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Finding Family

Finding Family artwork contribited by Petxnd.

"Come on, Baby, open up and let me see it. So sweet
and warm and wet. Please, Baby, I promise I won't hurt
Xander cooed and cajoled, trying his best to be patient.

Will's whole body went tense.
He did trust Xander and loved him with all his heart, still....

"No. It will hurt. Besides it's embarassing. I don't want
you looking that close."
Will hung his head to hide the full blush that colored his cheeks
a soft shade.

"Embarrassing? For God's sake Will, I just had my tongue
in there not an hour ago. How much more intimate can it be.
Please, Baby let me peek in that pink little cave."

Xander was nuzzling Will's neck and could feel the smaller
body relax in his arms.
He was sure he had won the argument when, at the last minute,
Will wriggled out from under his lover and slipped away leaving
a good three feet between them.

Crossing his arms over his chest, Will's bottom lip puffed out
as he pouted.
"No! I don't want to, and I don't think it is very nice of you to
try to make me."

Xander sat back and sighed, his patience at about it's limit.
"For Pete's sake Will, I just want to see if it's a cavity or if you
have a wisdom tooth coming in. You have had that tooth ache
for over a week. I know you're ashamed of your dentaphobia,
but lots of people suffer from it."

Will scowled and scratched his head ruffling up his blond curls.
"Dentaphobia? I think you just made that up. And anyway, I'm
not afraid of the dentist I just don't like anybody poking around
in there. And besides he hurts when he shoves his fingers in there."

Xander laughed and pulled him in close.
"If you go by that description then it's a wonder you don't have
cockaphobia too."

Despite his effort to remain stubborn, Will cracked a smile.

Seeing his young lover's face soften melted Xander's heart.
"Damn, Baby, you are so beautiful when you smile."

Xander untied Will's bathrobe and slipped his hands around
the warm smooth skin lightly scratching Will's back teasingly.
Will let the robe drop to the floor and after unzipping his
lover's work pants and removing Xander's thick length, offered
a weak protest.

"We can't. You'll be late for work. Besides, I'm still messy from

Xander let his hands roam down to Will's ass and prodding between
the cheeks, he moaned.

"You're still full of my cum. I love to think of you walking around
all day with part of me left in you. That's not messy. That's romantic."

Then unexpectedly Xander smacked him sharply on the
firm round bottom.

"Shame on you. Letting all that cum that I so generously put there
run down your legs. So wasteful."

Will groaned, feeling his own cock harden in anticipation, recognizing
that scolding tone in Xander's voice as foreplay.

He knew there were a dozen reasons they shouldn't but right now
but none of them seemed as important as the chance to be fucked
again by the man who owned his heart.

Will tipped his head back as Xander proceeded to nip, lick and
kiss every inch of the pale white neck. Then grabbing handfuls
of soft blond hair Xander jerked Will's head back and claimed
his mouth in a passionate demanding kiss.

His tongue plunged into Will's mouth marking ownership,
the whole time grinding his hips and stiff cock against the shorter man.
Will immediately reached between Xander's legs. He loved the feel
of Xander's cock and balls when they were full and heavy.

Leaning forward Will flicked his tongue over first one nipple then the other.
Xander froze trying to stop his hips need to hump so he could revel in the
feel of stimulation to his sensitive nubs.

"Jesus I love when you do that. Fuck, I think I could cum just from
you sucking my tits and playing with my balls."

Giving them one last lick, Will pulled back and grinned evily.
"Then I guess I better quit before I waste any more of that valuable
Immeidately he turned around spread his legs and bent over the
breakfast table.
"Hmm. Where could we put it so it won't be lost?"

Xander's brain was already too far gone to banter. All he could
focus on was:
Hard cock. Tight puckered hole. Get them together.
Checking, he was greatly relieved to find Will still slick from their
early wake up sex.
With no further hesitation, Xander pushed his cock through the
ring of hot muscle.


Both men moaned the same word at the same time.
They froze, waiting while both bodies adjusted to the
tight intrusion.

Will gripped the table top as tightly as Xander held Will's hips.
Slowly, testingly, Xander started to move. Pulling back gently,
he felt the skin over his cock drag snugly as it extracted itself
from the warm comfort of the tight ass.

Xander looked down and watched as his dark hard cock slid in
and out of Will's body. He promised himself that one day soon
he was going to shave off all that thick pubic hair so he can see it better.

Frustration and need overcoming him Will arched, and began sharply
fucking back against Xander in an effort to cause him to pick up
the pace.

"Please, Xander, harder. Faster, harder." Then hanging his head
he whispered, "Please make it hurt just a little."

Xander knew Will loved to feel sore all day so that each time he
sat down he remembered how deep the cock had filled him.
In the beginning that need for pain had concerned him but both
men knew it for what it was. Trust. Trust that Xander would
never really hurt him.

Lying the weight of his larger body over Will's, Xander pounded
deep and fast knowing they would both cum quickly.

Reaching around he wrapped his rough calloused hand
on Will's dribbling cock and began stroking. The contrast of Xander's
hands to his own small soft ones always excited Will and hurried
his own release.

When he first started fantisizing about Xander he used to wonder
if Xander would know how to do all the little things Will's body
enjoyed. He was stunned to find Xander knew exactly where,
what, when and thank God how much.

Holding his hand over Xander's Will helped him squeeze and jerk
it just the way Will liked best causing his orgasm to rush through
his slight body.

Feeling the inner muscles wring his cock triggered Xander's own
release as he pumped even more hot cum into Will's bowels.

Xander's forehead rested against the back of Will's neck.
Both men rocked with the after shocks and eventually relaxed as
the blood slowly returned to the rest of their bodies allowing
their muscles to move and their brains to resume function.

Easing out, Xander glared down at the mess.
"Damn now I gotta wash up and I'll be late for work again."

Will picked up his robe and chuckled as Xander dashed back
down the hallway
"I guess it's a good thing you're the boss then".

In record time Xander emerged from the bathroom and, in a whirlwind,
grabbed the last of his poptart, his lunch bucket, and quickly kissed
Will on the lips.

"Yea, but business has been so fantastic I don't want to do anything
to jinx it. Besides I gotta be a good example for the other men.
Love ya. Bye."

Xander snatched the car keys off the hook by the door and rushed out
shouting over his shoulder.

"Call the dentist. TODAY!"

After watching him drive away Will locked the front door and headed
for the kitchen deciding a second cup of tea with a honey biscuit
was necessary to give him the strength to make that phone call.
He knew the difference between games and when Xander was really
serious. He'd better call the dentist.

Getting no further than the kitchen doorway he was stopped by the
sound of the door bell. Laughing at the thought of Xander being in
such a hurry he had forgotten something, Will flipped the lock
and jerked open the door.

"Come back for one more did you? Oh, sorry, I thought......Can I
help you?"

Will was caught totally off guard by the uniformed man standing
on his front porch with and envelope and clip board in his hand.

"Telegram for William Barton That you?"

"Uh, yes?"

Without hesitation the man shoved a paper in Will's hand and a
form to sign. Once signed, the man turned and disappeared down
the path to his truck and drove off leaving a bewildered Will standing,
open robed, envelope in hand, and dangly bits cooling in the
morning California breeze.

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