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Need Help

If this is out of line, just delete it, but I need help. This community has been great at giving each other help, so I just thought I'll give it a shot. The FAQ on the lj page has been no help, so I thought I'll plead and beg here. 

Problem 1) How large can a post be? I'm talking about word count. Just about every time I go to upload a story, it says the posting is too large so I have to try to find a middle ground to cut it off at. It's a real b**** when I have a really good cliff hanger and I have to cut it off in the middle of the build-up. I have a plus account, if it makes any difference. 

Problem 2) Anybody know of a site that has the dumbed down verson of the lj instructions? I know that there's one somewhere, I've been there. It tells you how to do lj cuts, links, pic's and etc. The instuctions on the lj page is too complicated for me. 

Any help would be greatly fawned over and praised. I can also get down on my knees and plead if that helps.

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