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Title : TEMPTATION 34/40
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the
characters in this story and make no
money off them.

Summary: AU. Xander is a young man
living in an Amish community when he
finds himself confronted by the evil of a

STRONG WARNING: although done in a respectful
manner, this story deals with religious issues. If you
find that offensive DO NOT READ.

Spike had dozed fitfully after Xander left. Haunted
by dreams of happily ever after that he knew were
out of his reach.

Night fall was at least two hours away when he was
wakened with a crushing weight pressing down on his chest.
He came alert with a gasp and felt temporarily panicked
till he remembered he didn't need to breath.

He eyes glowed in the dark and darted around wildly
looking for the source of his distress.
Confused, he knew he was alone, but still the feeling of
dread would not be reasoned away.

Climbing from the cave, Spike had the overwhelming
need to see Xander just one more time. To assure
himself that all was right with him.

Slinking through the shaded cool underbrush, Spike
avoided the stray beam of late afternoon sunlight till he
reached the edge of the woods that bordered the back
pasture of the Harris farm.

Holding back into the shadows he saw a flurry of activity
playing out at the rear of the barn. Keeping to his demon
visage he strained to hear.

Words that floated through were totally ignored,
overimposed by the screams of pain and struggling heartbeat
of his boy.
Spike could hear the sloshing of the boy's lungs and knew
they had somehow been punctured.

He watched helplessly as the boy's father mounted a horse
and rode off down the road.
He could see the broken buggy that now lay on it's side and it
didn't take a genius to put two and two together.

It also didn't take a doctor or even a demon to realize
what the outcome of this tragic situation was going to be.
Spike was beside himself with the frantic need to rush to
the boys side.

The sun had slipped lower in the sky, but not yet low
He watched as the witch covered his sobbing boy with a
warm blanket knowing Xander was probably already going
into shock.
Humans were so fuckin' fragile.

He saw the Father and another man return in a surprisingly short
amount of time. After a brief examination the boy was given an
injection that, thank God, seemed to knock him out. He was then
bundled into a blanket and taken into the house.

The sun was nearly gone, dipping low on the horizon, and
Spike hoped his boy had seen it.
A burst of brilliant orange color that signaled sunset.
What ever way this scene played out, it might have been his last.

Crouched and snarling in the V of the tall oak tree, Spike
counted the final minutes before he could rush forward
toward the house. Toward his own precious boy.

He knew they had a connection and that vampire blood had
amazing healing properties.
If their bond was strong enough.....
If his blood was potent enough.....
He had to try.
He had to do something.
Xander did not deserve to lose his life like this.

Leaping from the tree, his feet hit the ground at the split
second the sun disappeared beneath the horizon.

Dashing across the pasture and yard toward the house,
Spike slipped up onto the porch barely noticing that
he no longer felt the dread he once detected when he
came close.

Pressing his face to the partially open living room window
he could see the boy stretched out on the worn sofa in the
nearly empty space. The sister witch was sitting with him,
the parents were in the kitchen with the doctor.

The air was filled with sorrow and despair.
Just the sort of thing his demon would relish,
but it didn't. It wanted to scream and howl
at the injustice.

Death was something Spike had an intimate relationship with.
He caused it, he felt it, he rolled in it like a dog rolls in the
remains of an animal carcass. Yet now it seemed unfamiliar and

He watched, wondering what he could do. Wishing the
humans would all go away so he could go to his boy.

"Come in Demon."
Willow's voice was no more than a whisper, but she knew
he would hear. She also knew what a chance she was taking
by inviting the evil himself into their home, yet what could he do
that would make things worse?
If there was anyway he could help....

Spike was shocked. Unsure if he had heard correctly, he
hesitantly reached his hand in the window and was
overwhelmed with relief when he found the invisible barrier

He leaped silently into the room and lingered in the dark in the
corner, nearly unseen. Turning her face in his direction,
Willow's red swollen eyes looked at him pleadingly.
"Are you the angel of death? Is that why you have come to my

Stepping forward into the light of the gas lamp, Spike was
quick to defend himself.
"No, no! I never hurt him."
Hanging his head Spike lightly inched closer.
"I should have left sooner. He is so pure and I contaminated
him with my filth."

Relaxing as she sat on the floor next to her sleeping brother,
Willow allowed her mind's eye to focus on the demon before

Tilting her head to the side she fell quiet for several long
minutes. Finally seeing what she was looking for, Willow
smiled and patted the floor beside her.
"Sit down demon. We need to talk."

Spike rushed forward, unable to hold back any longer.
Carefully his fingers brushed the clammy cool skin of his Boy's
The room smelled of the stench of the crushed body
combined with the drugs used to knock him out.

"Why isn't he being taken to a hospital?"
Spike's eye's never left Xander's face.

"Because he would never survive the trip. He will not survive
the night. He has been made comfortable and we all wait
and pray. It is God's will."

"Gods will? How can your God be co cruel? And so stupid?
Xander is the best of all humans. Why take him?"
Spike was no longer trying to conceal his emotions. He
was mad as hell and the tears flowed freely.

"It is not for us to interpret the meaning of our lives, Demon.
Only accept. We are all put here for a higher purpose which
we don't always understand. Obedience does not require

Spike laid his head on the side of the bed and grasped
Xander's hand tightly.
"And how is it a higher purpose for him to die?"

Willow placed her hand gently on the back of the
Demon's head.
"That is exactly what we need to talk about.

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