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Title : TEMPTATION 37/40
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the
characters in this story and make no
money off them.

Summary: AU. Xander is a young man
living in an Amish community when he
finds himself confronted by the evil of a

STRONG WARNING: although done in a respectful
manner, this story deals with religious issues. If you
find that offensive DO NOT READ.

As Spike crept closer to the farmhouse he became
aware of the humanity that moved around, inside and out.
There was a constant low murmur of voices, a hum of
muted noise and activity.
The air was filled with the delicious smells of tears,
sorrow, and despair.

He ducked quickly as the door flew open and two small
children ran out onto the porch to chase each other.
He watched them closely, sucking his teeth experimentally.
Yep, he'd eat 'em.

He was greatly relieved to see that he still had some
semblance of evil left in him.
Minutes later a large woman came out and stopped them.
Whispering quietly to them she led them patiently back into
the house.

Spike resumed his advance and, leaping high into the air,
cleared the porch railing, landing without a sound, to the
far side of the back porch. Dropping to a crouch he
slithered to the side of the open kitchen window.

"God's will is never clear to us, Jess. Even in times like
this we must keep our faith strong.
God will never put more on our shoulders than we can carry."
Spike could smell the tears and hear the muffled sobs of the
boy's Mother against the bosom of the older woman.

Still moving, he slipped on around as far as he dared, now
able to see into the sparsely furnished living room.
The men were in there with the boy's father offering their
support and resigned condolences.

But none of that mattered, because he finally found what
he was seeking.

There in the middle of the room sitting on a low platform,
was the cheap pine box that held his boy.
The witch had told the truth when she said he would not
be taken away till the burial. A burial Xander would
never see.
No digging out for his childe.

Relief flooded over Spike. His boy was safe.
Resting, healing, waiting to be collected.
Waiting for his Sire.

Spike felt an almost hysterical giddiness overtake him.
He had a companion. Someone to willingly go with him.
Roam the world, see the sights and eat the people.

He could feel the warning of the spirit surrounding him.
O.k, o.k. so his boy would probably have a problem with
murder, mayhem, and butchering the masses just for
entertainment, but that was all right too.

They would go everywhere. Do everything.
Spike had never been loved before. It was something
he could force himself to get used to.

He had also never made a childe before. Never wanted one.
Clingy, needy, dependant. All the thing he dreaded.
Those were exactly the things he now looked forward too.

He would teach him everything.
The boy would worship Spike.
Literally follow him to the ends of the earth.

Spike was barely able to contain the impatience of his demon.
It wanted to charge in and collect what was his, but he
knew the time was not right. One more day and tomorrow
night, if all went well, their unlives together would start.

Spike was somewhat concerned that the extensive damage
to the boy's body may take longer to heal, but he had given
him a lot of blood during the turning. More than necessary,
so he hoped it would be enough.

Blending back into a dark corner, Spike watched with
piercing yellow eyes as the door again opened.
This time two adults stepped out and leaning against the
railing, spoke to each other in low hushed tones.
He could smell the arousal of the man.

"I'm sorry about this too Anya, but after a period of mourning
there should be no reason why your father and the elders
wouldn't allow us to court and marry. As is proper I will
speak to all and even get the approval of Xander's father.
The respect will convince the community that I am right to
be a husband to you."

"I can't speak of this now, Eli. It is not proper to see
anyone for at least six months. Although......"

Anya kept her eyes lowered and twisted the loose tie
of her dark bonnet between her fingers.

"After that it should be all right if you come to the farm for
Sunday dinner. Then, when the year is up, I would gladly
accept you as a husband. If you gain approval. It might
help if you went ahead and started clearing our plot of land."

Anya dropped her head and blushed.
"We must go back inside now. It would not be right to be
out here alone. We must not do anything that would
appear immodest."

Spike noticed with a smirk that Eli placed his hand on the
small of her back posessively as they returned to the house.
Well that was one worry that should be off the boy's mind.

With his back against the wall, Spike slid down to sit on
the worn slats of the side porch. He knew he should not stay.
He had satisfied himself that all was well and he really
should be returning to the safety of his hideout, yet he couldn't
Not yet.

He craved the closeness of the body in the house.
He wanted to go in. Climb in the box and pull the cold lifeless
body into his arms, but he couldn't.
He was frustrated and his demon angry.

He had to be strong for the both of them. Certainly wouldn't
do to be staked at this point, and shit it wouldn't surprise him
at all if these people didn't fuckin' bath in holy water.
No, he just had to wait.

Spike sat with his knees pulled up and thought back over the
last few days. So much had happened. So much had changed.

He remembered the first time he stepped up on this porch.
The repulsion his demon felt drove him away. Now with
the boy's spirit infusing him he felt welcomed and at home.
Still, he knew it was a false feeling, that he would not be
welcomed, yet it felt good.

Maybe he could learn to deal with this annoying turn
of events after all.

Bringing his mind out of it's wandering, Spike heard the
chiming of an old grandfather clock strike 9. At that time he
watched everyone in the house circle around the boy in the
box, join hands, and begin praying.

O.k. then. Spirit or no spirit. That was it for Spike.
Time to go.
He had a funny feeling that ten minutes or so of listening to that
and he would spontaneously combust.

Leaping the railing, Spike blended back into the darkness.
After all he still had some plans to finalize.
How to get the body out.
How to cover it's disappearance.

He also knew they would need time immediately after the
boy's rising to bond. Blood and semen both had
to be shared and spilled.
The thought of that caused him to harden.

For that they needed time and privacy. It might be
awkward to explain to the family who he was and why
he was fucking the corpse of their dearly departed.

Past experience had taught him that humans really didn't
like that sort of thing.

Spike darted off towards the woods. Maybe eating a bunny
or two would settle his nerves. Although with no floss
available, he hated the thought of all that fur stuck in his teeth.

As luck would have it he passed a coyote on it's way to the
hen house.
'Well this has to be the very definition of two birds with
one stone!'

Spike's thoughts were very pleased as he ripped the head
from the body and drained the blood.

'Saved all those feathery little peeps a gruesome fangy
death. Boy would be right proud, he would. I am just
too soft hearted.'

Really tickled with himself for his apparent good deed and
benevolent thoughts, Spike gave free reign to his demon
and ran full on through the woods, thrilled at the feeling of
open freedom.

Locating his cave, Spike crawled in with the biggest shit
eating grin his face could hold.
If all went well, this would be his last night alone.
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