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Never Time Enough # 7 
3rd-Jun-2007 12:08 pm
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Title: Never Time Enough

Author: Part 1 50ftqueenie… then rngrdead – Ch 2 and beyond

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Warnings/Squicks: M/M relations

Rating: NC-17 (or MA 15+ or R?) There is violence and sex and vampires, and boys.

Summary: Xander comes back from the past with a secret.

Note From 50ftqueenie: This can stand on its own as a ficlet, but honestly I know there's more to this story. Eventually I might revisit and do my own version….

Part 7

Xander gained a whole new level of respect for his school days librarian as Giles (first to through the door) staid Willow with a quiet hand and simply said, “I think our friends have both just woken… perhaps we should give him an opportunity to… oh my word.”

Thankfully Xander’s face was hidden under the covers, as was Spike’s, and though the fluffy tufts of brunette and blonde were obvious from the door, the still sticky results of their reunion remained hidden. Xander fancied he heard Giles pull off his glasses with the intent of cleaning them and could not help but grin into the pillow around slightly altered canines.

The vampire beside him, his Mate, was purring quietly. *Spike*, his Wil, was barely awake yet still he was purring, and despite the intrusion, Xander wondered how long it had been since that happened.

Spike’s purr abruptly stopped as instinct took over and human heartbeats were heard. He made to move but a quiet hand stopped his progress and the whispered “Shhh Will” left him stilled but needing to try to work out the events of the previous evening.

Xander did his best to shake off any signs of his changes as he sat up, hoping that the shadows at their end of the basement would conceal anything still shifting back.

“Giles, Willow… um… do you think we could have a few minutes… to you know…”

Giles was obviously flustered, “Yes, yes! Well of course, I would have… that is we were concerned… We’ll be upstairs.”

Xander relaxed back onto the pillows with relief as ex-librarian and powerful wiccan made their way back upstairs. He didn’t expect Spike’s next words.

“You are *not* real… You *can’t* be real… Even if you are… I’m unclean… an abomination… I’m sorry… I’m *so* sorry!!! *Please*… There’s a stake… under the bed… *Please* let me join my … gahhh!!” Spike began to tear at his own flesh again, “He was there and we… [sob]… we loved and then I had to… it’s why he left… he was driven away… driven away! Unlovable… always unlovable… even Grandsire and Sire left… unlovable…” Xander attempted to stop the bloody self harm but only succeeded in causing Spike to fall out of bed. Xander pushed out after him and pinned him to the floor until the vampire finally went limp, giving in to strong arms, familiar scents, and the desperate efforts of a Mate to comfort.


Darla’s deadly gaze fell on Xander, “Hmm I see the plaything is still alive. Angelus did you agree to the adornment – surely a leather dog collar would have sufficed…”

“T’was a leftover from a ‘dinner guest’ some weeks ago – that Tory member of the House of Commons… Seems he was quite keen on being ‘collared’ for after dinner activities and brought his own. I thought the silver was more in keeping…” Angelus shrugged and leaned forward as though to caress his Sire’s shoulder in the hope that she would relax a little. Instead she grabbed his wrist with talon like accuracy and pressure, stilling him and drawing blood, then sniffed the air. “Is that so?”

She turned now yellow eyes on William, “Seems our pathetic poet has been rather spoilt having this one to himself while his elders were otherwise engaged. It’s more than time we taught William some manners and refocus his attention on the household.”

Before anyone could react Darla, was upon Xander biting painfully into his neck with every intention of killing. Xander felt the pull of blood – but not the joyful giving he had become used to of late, rather, the excruciating tug of a lethal bite. But then the teeth were gone, he heard the high pitched roar of an incensed Darla “You’ve *mated*!” Unable to move from his tether and still bleeding, Xander registered furniture smashing, Dru whimpering and Angelus matching Darla’s roar with one of his own and William crashing to the floor unconscious.

He watched in horror as the petit blonde pulled a bull whip from the mantel piece and began to wield it expertly. Leather on flesh could be heard, Dru’s crying increasing as ‘Daddy’ was struck repeatedly. Finally Xander heard a crash from above and his world went black as a large flower arrangement toppled onto the floor.

He came to tethered facedown but with no support for his head. It was some sort of short iron bench obviously purpose built for torture. His arms were outstretched, legs fastened wide open to the leg posts, strapped tight at knee and ankle. His nether region squashed painfully against the rough edge of the iron table and rear hole completely exposed.

Lifting his head he could make out Spike hanging facing the wall from chains fastened to the ceiling, Angelus alongside him. Dru was at Angelus’ feet rocking and humming in a totally catatonic fashion. Both male vampires had been stripped of all clothing and were only now ‘coming to’.

Xander shivered but remained silent as he felt an icy hand caress his backside, Darla rounded the table, grabbed his hair and forced his neck up to almost breaking. He stared into the deadly eyes as she spoke around her fangs and twirled a cat-o’-nine-tails complete with obvious metal barbs protruding from the knots in each end.

“Good you’re awake.” She growled and tugged the hair a little harder, “Were you anything but Mated you would not exist – I would have drained you then thrown your remains to the feral dogs of the street by now, and William would be dust. But alas your existence as Male Mate is so rare that Lore dictates you are a mark of prestige for any household and the Court to which it belongs, and therefore must be accepted. The Master would not forgive me a breach of the Lore in this matter. But you will *never* have status greater than a novel house pet, and *will* learn your place… just as my boys here must learn theirs.”

With that she dropped her grip and sidled over to the hanging figures. She wet the torture instrument and began to systematically strike first one back then the other, tearing pale flesh whilst ‘reminding’ each vampire in turn of her place in the family, the consequences of disobeying her, and her disappointment in them generally.

Xander kept trying to send love through his mating link but by the fifth blow the fear and pain flowing the other way caused him to look up and his own body to react. He was violently ill and began to cry, tears and mucus mixing with the stinking puddle below him.

It took but twenty five lashes before neither Angelus nor William was in any state to take in her lesson, so she simply took Dru by the hand, informing her that they would be visiting Daddy again later and walked out, taking the oil lamp that had lit the area with her.

In complete blackness with the stench of bile and blood, Xander wished for… anything really… He wasn’t sure if he eventually passed out, or how long they had been in the room, it was just so dark he couldn’t tell even with his improved vision. He heard Wil and Angelus moan occasionally and once Angelus rasp, “Wil?” which was answered by a pained grunt.

Several minions eventually entered the space carrying lamps, mop and a number of buckets of cold water. Angelus then Wil was doused, the water thrown from such a distance as to cause the bodies to jolt with pain.

Xander was similarly washed down, appreciating the act despite the cold. He had had to urinate during his time in the dark, happy now to be a little clean, and his dripping wet hair allowed him to suck a little water from the strands. He was surprised when one of the minions pushed a dripping rag against his mouth, allowing him a little more moisture.

Darla waltzed back in moments later, “That’s enough. Now leave us.” The minions scurried out as Drusilla all but danced into the room, “Come along Dru our boys are waiting.”

“May I feed them and lick their blood, Grand mummy? Look it’s making such pretty rivulets with the water.”

“Oh for the devil’s sake… alright – but you may not feed your Childe until he and the pet understand their place properly.” Dru lapped each bloodied back in turn, fussing over some areas, reopening a welt here and there and generally laving wherever she could reach. She then bit her own wrist and pressed it against Angelus lips. He responded, taking a few drafts from his dark girl, then accepted his Sire’s blood.

Revived he managed a “Thank you, Sire” and was then let out of his restraints, collapsing onto the floor for a moment but standing rather painfully when Darla announced, “I have not finished with you yet. Stand – you will assist me in giving Wil and this Mate of his a little more in the way of a lesson. Now turn Wil to face us, and here, gag him, he needs to watch but I want him silent.”

Angelus turned Wil carefully, aware that the wall would be rough on the raw back if it made contact. He attached the gag and whispered, “OK?” and saw a faint nod before pained blue eyes held his for a second.

Darla pulled Dru over to stand behind Xander, “You may punish our naughty pet dearest, but only until I say.” Xander hear a delighted squeal then jumped as a slim, preternaturally strong hand struck his backside and continued to spank him, each stroke causing his body to jolt forward and squash his penis and scrotum against the table.

He had no idea how long it went on for, just that he lost count after fifteen and that it stopped instantly upon Darla’s command. But the mad vampire had obviously begun swaying and was now rubbing her hips against Xander’s exposed behind. The human was disgusted with himself when he realized he was actually grateful for the cool folds of material brushing against his abused skin.

“Very good Dru, I’ll have something else for you in a minute. Angelus you will assist Dru in demonstrating to your wayward Grandchilde that his pet, oh ‘silly’ me, his Mate *must* respect the Lore – just as we all must – and that means Sire’s rights.” The hanging blonde choked a little as he tried to work against his gag. Darla was on him in a split second. She grabbed his scrotum and squeezed hard, “You have no choice *William* and I suggest if you do not wish to service your mate as a eunuch, then you accept.” Wil eventually nodded then hung his head as Darla began to move away. “And you *will* watch and remember!”

“Now Dru darling, stand back a little so you can play with this in that lovely backside while Daddy has a treat” Darla was at Xander’s head again yanked his face up and had pulled Angelus, literally by his nether region into line with Xander’s slightly open mouth. She growled, “Now pleasure him.”

Angelus was as unexcited as Xander about the whole affair, and still hardly able to move thanks to his back. The limp flesh needed to be directed into Xander’s mouth twice as the human lost grip with the tricky angle and no use of his hands. He did his best to pretend it was Wil but the circumstances just wouldn’t allow the leap of imagination and any hope of fantasy was ended with the shriek from Darla. “Drusilla! Put that where it belongs.”

Xander felt a sudden intrusion in his rear, but realized with a prayer of thanks that the object was *extremely* wet – obviously with Dru’s fluids. Xander tried desperately to keep the suction up while Dru began to see saw the dildo in and out with no particular care for depth or timing. Surprisingly Angelus began to harden and during the process of arousal, bent his legs a bit more and leaned forward – using the bench for support. It was a relief for Xander to be able to breathe a little better, particularly as Drusilla varied the angle of the dildo and struck his prostate causing him to see stars. Dru then proceeded to hit the gland with uncanny consistency.

Xander was so utterly bound that he was unable to do anything but be used and rather horrified that his own sex was showing very definite, painful interest.

He felt Angelus approaching climax but felt slender iron fingers cut it off and the Master vampire shoved away with the instruction, “Stop. None of you will come!” Angelus backed away panting a little and holding himself tight until the urgency subsided. Drusilla simply pushed the dildo all the way in with a “There” then wandered off.

Darla too seemed to lose interest instantly, “Angelus see this mess is all cleaned up and that William is fed. I’m going out.”

Strangely, after all the trauma, everything seemed to calm completely. Indeed now Darla had accepted his presence and status, the life of the Mated pet was often very pleasant.

He was fed well, clothed in the company of humans, and allowed to go out with Wil on occasion. Their excursions varied, at times to an exhibition or gallery, sometimes to bawdy taverns or a show. At those times he knew the family hunted, but Wil spared him the pain of seeing more than was unavoidable.

Xander’s status in the vampire world was an interesting one – more a curiosity than anything. When Darla hosted members of the vampire courts or other influential demons, Wil led him into the room where he would be introduced, stared at for a time then, like the teenager at an adult party, expected to be polite, and ignored for the most part, Wil, always attentive and watchful of his Mate’s feelings and after any event the two would sit up in their joint bed and debrief.


Xander had eased Spike up until he was leaning against his Mate’s chest, Xander continuing to stroke the rumpled hair and reassure, reminding him of their London homes, trips away, the good times, and their devotion to each other.

Finally Spike’s eyes opened and he turned in Xander’s arms until wide innocent blue orbs stared into Xander’s love filled gaze.

“Why Xan? How?”

“I think that’s one only the witches or Giles can help us with. You feeling up to it?”

Spike stared at his own hands, fiddling with a thumb ring then asked, “Are you?”

“Anything for you, Wil. Anything”

Spike took an unnecessary hitched breath then pushed himself to standing and held out his hand for Xander.
3rd-Jun-2007 03:05 am (UTC)
Grrr can we bring Darla back and stake her a third time?

Another damned good chapter. I love this to bits.
3rd-Jun-2007 12:48 pm (UTC)
Hey ... Thanks so much... for the inspiration... for the encouragement... it makes such a difference... Though I fear I have lost some folks along the way - your original standalone so wonderful.

Thanks again for permission to play in your space.

3rd-Jun-2007 05:41 pm (UTC)
Lovely chapter...
3rd-Jun-2007 07:57 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much for taking the time to comment - Glad you enjoyed

3rd-Jun-2007 11:02 pm (UTC) - THANK YOU
I love the boys. I am so glad you did not end it last installment.

4th-Jun-2007 11:39 am (UTC) - Re: THANK YOU
Muse Daisy is thrilled to be encouraged so - and knows darned well that I am hopeless at doing anything succinct!

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