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Archiving at Xander Xtreme.

This is a response to the earlier post that claims Eshal and myself are archiving fic to the Xander Xtreme site without permission.

Both myself and Eshal would like to state that we have, to the best of our knowledge, never archived fic from the Xander Xtreme lj to the Xander Xtreme site without an author's knowledge.

It is clearly stated on the Xander Xtreme lj profile page that ....

***All stories posted to Xander Xtreme will be added to the Xander Xtreme site without exception unless the author has stated otherwise in their story heading.***

Unfortunately, the author who has prompted this response did not revoke permission to archive in any of their story headers and as such, the story was archived onto the Xander Xtreme site.

We would like to reassure all authors that if we have mistakenly archived your fics on the Xander Xtreme site from the Xander Xtreme lj, please don't hesitate to send either mself or Eshal an email and we will take it down at the earliest opportunity.


tj Goldstein and Eshal
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