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Finding Family

Title: Finding Family
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult - Overall
Paring: W/X HUA
Disclaimer: I own nothing, including the characters used in
this story and make no money off them.
Summary: This story is a follow up to "Flip The Script."
The boys are living together happily when something unexpected
turns their lives around.

8 Hours.
The sun was down and most of the passengers on the plane were
sleeping. The movie, a great disappointment, was Flicka, and had
ended two hours ago, thank God.

Xander had gotten up several times to walk the aisle after hearing
you could get a blood clot in your legs from sitting and then it would go
to either your lungs or your brain and, BAM, you were dead.

Xander had long ago selected old age as his death of choice.

Without trying to be obvious he had also tried to keep an eye on
Willow and Teak.
Luckily they finally seemed to have dozed off.
Heads rested together.
For a while he half expected the dreamy Mr. Tweak to ask
if he could borrow Xander's famous tube of lube.

He resolved to speak to Willow about her obviously promiscuous

Just a few more hours and they should be touching down at London's
Heathrow airport. Will had reserved a rental car and said it would only
be another hour's drive to the estate.

Xander hoped what ever the problem there was, it would keep while
they slept for a few hours. He was whipped. He now remembered
why he hated to travel.

Finally with ninety minutes to touch down, Xander dozed off.

"Hey, wake up sleepy head."

Xander rubbed his hands over his stubbly face and tried to clear
the vision in his red bloodshot eyes as he felt his body being

"Huh? What? Are we there?"

"We are landing in 20 minutes. Wow you must have really slept good.
Look. My jaw feels all better and I think the swelling is gone. How
does it look?"

William was bright eyed, well rested, and back to his old pre-dentist
Xander, on the other hand was sleepy, muscle cramped, headachy,
hungry, and felt like he hadn't showered or brushed his teeth in years.
Luckily, though his brain and heart were also functioning and
he was determined to not let his lover down again.

"Great, I'm great. Yea, your jaw is a lot better this morning."
Xander ran his hand lightly and lovingly over Will's face.

"Will, I'm sorry about the way I acted yesterday. I am really
glad to be here with you and whatever the trouble is I promise
we will handle it together. Xander the troll is back in the states
and Xander the devoted boyfriend is here with you."

Laughing, Will leaned over and claimed a deep tongue tangled
morning wake up kiss which Xander eagerly returned ending only
when the cabin lights came on and the announcement boomed..

"Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen it is 6 a.m. in London
We ask that you return to your seats and prepare for landing.
We will make our final descent into Heathrow in 15 minutes.
I hope you enjoy your stay here and fly with us again."

Excited, Will bounced in his seat. "We're here. We're actually
here. Hey Willow......."

Whatever Will was going to say died in the air as he peered around
Xander's body in time to see Willow receiving a wake up kiss
of her own.

Tugging Xander sleeve Will whispered loudly.
"What the fuck is that? Who is that? Do you know about this?"

Xander watched Willow and Teak snuggle and smooch for a few
more minutes then turned to Will, obviously disgusted.
"That's Teak. Teak the wonderful. Teak the dreamy. Apparently
Teak the horny."

Wills face lit up in delight as he slapped his hand over Xander's mouth.
"Shhhh. They'll hear you. Wow, I've never seen Willow act like that.
She must really like him. What do we know about him? Are they
going to see each other again? Oh they just have too."

Xander face, still half covered with the small soft hand, looked shocked.
Peeling the delicate fingers off his mouth Xander tried patiently to explain.

"Will, Darling, we don't like this man. He says he was a Marine.
He says he worked on an oil rig. He says he likes our sister.
For all we know he could be a serial killer. A panty stealing
pervert, or worse, he could be a shoe salesman. We don't plan
on seeing him again."

Will cocked his head to the side and watched the couple across
from them whisper and clutch at each others hands.

"I think Willow likes him and that is what should be most
important. You know Xander we always knew she would
find someone one day, and it isn't good for her to be alone.
Besides, how can we say who she should like or not?
Don't we want her to be happy like we are?"

Xander knew he was right. Willow had accepted Will with open
arms from the first day he showed up at the apartment acting
like Cary Grant. No reservations, nothing but Xander's
happiness in mind.

"I know, I guess I'm just afraid she'll want to move out and
I have kind of gotten used to having a family around me."

Will pulled Xander into a tight hug and whispered in his ear.
"I don't think we have to worry about that for a long time."
Looking up he could see Willow watching them. When she
winked Will knew she had heard and agreed.

The flight attendants walked the aisle one last time checking
the seat backs and tray tables. Finally they strapped themselves
into the seats at the front of the plane as it started down.

Will and Xander both watched out the window as the early
morning lights of the city came into view.
It was beautiful, magical.

Xander couldn't help himself.
He was becoming just as excited as Will, caught up in the thrill of
the romance and adventure of the unknown.

The wheels hit the runway with a bounce and a screech. They slid
to a stop and coasted into a narrow gate with the assistance of several
men waving orange cones.

"We're here! Oh My God, Xander we're here!
Will unsnapped his seat belt and immediately started to crawl
overtop his boyfriend in an effort to exit the plane.

Xander laughed and wrestled him back as he unhooked his own
belt and climbed to his feet
"Whoa. Whoa, wait a minute."

The aircraft doors flew open with a whoosh and the passengers
rushed out eager to stretch their legs, breath some fresh air,
and find a bathroom.

Grabbing Will and Xander by the hand Willow pulled them to the
side. "Why don't you two go on down to baggage pick up.
Teak and I would like a minute to ourselves. We'll be there

Xander huffed and crossed his arms as she walked away.
"See? What did I tell you? And so it begins."

William laughed, pulled Xander by the arm and headed him
in the direction of the claims.

"Behave yourself. I guess I am just going to have to do
something this trip to keep your mind occupied and off
the gorgeous Mr. Teak."

Xander's eyebrows shot up and his mouth fell open as another
wave of laughter went through Will.
"You think he is gorgeous? You like that type?"

Will dashed ahead knowing Xander would be close behind.

Together they followed the signs.
They had arrived.

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