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Finding Family

Title: Finding Family 3/40
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult - Overall
Paring: W/X HUA
Disclaimer: I own nothing, including the characters used in
this story and make no money off them.
Summary: This story is a follow up to "Flip The Script."
The boys are living together happily when something unexpected
turns their lives around.

Note: To all you nice people that asked about a link to all
my stories, it is at the end of this chapter.
Finding Family artwork contribited by Petxnd.

The phone in the small office trailer rang only twice before it was
snatched off it's cradle and answered gruffly.
"Wilxan Construction"

"Oh, hello Dave, it's Will. Is Xander around?"

Immediately the tone of the voice changed, lightened and purred.
"Will, you sweet sexy thing. Are you ready to run off with me for a
mad afternoon of hot passion? We could get a room at the No-tell
Motel and heat up the sheets."

Will giggled despite himself. He should be used to Dave's teasing by
now but it always made him laugh.
"Stop it Dave. You know you're straight. You wouldn't know
what to do with me."

"You could convert me. Teach me all those mysterious gay things
you guys do behind closed doors. I'm a quick study. I'll bet
after a day with you I'd be swimming in the gay end of the sex pool
and treading water like a pro."

Will hollered and laughed but before he could think of a response
Dave continued in a loud exaggerated voice.

"Xnay with the otelmay. Here comes the big guy. Xander! My
boss and best buddy. It's for you. The phone. It's Will. We
weren't talking about running away together. We weren't about
to have phone sex."

Will continued to snicker as he heard Xander take the phone and
call Dave an idiot.

"Will? Hi, Babe what's up? I just got here. You forget something?
You need me to pick something up? Milk, bread, lube? I could
stop by the store on the way home."

Will paused. Silence. Yup, Xander was done. That's when the
memory of why he called came back to him and the joy dropped
from his voice.

"Xan, after you left I got a telegram. A man delivered it to the door.
Came right up and made me sign for it."

"A telegram? Who the hell sends a telegram? Why not just call?
Numbers in the book. A telegram is never good news Will. Did you
read it? What does it say? Do you need me to come home?
Are you alone? Is Willow or Bungy there?"

Will sighed, stirred his tea, and waited.
Nope, a transplant from England could never be Sunnydale enough
to do that.
Will resolved right there and then to not try.

When he realized it was finally his turn, or Xander needed to breath,
he jumped back in.

"It's from Mr.Canters. You remember, the caretakers Mr. Rayne
hired to look after the estate outside London. He says something
very wrong is going on at the house. He has been unable to contact
Mr. Rayne, who has gone abroad, and he doesn't know what else
to do. He says I should come right away."


"Xander? I'm sorry. I know this is a bad time. You are always so
busy I can't expect you to drop everything a just go off with me like
that. Maybe I could go alone. I'm sure I could do it. Maybe."

Will's voice trailed off as thought of traveling alone back to the scene
of his past imagined crime settled in his stomach. The place that
brought him so much joy as a child, and fear and terror as a young man.
The place so full of memories of his beloved Grandfather and Mother.

The place where he had murdered his step-Father.

"Huh? What? Sorry, Baby, I was checking my calendar. We are
winding up this project and won't start the next for another month.
I can sit down with Larry this afternoon and go over some things
that need to be done to finish it up.
We could probably leave by the end of the week. Is that alright?
You can go ahead and make the flight reservations today. Do we
need to go sooner? Did he say what the problem was?"

Relief washed over him like a tsunami. Bungy could tell by the
look on his face that every thing would be o.k. Mr. Xander would
see to that. Giving Will a quick pat and rub on the back she tied
on her apron and headed for Miss Willow's apartment at the side
of the house.

"No, I'm sure Friday would be fine. He didn't say what it was, just
that we needed to come and sort things out. Thank you Xander,
for going with me."

"Oh, God Will, I would never let you go back there alone. Whatever
it is I'm sure we can straighten it out together. I love you Baby.
I'll see you this afternoon."

Will hung the phone back up on the wall bracket and sat down at
the marble top kitchen counter. He looked at all the luxury around
him and knew it was bought with money he had not earned.

All the old feelings of unworth started to grow.
Feelings he thought he had resolved a long time ago. Feelings
that said he only had all this because he had killed the man and
taken it.

Will jumped to his feet and smacked himself on the forehead.
"NO! Stop it! Stop it! This is your birthright. Given to you by
your family. That con man never had a right to it in the first place.
He murdered my Mother and Grandfather to get it and he deserved
what he got. I am not a child and I will not be intimidated by a
dead man any more."

With that Will slapped his hand firmly down on the counter top
and turned toward the bedroom. He had a shower to take and a
laundry list of plans to make.

Rushing to the bathroom, Will's mind was whirling as he scrubbed
himself head to toe, taking extra time to make sure all evidence of
his early morning activities was rinsed away.

He often wondered if Bungy couldn't catch a whiff of him since
she often got there before he had a chance to clean up and start
his day. If she did she never indicated it. Of course after cleaning
their room and sheets what else could surprise her.

Will blushed at the thought of some of the things she must have
found in there.
He seriously considered giving her a raise.

After quickly drying and dressing Will went directly to his small office.
Sitting at his desk he decided the best thing to do was make a list.
He snickered as he wrote down on his list #1. Make a list.
Get organized and write down all the things that need to be done in
such a short time.

He tapped his pencil nervously. Get out their passports. Pack
their suitcases. Cancel the mail. No, no. Bungy could take in
the mail. Call the airlines and make the reservations.

It was all so overwhelming he didn't know what to do first.
Xander was counting on him to make all the arrangements.
He would prove to Xander that he could do this.
He was up to the task and he knew just where to start.


All stories tucked away below - all welcome.
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