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Never Time Enough # 3 
23rd-May-2007 05:28 am
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Title: Never Time Enough

Author: Part 1 50ftqueenie… then rngrdead – Ch 2 and beyond

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Warnings/Squicks: M/M relations

Summary: Xander comes back from the past witvh a secret.

Note From 50ftqueenie: This can stand on its own as a ficlet, but honestly I know there's more to this story. Eventually I might revisit and do my own version….

Part 3

He woke again, wrists and ankles bound fast, apparently shackled to a steel ring fixed to a wall. The only light entering the room was courtesy of the base of the door – and that only just enough to see several other humans secured in a similar fashion to himself, some moaning, others like himself only just regaining consciousness, and yet another group of bodies in the corner obviously no longer in pain.

Twice since he came to, one of his fellow prisoners was released from their shackles and taken away only to have their lifeless corpse returned to the growing pile some few hours later. Xander was not sure how many hours or days had passed before rough hands grabbed him. He struggled a little the net result of which was a short sharp blow to the head and blessed black.

He came to arms and legs still chained but now hogtied rather than fixed to a single point. He was on his front but could just make out the date on front page of ‘The Times’ newspaper neatly stuffed in the front of the basket of wood ready to be used to start the parlor fire – January 15, 1891.

His arms and legs screamed their protest, though he was beyond screaming, the large chunk of wood fastened bit and bridle style not only gagging him, but making breathing a strain and, when he struggled, causing a constant stream of drool to drip down his chin, joining his tears on the way. He tried to focus. It was definitely Angelus in the building, the large hands tangling in the human’s hair, wrenching Xander’s head up and forcing his bound body into an impossible position. He was staring at the vampire’s yellow tinged eyes, though the face was still in human guise. Angelus sported a fashionably thin moustache and trim beard, and dropped him after giving the captive a confident, deadly smirk.

“What say you my sweet death?? C’mon eat… This one is well fed for street vermin – and his strange attire spells foreigner… what say you precious... stay for a time? We are only just returned, surely the Master…”

Xander could just make out the annoyed act of a petite blonde, momentarily distracted by the thought that Anya would never forgive him for standing her up at the Bronze tonight – or last night… or the night before…

“The Master and I have a *special* relationship… Surely you of all people must understand that? Besides, I’ve put up with the ramblings of your deranged Childe for long enough. Typical male – takes the pretty boy away to fool with while I’m left to uphold our position in London *and* try to babysit your lunatic.”

“You told me to!… I would never…!”

“Angelus! Don’t look so shocked! I approve that you had him to service you, after all Ivanova and Tiernov have quite the talent for the orgy of old… And darling, it was time he was taken in hand. A Childe must be schooled in the pleasuring of the Sire and that stupid girl of yours was hardly the one… besides…I didn’t see you complaining about having to give the lessons…”

Darla sidled up to her boy, teasing him before she pulled away swept around the room, collecting purse, affixing hat, and adding an elegant ladies’ cape with fur ruffle to her attire. “Now - cheer up darling, the devil knows the boy's insane Sire is incapable of finding satisfaction with any but you, though I confess after this last month, I am surprised you haven’t let her dust before now. No matter, your duty is to me and now you will free me for my Sire as tradition has it, so all is well. I will send word when I am to return.” The blonde Grande Dame of the Scourge of Europe plunged a hat pin into her fashionable head piece, affixing it to the carefully coiffed hair before turning to leave.

She paused on her way to the door and almost as an afterthought slapped Xander’s bound head with the back of her glove, all the while looking pointedly at her childe, “She rambled on while you were away. Claimed she had visions, captured stars and found her pathetic boy toy a friend. Who cares what she thinks – give this one,” she hit Xander again – this time hard, “… to ‘her Willie’, and bed the girl, Angelus, hard, fast and often! Service her and train her, or dust her once and for all. Her constant whining and self pleasuring while you were absent was tedious in the extreme – and quite unbecoming in company!”

Xander made out Angelus in game face, but saw him kiss the hand of his Sire then kneel and bare his neck. Darla bit hard and fast, before pulling away dabbing the sides of her mouth with an embroidered kerchief and added, “Oh, and Angelus? I *do* expect you to have matters in hand when I return. I am sure you would prefer *not* to have to answer to the Master again for some discipline, as I do know how you so hate to ‘bottom’ for him in front of company.”

With that Darla departed, minions scurrying to open the door carry her last minute needs to the waiting carriage (including a bound young woman – obviously food to go). Angelus had audibly growled his frustration as soon as the Mistress of the house left, smashing an expensive vase, and beating then draining a hapless minion.

Once the dark vampire calmed, Xander quickly established that Angelus and William had just returned from St Petersburg – attending that court at Darla’s insistence! Angelus was livid that he had been given no choice in the most recent turn of events, though did seem pleased to have his ‘dark plum’ close once again.

It was William (or Spike as Xander kept telling himself) that seemed the most hurt by the proceedings, though the human struggled to string the scenario together completely.

Angelus and the young William had enjoyed their time *together* in all senses of the word. William obviously enamored by the older vampire and visibly put out when he was pushed aside by both Sire and Grandsire with a, “Go find us some food boy, while I see to yer Sire”, as the two older vampires reacquainted themselves.

Xander felt the bile in the back of his throat begging for release as Angelus all but raped Drusilla within inches of his bound form. The Sunnydale boy seeing the blood as her rear passage was abused, inner thigh bitten and Angelus taking her time and time again.

Xander had panicked, as Spike… William, passed him to do as instructed by his Grandsire… unsure as to whether he was to be the food or the entertainment or both! Then he really did begin to retch behind his gag horrified by his own self interest – he was apparently safe, for now, while four – or was it five, humans (including two young children) were dragged in by minions and drained by the sated ‘lovers’ and a rather subdued William.

“Now boy, I note you’ve not taken what is yours to enjoy!!! Come, come! This is your Sire’s *gift* - she told us so!...” Xander was shoved hard by a leather boot that smelled of the street, and fell onto his side as his trussed form failed to correct his balance. He knew he was dangerously close to the now lit fire but could barely wriggle more than a few inches before focusing back on the room.

Angelus relaxed back onto the couch, tugged Drusilla around the waist forcing her onto his lap again after their meal and levelled his gaze at William, “Now boy… You’ve had me to yourself for the last month, and proven quite the student. Tis time t' take y’r place again, let your elders enjoy what is theirs by right…” His hand was obviously finding Drusilla’s still wet and willing core, "Oh now, now!! William! No pouting... Let me pleasure my dark princess… and look you! Your Sire’s present seems ripe for the picking… look you, the boy is all a fluster… Have you learned nothin’ on our travels?! Give him a nip then let the minions clean him and put him in yer rooms. And fer the devil’s sake William… take him for sport if naught else, I fer one know ye could still use the practice!”

Xander saw the momentary hurt on the face of his soon to be assailant, then braced himself as the young vampire, most definitely *William* not a hardened Master the pre-chipped Spike, did as instructed, knelt down, bared his fangs and sniffed the human’s neck. Long blonde curls fell across Xander’s face as the vampire appeared to savor the smell of fear coming in waves from the trussed human. Xander wriggled a little but stopped immediately as he heard the growled, “Be still or they will kill you.” The vampire bit and drew but two or three mouthfuls before he stood and ordered the minions to clean up the human ready for ‘dinner and a show’.

Xander was unceremoniously tossed over a large vampire’s shoulder only to be carried outside to a cold tub of water, where his legs were released and wrists attached to an over head hook. He was then washed down by a coarse brush made all the worse by the freezing temperature of the water.

By the time the final bucket of water was tipped over his head, Xander was shaking uncontrollably, teeth chattering so hard that there was no thought of rebellion, simply a desperate wish to get warm… somehow.

Unable to support his own weight with legs too cold to move from their semi bent position, he was carried into the house and upstairs – apparently to William’s quarters. There was no care taken as the near frozen human was dumped on the floor in a shivering heap.

Xander’s head throbbed with the cold, his hands and feet were numb, and all he managed to do was whimper a little as he heard the door click shut and a slight growl come from the direction of the bay window.

“… What the hell do they think they’re playing at… Stupid idiots! You’re positively blue!”

Xander wasn’t sure if he was being spoken to or there were others in the room so simply remained curled on the floor desperately trying to get his core temperature above hypothermic levels.

He didn’t hear the young vampire move, other than to register a book dropping to the floor, before he felt himself covered in a heavy, rather coarse blanket of some description. He then had his naked form forcibly maneuvered until straight, only to be wrapped tight, mummy style, lifted and draped across a slim lap head resting on a young man’s shoulder, preternaturally strong arms surrounding him as a blazing fire heated the blanket and its contents until toasty. He could not help himself, finally warm and being fed a mug of … sweet milky tea (?!), he gave in to his body’s most primal needs, drank willingly, snuggled a little, then fell asleep in strong arms and to crooning baritone of his…

There was no way of telling the hour, and the bed was unfamiliar, as was the body… the male body, spooning him. He momentarily tried to remember if it had been a party or the Bronze or both the night before, nothing would come. A door was opened, heavy curtains were pulled heaved back to reveal the moonlight, and a quiet voice beseeched ‘Master’ to wake. Xander’s state of rest and warmth was now a cause for confusion not comfort, and he wondered vaguely, given he realized he was held tight in the arms of a deadly vampire, if it was now or later that he would die.

The face that had been nuzzling his neck – admittedly affectionately not the expected threatening fashion – turned toward the intrusion and simply growled “Grrrr out! ‘S early!” The statement was followed by a whimper, a nasty flesh on flesh thump, scrambling noises and a door slamming. Minutes later, he registered the body behind him move a little just before an excruciating sting and pull of blood from his neck, and a ‘morning’ erection rubbing against the soft cleft of his backside preempted his world going black.

And oh how he yearned for that very feeling as he walked toward the two women seated so calmly in the lounge room of Willow’s house. He was conscious that the sun would be peeping through their curtains any moment and almost flinched as he stilled.

He needed to know the truth of what had happened while he had been… there, At very least whether the Wil he knew, had come to love, still resided in Spike… somewhere.

22nd-May-2007 10:23 pm (UTC)
Mmm, love the build of this one. Hope there is more eventually....
23rd-May-2007 03:45 am (UTC)
I am finding this look to the past absolutely fascinating - specially with Xander knowing what he knows of three of the vamps he is prisoner of in the future, his reactions to certain things are going to be interesting I'm sure.

Looking forward to the next part,
keep penning,
~pobody's Nerfect
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