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Finding Family

Title: Finding Family 6/40
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult - Overall
Paring: W/X HUA
Disclaimer: I own nothing, including the characters used in
this story and make no money off them.
Summary: This story is a follow up to "Flip The Script."
The boys are living together happily when something unexpected
turns their lives around.

The trip to the airport was a contrasting one. Xander, sitting silently
in the front seat, driving at a speed so exceedingly over the speed
limit that he prayed there was one of those bank robberies
California was so famous for on the other side of town to keep
the cops and their radar guns off the highway.

Will was curled up in the back seat while Willow petted and cooed
to him quietly.
Xander bitched, blew his horn and saluted anyone who came even
remotely near his lane. Waving his hand out the window one
finger at a time.

Willow fluffed Will's travel pillow and rubbed her hand over his
forehead. Will tried to feel bad. He knew his lover was annoyed
that they were late but once they were on board everything would
smooth out, besides Miss Willow's attention and pampering were
just too wonderful to refuse.

Xander came to a screeching halt in a surprisingly good parking
space and immediately jumped out and began unloading the cases
from the trunk.
Willow got out ahead of Will and walked to the rear of the car.
Roughly she grabbed hers from his hand and slapped his arm.

"Stop it! What ever you are mad about get over it, mister.
Will needs you and you need to quit being an asshole,"

Turning, she huffed off in the direction of the airport terminal
dragging her bag on shaky wheels behind her.
Xander slammed down the trunk lid and saw Will standing
sheepishly near by.

"Mum surry, Xader"
Will hung his head and looked like someone had just run over
his puppy.

Xander dropped the bags and threw his arms around his Will.
"No, Baby I'm the one that's sorry I've been acting like a shit.
Like the biggest shit in a pile of big shits. I guess I just thought
this trip was going to be a little more personal and a lot more

Lightly touching Will's swollen cheek Xander's face softened.
"Does it hurt, Baby?"

Will shrugged. "Um guff a witle."

Xander wound the hairs at the base of Will's neck around his fingers
and tugged till Will lifted his face and looked him in the eye.
"Well, let's get checked in and get you a pain pill. As of right now
we start our vacation and I promise to take good care of you. O.k?"

Will screwed his puffy little face up into a half smile and he nodded.
Xander picked up their bags and followed the path Willow had taken
into a chaotic overcrowded terminal.

Every counter had a huge long line of travelers waiting for
any type of progress or movement.

"Will, Xander! Over here"
Willow waved them over to where she was already waiting to check in
at the ticket counter. It was a process made much easier due to
the facts that Will had done most of it on-line and the airlines still
did a certain amount of butt kissing to customers flying first class.

In no time the three then checked their bags and were off in search
of gate A-19.

"You two get everything worked out?"
Willow glanced sideways at her brother and noticed his hand
planted comfortably on the small of Will's back.

Xander then threw his arm around Will's shoulder and tugged him close.
"Yep, we came to the agreement that I'm an ass and he forgives me."

Will laughed
"He um aff"

Willow chuckled.
"You're right he was an aff even when we were kids."

"Hey!" Xander pretended to be highly offended but truth was
he finally was starting to relax.

This was going to be a great trip after all. Nothing could spoil it now.
Problems settled, the three arrived at gate A and settled in line to
wait to be scanned.

Willow and Will chatted and fussed together.
Neither noticed that Xander had suddenly gone quiet, frowning and
closely watching the process ahead of them.

He stared nervously as each passenger emptied their pockets into
the little baskets for the x-ray machine.
Sticking his hand in his pocket he became noticeably more
edgy as they moved forward.

"Um, hey Willow, do they make you take everything out of your
pockets or just the metal?"

Finally noticing his fussing and twitching Willow became concerned.
"Everything, why?'

"Oh, no reason."
Stepping aside, Xander pushed Willow ahead of him. With dozens
of harried travelers behind them she proceeded to quickly drop
her belongings in the tray, place the tray on the conveyor belt
and breeze through the scanner.

Xander again stepped to the side and watched a confused Will do
the same.
Unable to postpone any longer, Xander dropped all metal in the
tray and slipped through looking much relieved.

Unfortunately all his suspicious behavior had alerted the now
overly trained and well paid scanner technician who had pressed
a silent button summoning two large gorilla shaped air marshals.

"Sir, would you please step to the side for pat down check"
Xander, who had been happily shoving car keys and a wallet back
in his pocket looked up and around to see who they were talking to.


"What? Why me? What did I do? I didn't beep Did you hear
me beep?" He looked imploringly at the people around him
for support and back up. None came.

By now Willow, William and all passengers in the area were in
equal parts intrigued and concerned.

"Just a random check sir. We are asking you to cooperate here
or we can take this to the security office. Please remove everything
from your person immediately."

Grabbing Willow's hand Will was becoming visibly upset.
"Whuf's happening?"

Willow squeezed and held on tight.
"I don't know Sweety, but I'm sure it's o.k. You heard the man.
Just routine. Just random."

Finally resigned, Xander's shoulders slumped and he did as he
was told. He removed his shoes which were thoroughly checked
and tossed aside, and he emptied all items from his pockets.

One by one the first marshal checked each article and called it out,
loudly, to be written down by his partner into his official looking
log book.

"One ring containing 5 keys"
"Key ring - check."
"Wallet - check"
"One pack tic tacs - orange."
"Orange Tic tacs - check"
"One tube Anal-eze"

"Sorry Bob, what was that?"
"Anal-eze. You know, butt lube."
"Was that butt lube, Bob?"
"Butt lube Don."

83 eyes, one older gentleman had a patch, turned in his direction.
A room that moments before had been silent now erupted in noise.
Laughter, applause, boos of disgust, all blended together to rattle the
glass partitions and bring the line progression to a temporary halt.

Angrily, Xander jerked his shoes back on and began stuffing
his property back in this pockets.

"Can I go now?"

Attempting to catch his breath and control his laughter, Bob nodded,
then leaning in close, whispered,
"The bathrooms really are small up there. Try the ones in
the front of the plane. They are usually a little bigger."

He then roared as another wave of hysteria over took him.
With his last shred of dignity, Xander turned to his companions.
Willow and Will both had their heads down and foreheads touching.

He would almost believe it was in shame or sympathy for him if it
hadn't been for the way their whole bodies were shaking.

"O.k., Ha Ha. Let's go you two. Shows over."

Looking up together both faces were red and tear streaked.
Will was doing his best not to spit his gauze.
Xander stormed off.

All stories tucked away below - all welcome.

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