tykell (tykell) wrote in bloodclaim,

Fic Search ;_;

I have looked for this fic everywhere I can think of, but I'm probably just missing it. Ok, Xander goes to LA to get info for some reason or other and its when LA was dark and demons everywhere. When they let Angelus out on purpose I think. Xander grabs some alcohol and sleeps on the couch at the building, at which point Angelus captures him, tortures him for three days and then turns him. The hyena, soldier and the demon combine and Xander then catches Angelus and tortures HIM. He totally rejects Angelus/Angel as his sire and goes to find Spike in Sunnyhell. I cannot remember the title, or who did it, or anything. Could someone please tell me? I tend to get distracted [read something else or reread something cuz it was so good] and would appreciate it very much.
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