minute or two, Spike began rocking.
Sliding just a fraction more each time. Everything in him wanted
to slam in and soak himself in the blood and suffering. But he
knew that would not happen.

Not today. Not with this boy. Not with his boy.
Fully seated, Spike began to move in earnest. Xander marveled
at the thought of having someone inside his body. It thrilled him
that it was Spike.

Suddenly the angle changed and a mini dry orgasm shot through
Xander's body.
"Again. Do it like that again."
His hips humped up now trying to coax another.

Knowing he had it right, Spike pounded, giving them both the
best of what he had. Neither believed it would last too long.
They were both desperate for the release of cum, feeling as
though they had been on the sharp edge of orgasm for days.

Wrapping his fist tightly around Xander's cock as it flopped
against his stomach, Spike stroked him to a quick ending.

Digging is fingers into Spike's arms, Xander went rigid.
He threw his head back and moaned as wave after wave of
pleasure surged through his body and he pumped cum thickly
over Spike's hand and his own belly.

The squeezing inner muscles rippled around the intruding cock and
milked the orgasm out of Spike as he joined his boy, releasing
at the same time.
Locking his arms and dropping his head, Spike's brain shut off as
his body crashed through waves of pleasure.

After what seemed like forever, Spike eased himself down, neither
was ready for him to pull out and separate them.
Not yet.

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