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Finding Family

Title: Finding Family
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult - Overall
Paring: W/X HUA
Disclaimer: I own nothing, including the characters used in
this story and make no money off them.
Summary: This story is a follow up to "Flip The Script."
The boys are living together happily when something unexpected
turns their lives around.
Finding Family artwork contribited by Petxnd.

The outline of sunshine framed the curtains of the bedroom windows
as Xander stretched and rolled over. Reaching for Will, Xander
figured he was due at least one more blow job as apology for
Will inviting Willow to go with them.

Although Will had offered oral apologies several times over the
last two days just one more didn't seem like asking too much.

Their flight didn't leave till late afternoon so a leisurely morning might
be just what the doctor ordered. Feeling around it didn't take long
to realize he was alone in their soft musty bed.


"Oh, good, you're awake. Give me a quick kiss before I leave."
Will leaned down over the bed and Xander could see that he
had already showered and dressed to go out.

"What? No. No leaving. Come back to bed. As of this morning
we are officially on vacation and I thought we could start it off right."

Xander waggled his eyebrows and grabbed for the man now
dancing back out of his reach.

"Nope. Miss Willow is taking me to the dentist this morning.
He is going to fix this pesky toothache and we will be back in plenty
of time to leave for the airport. While we are gone you need to check
over the house, load the bags in the car and talk to Bungy about looking
after things. And stop pouting, there will be plenty of time for
woo woo later."

Xander scowled as Will swept out of the room. This was not getting
off to a good start. And what the hell kind of grown man still calls
sex "woo woo"?

Xander grinned, his Baby, that's who. 'O.k. I guess I can wait till later.
After all there is still first class. Mile high might just have two new
club members.'

Xander snickered and threw the blankets off his naked body just
as Bungy came barging into the room.

"You still in bed? Roll that lazy ass out and into the shower.
I need to strip the bed and you need to get the bags loaded."

Xander clutched wildly at the sheets trying to cover his dangly bits
and tried to decide if he had the nerve to yell at her.
He did.
"Hey! A little privacy here!"

Bungy stood firm at the foot of the bed and waited patiently as
though speaking to an errant child.

"Well first, I've seen plenty of those."
She wiggled her fingers in the direction of his very limp and
getting limper, cock.
"and secondly, Mr. Will said not to let you lay about when there
is so much to do. So I'll leave the room to let you get up but I
expect you to head straight for the shower."

Bungy headed for the door, but paused before leaving.
"By the way, Mr. Will is a lucky man."
With that she let out a belly laugh and disappeared.

"Damn!" Xander, pissed and deprived, grudgingly headed
for the bathroom. He quickly showered, fearful of taking
the time for a soapy jerk off. He wasn't exactly sure
if he was allowed or not.

Bungy laughed as she returned to the kitchen cleanup.
She was very fond of Mr. Xander, but Mr. Will had her heart.
They spent their days together puttering around the house
and sharing chores, stories and lunch. He was the
sweetest person she had ever known. A true good soul.

He reminded her so much of her own son that had gone missing
so many years ago. After he left, her husband died, and she had
been alone. Now her family was her boys and their sister, Willow.

She loved them all and considered it her place in life to
do her best for them. The only thing lacking was someone
for Miss Willow.

Miss Willow's luck at love rivaled that of her own. Love
always seemed to slip through her fingers. But there was
no giving up. Bungy was certain they could find someone
nice for her.

Someone as perfect as Mr. Xander was for Mr. Will.
That was true love. The everlasting kind that restored your faith.
Whenever she saw them together the phrase "storybook ending"
always came to mind.

"Fine, I'm up and dressed." Xander had stomped in
but knew his bad mood was going to be hard to maintain
when he smelled the breakfast cooking on the stove.
"Ooo. Belgium waffles? With sausages?"

"Yup. Mr. Will said to feed you good and cheer you up.
They should be back in a couple hours. He wants you
ready to go the minute they return."

Bungy's voice was stern but the smile in her eyes told
the truth. Either way Xander didn't care as long as she
piled a little more food on his plate.

Morning passed in the blink of an eye. The car was packed
all their travel documents were in the carry on case and
Xander had checked the house at least ten times.

"Where the fuck are they? They should have been back
an hour ago. Better not make us fuckin' late. Goddamn
Homeland Security requires a two hour check in for overseas
flights. They better not be goddamn shopping."

Xander paced, stomped and fussed, but truth was he was getting
a little more than worried. He knew what this trip meant to
Will. Only something serious would have made him late.

"BUNGY! What's the Goddamn number for that Goddamn

"Stop shouting, I'm right here. Aren't they back yet?
Bungy was already riffling through papers on Will's desk for the
number. At the exact moment she found it they both heard
the front door.

Relief and annoyance battled for ownership of Xander's
face as he rushed to the foyer. Entering first, Willow's
expression immediately screamed "back down!"

Directly behind her Will came in. Xander was stunned.
The entire left side of his face was swollen. His cheek and
jaw puffed out and his eye squinted nearly shut.

"Holy Shit!"

"Oh nice, Xander. Real subtle. Poor Will feels bad enough
without you acting like he should be selling tickets in a booth
next to the lobster boy and the snakehead woman."

Will's eyes got big as Willow's words sunk in.

"Mfm a freep?"

Willow hugged him close growling at Xander for upsetting him.
"No, sweetheart. You are not a freak."

Xander pried Will out of her clutches and turning his head from
side to side, examined him carefully.
"Can he still travel?"

Willow snatched him back.
"Yes he can go. The dentist had to cut that wisdom tooth out.
He is packed with gauze just for today. He should be fine by
tomorrow. He also gave him some pain pills to take on the plane.
It should knock him right out. Lucky guy will probably sleep
through the whole trip."

With her arm around his shoulders, Willow led Will to the packed
car sitting in the driveway knowing Xander would be right behind.

"The whole way? He's gonna sleep the whole way?"
Xander locked the front door and ran to catch up.
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