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I've tweaked the permissions over at Bloodclaim@GJ so that posting access is open to all members, not just me.

This is not a declaration - I am not moving Bloodclaim over there in toto, but with the fuss going on here at LJ I know there may be people who would prefer to post their fic... elsewhere. Hopefully, this where is else enough. *g*

I have set up an RSS feed from GJ to LJ so LJ users don't miss out on fic posted over there. I have also set one up going the other way too, LJ to GJ.

ETA: The RSS feed bringing Bloodclaim@GJ's posts here to LJ is here: bloodclaim_gj. The feed over at GJ pulling in the Bloodclaim@LJ posts is called bloodclaim_lj.

I really do love LJ, it's given me years of fannish pleasure and I would hate to walk away from my permanent account, but they really did fuck things up royally with this mass deletion mess. :/

Remember, this is not a call to arms or a declaration of intent to move across to GJ, this is just an alternative, a home away from home if we ever need it. And I'll still get modly on people's asses over there and over here as and when needed. ;)
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