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Fic search

Someone suggested I post this fic seaech here. I am looking for two stories actually. The first one takes place at the end of season 5 of Angel. Angel and Co are in the alley fighting the demons of W&H when they get some unexpected help from Buffy and Co. They barely make it out of the alley in one piece and regroup in a warehouse nearby. There they meet up with Riley and Co. A big fight ensues with everyone, Angel rescues Connor and his adoptive sister from W&H cronies. Angel, Connor, his sister, Spike, and I believe Faith and Xander head for New York for some reason. This is all I can remember other than the last time I saw it it was incomplete. If anyone knows the title and author please let me know. The second one is a crossover with Charmed/Harry Potter/BtVS-AtS. Everyone goes to Hogworts to help Harry and Co. get ready to fight Voldemort. Author and title please. This one was completed. Both of these stories where on AFF before the revamp now I can't find them.
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