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Title : TEMPTATION 38/40
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the
characters in this story and make no
money off them.

Summary: AU. Xander is a young man
living in an Amish community when he
finds himself confronted by the evil of a

STRONG WARNING: although done in a respectful
manner, this story deals with religious issues. If you
find that offensive DO NOT READ.

Special thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful artwork

Spike woke early the next evening. He felt like a
toddler on Christmas morning.
The air tasted cool and clean as the first drops of
dew started to settle in, and the pink haze in the sky reminded
him of a saying he had heard once.

"Red sky in morning.......something...something warning,
Red sky at night, vampire's delight."

Maybe that was not exactly right, but for Spike it was close

Jumping from his hole in the ground he brushed the dried
grass and leaves from his clothes. Checking that his hair
was smoothed back nicely, Spike took a deep breath.
He was nervous as a groom on his wedding day.

This was the biggest thing to ever happen to him.
His stomach churned and his left eye twitched.
'What if I can't do this? What if I fuck it up?
What if he leaves me?'

Just as the doubt and insecurity began to overwhelm him
he felt a calm permeate his being. He didn't know why, but
suddenly he was sure everything was going to be fine.

For the first time in his miserable exsistance he knew
with absolute certainty he had made the right choice and
the rivers of compassion and good luck were finally going
to flow in his direction.

Racing silently through the damp earthy woods, he
leaped easily over fallen trees and cleared the nearly dry
creek bed.
He ran on pure instinct and adrenalin, stopping only when
he saw the clearing of the pasture.

Spike halted at the wood line and quickly scanned the area for
predators or dangers. He sniffed the air and listened for
any sounds that would indicate a trap. Sensing nothing he
started forward being careful to keep to the fence line in
the shadows.

Half way to the house he spotted her. The witch. She was
alone, sitting on the wood and chain swing on the back porch.
If he didn't know better he might have thought she was waiting
for a rendezvous with a secret lover.

But he did know better, and he knew what she was there for.
She was waiting for him.

Waiting for the demon to come and claim the body of her
beloved brother.
Knowing that despite the fact that it was against nature and
all things good and Godly, it was what she wanted, because
it was what Xander wanted.

The hardest thing about all this for the witch had to be the
harsh realization that the world was not so black and white
after all, and the fact that there were thousands of shades of
gray, was maybe not such a bad thing.

"I see you have come Demon. I was wondering if you had
changed your mind."
Willow never stopped swinging and kept her eyes on
her folded hands in her lap.

Spike stepped forward confidently.
"Boy belongs to me now. I claim and keep what is mine."

All movement on the porch ceased as she looked him in the eye.
"Please don't hurt him. I couldn't live with myself if I thought
I handed him over to you and you treated him badly.
Please don't do to him what the dark Angel did to you."

Spike climbed the steps and sat down on the swing beside her.
"Angel is a wanker. He just gets off on power, pain and
violence. Now don't get me wrong a little bit of the nasty
sometimes spices things up but torture never was my thing,
and now with this annoying little white tumor that has
attached itself to me like a cancer I have a sinking feeling
things are going to be drastically different."

Satisfied, Willow stood and put her hand on his shoulder.
"My parents are at the church. They will stay there and pray
till close to midnight. The burial is to be at dawn tomorrow.
The box has already been closed and is not to be opened
again so it would not be known if there was a body inside
or just several sacks of feed."

Spike nodded his understanding.
"When he wakes I will take him to the barn. We need to,
well, we need time. We will be gone by morning. Thank
you, and I promise, I will be a good sire."
Spike wasn't sure why but it was suddenly very important to
him that the witch know the sincerety of his intentions.

This time Willow nodded. There was nothing more to say.
Sadly she walked down the porch steps and out into the
night, off to join her parents in the small one room chapel
down the road.

Spike watched her leave then paid her no more thought as
he crept into the house.
The box sat where it had the night before only this time with
the lid secured in place.

He took only a minute to notice the total absence of any
signs of a funeral. No flowers, no cards, no ribbons. He
shrugged, didn't matter.
By morning there would also be no body.

Prying out the nails, Spike lifted the lid. His heart swelled
with pride and love as he looked down on the face of his
soon to be childe.
He was only slightly concerned that the boy had not
started to wake yet.

Lifting him out carefully, Spike laid the boy on the floor
then ran to the barn and collected three 50 pound sacks
of feed. Laying them out in the pine box he methodically
reinserted each nail.
No human eye would detect any disturbance.

With that done he lifted and cradled the boy in his arms,
kissed the top of his head, and left the house.

Settling Xander into a soft nest of straw Spike began to pace.
Should it take this long? Was the body too damaged. Did he
give the boy too much blood? Or not enough?

Finally, before panic had the chance to totally incapacitate him,
Spike detected movement.
Dropping to his knees, Spike pulled to boy to him tightly and
began rocking.

Xander felt as though he were swimming with weights tied
to him.
He struggled to break the surface, but kept floating away.
When awareness did start to return the first thing that hit
him was the hunger. A emptiness and feeling of total
body starvation like he had never known.

Spike knew the instant it happened. The boys features
shifted away to be replaced with the true face of the
His yellow eyes locked on Spike and his hands clutched
at him wildly.

"Demon? Sire? Hurts!"

Spike held him close and smiled.
Everything was going to be o.k. after all.

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