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My good intentions went up in smoke...

Seven, "Get it Done," & "Story Teller," Parts 16 & 17, S/X

Previously: Would you like to know who killed me? I know you went looking for him," Wood's mother asked. Only he knew she was The First.

Wood froze, closing his eyes briefly. "You don't know anything."

"Is that right? Well, you can check it out after I tell you. Check the timing, reread what the witnesses said, and the people in the subway station--"

Wood interrupted, "Who is it?"

"You met him. You know him. Tonight you fought at his side."

Wood's eyes widened. "Spike."

betaed by kitty_poker1
BTVS Season Seven revisited as Spander
Spike/Xander, NC 17 eventually

Memorable entries for Seven

Seven, Get it Done & Story Teller, Parts 16 & 17.
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