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Finding Family

Title: Finding Family 4/40
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult - Overall
Paring: W/X HUA
Disclaimer: I own nothing, including the characters used in
this story and make no money off them.
Summary: This story is a follow up to "Flip The Script."
The boys are living together happily when something unexpected
turns their lives around.
Finding Family artwork contribited by Petxnd.

Xander's head was starting to pound.
The migrain was growing by the minute and now threatened to
pop his eyeballs from their sockets and cause his ears to fall off.
He sat at his desk rubbing his temples willing the headache to go away.
No luck.

The outside crew he had hired to work on the completion of the
inside of the offices in the building project now claimed they
thought they weren't needed till next week.
All the drywall finishing, plastering, sealing.
Everything that prevented the project from being finished.

He knew that was bull shit because he had a copy of the contract
in front of him.
The owner of the new project wanted to be able to move his business
into a completed building by the 15th when the lease was up on the
property he was now using.

All that meant that if those assholes held him up it would not only
cost Xander money, it would cost the owner money and guess
who he would come back on?
It would be both expensive it and would put an ugly dent in a business
reputation that Xander strove to keep spotless.

Fuck! They were so close to finished.
There was no way he could take off for parts unknown with this glitch
hanging over his head. He would spend the entire time worrying about
what was happening. He'd just have to call Will and tell him they would
need to postpone.

Xander flinched and jumped at the slam of the trailer door and Larry's
booming voice.

"Hey, Buddy. You feeling any better?"

Xander lifted his head and tossed his best glare in Larry's direction.
Jerking open the desk drawer Xander pulled out his large economy
size bottle of aspirin, popped three in his mouth and began to chew,
cringing at the bitter taste.

"Fuck, Larry, I can't dump this mess in your lap. I'll talk to Will
tonight. A couple more weeks and when this is all ironed out we
can go then. I'm sure it isn't anything that can't wait. Shit, it's
thousands of miles away. How the fuck bad can it be? After
all we don't even know what the fuck the problem is"
Xander grabbed the receiver.

Without giving Xander any response Larry walked over and plucked
the telephone out of his bosses hand and spun the rolodex..
He located and dialed the number then very calmly waited for
someone to answer.
As soon as they did, his tone, face, and demeanor changed dramatically.

"Miller? Listen here you fucking asshole. I have a signed and
sealed fuckin' contract right here in front of me and if you and your
fuckin' worthless crew aren't here first thing in the morning and on
the job I'm gonna sue you for everything you got.
By the time I'm done with you I'll not only own your business I'll
be driving your truck and fucking your wife. No, scratch that, I'll
be fuckin' your brother. Now do we fuckin' understand each other?"

Xander's eyebrows shot straight up as he waited to see what would
happen next.
Although he couldn't make out the words on the other end of the line he
could certainly read the tone behind them.

After a brief pause Larry accepted the apologies so earnestly given,
set down the phone and grinned.

"Mr. Miller says he incorrectly read his calendar and is very sorry.
He and his crew will be here first thing in the morning and are sure
they will be able to complete the job on time easily.
He doesn't know how he could have made such a silly mistake and
promises it will never happen again."

Walking around behind the desk and the man who sat there, Larry
began massaging Xander's temples in slow pressing circles. Xander
leaned his head back closed his eyes and sighed.

"Now, Boss, I want you to admit that I am more than capable of
handling any problems that arise."

"Hmmm? Oh, yes." Xander wasn't sure if it was the aspirin, the
phone call, or the nimble fingers, but his head was beginning to
feel much better.

"Good. So now picture a perfect, private holiday. Just you and
that gorgeous blond. A real honeymoon. Walking, sightseeing,
holding hands on romantic strolls. Big comfy beds in quiet
quaint little hotels.
No one around that knows you. No phone. No work.
No aggravation.
You take care of whatever that pesky little problem is and the
rest is gravy."

A little smile played at the corners of Xander's lips as his closed
eyes began darting around behind the lids.

Still rubbing Xander's head, Larry leaned in close to his ear and
"Who says you have to wait for the hotel. Do you know how big
those seats are in first class? You ever heard of the mile high club?"

Xander eye's popped open wide and he burst into a full on grin.
The headache was completely gone and he suddenly felt lighter
than air.

"You know what Larry? You are absolutely right. I mean I trust you
completely, hell, you're my right hand guy, at least at work. Besides we
do need a break. Haven't missed a day's work since we started up.
Will deserves a vacation. Yup, this might be just what we both need.
Mile high, huh? You know?"

Larry walked back around and dropped down into the chair facing
Xander's desk. He propped both feet up on the smooth mahogany
top and put his hands behind his head.

"Sure did. Took me a little trip out to Reno a couple years ago.
Ended up sitting next to this sweet redhead. Got to talking to him
and he asked me.
Can you imagine? He ask ME!

So anyway he strolls up the aisleway and ducks into an open
restroom. Gives me a wink and slips in. Well what's a guy to do?
I casually follows and when I don't think anyone is paying attention
I go in after. Well let me tell you those are some tiny ass johns, but
we made it work. He drops his boxers, bent waaay over, and
wiggled his ass."

Xander's mouth fell open. "What the hell happened then?"

Larry just shrugged. "I fucked him. Seemed rude not too."

Both men burst out laughing. Xander didn't know if the story was true
or not but fact is it really didn't matter. Point made. Life is to short
to be rude. When life drops it pants and wiggles it's ass at you,
you are a fool if you don't fuck it.

The rest of the afternoon was spent finalizing the plans to finish the
Larry had a good concept of every aspect of the job and Xander had
to admit there was nothing that Larry couldn't do just as well as he would.

Slightly distracted by the half a hard on he had sported ever
since listening to Larry, he was still thinking about how wonderful
it could be.
Alone with Will.
Just the two of them.

Finally by early afternoon when a whimper slipped out he knew it
was time to go home. Xander threw his hard hat and tools in the
cab of the truck and while thinking about his other hard headed
tool, sped home.

His excitement over the prospect of a honeymoon with the love of
his life had his feet skipping inches above the pavement. He refused
to be concerned about the problems plaguing some musty old house
a million miles away, and he would not permit Will to be worried
about it either.

After parking in the long circular driveway in front of the huge
garage Xander ran for the house. The lunch bucket under his arm
still full with the sandwiches and pudding he was to geeked up to eat.

Flinging open the front door he fell backwards with his arms full
of squealing redhead.
Bouncing wildly, Willow threw her arms around his neck.

"OH MY GOD XANDER! How exciting. We're going to England.
I can't wait. I've already started packing. Will and I spent all day
making plans. There is so much to see. Museums, monuments,
castles. We have every minute of every day planned."

Xander glared over her shoulder at his very contrite boyfriend.
Ducking his head Will mouthed "sorry" and tried to hide his grin.

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