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Finding Family

Title: Finding Family
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult - Overall
Paring: W/X HUA
Disclaimer: I own nothing, including the characters used in
this story and make no money off them.
Summary: This story is a follow up to "Flip The Script."
The boys are living together happily when something unexpected
turns their lives around.
It is not absolutly necessary to have read Flip but it would help.
Finding Family artwork contribited by Petxnd.

Will stood in the open doorway letting the cool morning
breeze blow over his nearly naked body as he no longer held
closed the robe he wore.

It was one of the things he and Xander loved most about the
estate they had bought last year
The privacy.

It afforded them the luxury of living their lives just the way they
wanted, without the intrusion of watchful, critical neighbors.
It gave Will a feeling of freedom he had never known.

He had lived for years in almost total isolation. Exsisting under the
watchful eye of an imagined scrutiny by a whole world who,
he believed, knew exactly what sins he had committed, and
condemmed him for them.

A self imposed exile from his home outside London. Punishing
himself for a crime he now understood was not his fault.

But then, unexpectedly, love had taken him by the hand and
taught him to understand and forgive himself.
Love had saved his life.

Even with Willow, who he now thought of as his own sister, living
with them, it was like his own little isolated universe.
This time, however, it was an isolation he reveled in.

He knew as a man he should be out there working a 9 - 5 job.
It was what society expected, but the only thing that mattered was
what Xander expected, and Xander loved coming home to Will.

Will who puttered around the house, tended the garden, gossiped
with the housekeeper, and kept the books to their construction
company. He had been approached by the Library Master about
returning his old job, but for now he was very content right here.

This was the life Will had always dreamed of but never believed he
would have. Never thought he deserved.
Not until Xander.

Xander had dropped into his miserable world and turned it upside
down. Now they had a home, a family, and a prosperous business
together. Sometimes Will was terrified he would wake up and be
back in that tiny apartment, alone, with only his beloved books
for companionship.

But those fears were fading like the distant memory of a bad dream
as his day to day life, love and business became his reality.

Nearly a year ago Will had put up the money but it was Xander's
hard work and drive that had built it into one of the most successful
construction companies in all of southern California.

His pride and love of Xander could rival the sun in it's intensity.
Xander was his center, his all.

The next gust of air brought Will back to the present and he tied his
robe securely about him. His long thin bare feet took two steps back
on the expensive Italian tile floor of the foyer as he closed the door.

He looked again at the paper clutched in his hand.
A telegram.
'Who on earth sends a cablegram?'
His thoughts rolled on as his feet took him to the kitchen for that cup
of tea he had waiting.

'People telephone, e-mail, or post, but nobody telegrams. A cable
can only mean bad news. I should call Xander straight away.'

Will reached for the phone but stopped himself. He knew Xander
would want to know what it said and that would require opening and
reading it.
'Oh for goodness sake, just open the damn thing. Stop being a baby'

"Baby" Will smiled.
That's what Xander calls him. Especially when they are making love.
When they are rolling in bed and Xander's bigger stronger hands are
everywhere. Petting him. Pushing and prodding him.

Especially when Xander is thrusting into him. Deep and thick. Filling
him and..........

"Morning. Mr. Will? You in the kitchen?"

"EEP" Will squeeked and made sure his flannel robe covered the rising
tide of his lusty thoughts just as Bungy, the housekeeper, came through the
swinging doors of the kitchen.

Bungy was wonderful. 50's, pleasantly plump and totally devoted
to her "boys". She was equally fond of Willow, but still coming to
terms with the kitten that had taken up residence in the adjoining

Soon after they had moved in Will took up the task of locating
someone to help out around the house. Recently widowed, Bungy
had shown up on their doorstep. She was the first applicant the
agency had sent over and the last Will interviewed.

They hit it off immediately and she never twitched an eyelash
when he explained about his and Xander's relationship.
Although it was only intended to be a day job Bungy was soon
invited to move into the mother-in-law suite over the garage
and has been like family ever since.

"Hey, there you are. You still gonna work on raking out the rest of the
leaves in the back garden today? Cause I thought if you didn't need
me I'll start early on Miss Willow's apartment and laundry. I swear
that girl........
Something wrong? You look kinda pale this morning. You ain't been
outside naked again have you? I told you, you gonna catch your
death of cold that way."

Will stood there patiently as Bungy ran out of breath. He knew
his wonderful housekeeper could babble almost as well as Willow
and Xander.

At first he had thought it odd, but when he found out she was
Sunnydale born and raised he accepted it as a regional quirk.

He often wondered how anything got done in that town if all the
residents carried on like that.

Wanting to belong, when he was alone, he was practicing it himself.
It was harder than it looked.

Unable to put all his thoughts and fears into coherant sentences, Will
shoved the now crumpled paper into the housekeepers hand.

"What the hell is this?" Bungy stared at the wrinkly mess she had
been given.

Will just shrugged.

"A telegram? Who the fuck sends a telegram. Did you open it?
What the fuck does it say? You know ain't no good news ever
comes in a telegram. Unless you won the Irish sweepstakes.
You think you won a sweepstakes? Nay, that ain't it. Why
didn't you open it?"

Will waited. God bless Bungy for being able to put into words all his
thoughts, feelings and fears. He knew he would never master the fine
art of babble, and it was just as well. A skill like that should be left
to the experts.

Will scratched his ass as he nodded and shook his head at the appropriate
times. When she ran out of breath they just stood there and looked
at each other.

"You want I should open it?"

Will nodded.

Bungy paused only for a second then proceeded to rip open the
sealed envelope.
Smoothing out the paper inside she scanned the page quickly
then, lifting her eyes to her anxious employer she folded it and
returned it gently to it's place.

"I think maybe you should call Mr. Xander."

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