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Finding Family


Title: Finding Family 9/40
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult - Overall
Paring: W/X HUA
Disclaimer: I own nothing, including the characters used in
this story and make no money off them.
Summary: This story is a follow up to "Flip The Script."
The boys are living together happily when something unexpected
turns their lives around.

The airport was huge. Bigger even than the LA airport
they had flown out of.
Xander seemed lost, but amazingly William seemed right at home.

He breezed through the crowds, down the hallways and around
the bends. He easily found the shuttle train to baggage claim and
it was all Xander could do to keep up.

Finally arriving, they were well ahead of the other passengers
and positioned themselves at the front of the line to await the arrival
of their belongings. Conveyor belt #5 was silent and not yet moving
indicating the baggage was still on the plane.

Will shuffled his feet and glanced around the area.
"This might take a while. There were a lot of people on
that plane. Lots of baggage to unload. Besides Willow and
Teak need some time to work out the arrangements for meeting
up later this week. Soooooo. Maybe we should go do
something else and then come back."

Xander scratched his head and rubbed his bleary eyes.
"I dunno. I figured we could stop for breakfast later.
We gotta take a shuttle to go get the rental car. What else is
there to do?"

"Oh I don't know. You still have that in your pocket?"

Xander gasped at the twinkle in Will's voice and the sparkle in his eye.
Suddenly he was feeling wide awake. Grabbing Will's hand Xander
pulled him away from their spot in line.

"Fuck the bags. Where can we go?"

Spotting a men's room, Will nodded in that direction, squeezed
Xander's hand before releasing it and casually strolled off.
Xander counted to ten, whistling and rocking back and
forth on the balls of his feet. He then quickly rushed after him.

Pushing open the door Xander stuck his head in to what appeared to
be an empty room. "Will?" His voice was raspy and harsh from lack
of sleep and sexual anticipation.

The stall door at the end of the line cracked open a long thin finger
emerged and crooked in a come hither way. Xander hithered as quickly
as possible, slipping in and locking the door behind him.

He instantly pulled Will's body up against his own and dove in for a
hot wet kiss. His tongue shoved it's way in Will's mouth tasting and
licking the wonderfully familiar man.
Will threw his arms around Xander's neck and squeezed his body as tightly
against Xander's as possible.

Without breaking the kiss Will then dropped his arms and searched
every one of Xander's pockets till he found the offending tube.
His hands moved faster than a pick pocket in Times Square.
When he found it he dropped it in his own pocket and immediately
began unbuttoning and unzipping Xander's pants.

The instant his hot, hard, wet cock hit the cool open air, Xander pulled
back and gasped. William chucked and dropped his head. He held the
thick cock up stretching it tightly and licked a stripe from balls to tip.
The act caused Xander's wrinkled sac to stretch and his balls to shift
with an uncomfortable pleasure.

William sucked the head while pumping and twisting the shaft. In
the months they had been together Will knew more about pleasing
Xander's body than he did after years of constant practice and perfecting.

"Fuck, yea, just like that. Oh God Baby, take it all in. Swallow
that cock."
Xander, who was a natural talker, tried to keep his voice low
and quiet. His hips rhythmically rolled back and forth as Will worked.
Just when Xander thought he was about to let loose, Will let the
cock drop from his lips on a string of spit.

Unhooking his pants Will gave Xander one more quick kiss and then
before turning around put his finger to his lips.
Handing the lube back over his shoulder Will wriggled till his trousers
were down around his ankles.

Before Xander could respond both men froze when they heard the
doors open and two men discussing an upcoming insurance conference
came in.
As the men stood at the urinals and argued dividends Xander slicked
his cock up. When the water flushed, Xander's lube covered fingers
slipped into Will's upturned bottom. Two fingers, three fingers, moving
and stretching. Once or twice probing and pressing on the swollen
nub deep in Will's passage.

When the intruders activity turned to hand washing and the conversation
became where they would have drinks and dinner, Xander pushed
his wet, leaking cock head through the tight muscle.
Will struggled to keep from calling out Xander's name.

Bracing his hands against the back wall, Will bent further down
allowing Xander to thrust even deeper. The only sound was the
slapping of wet hot skin. Balls against ass. Barely audible
"Omph, Omph"
As the air is forcibly rammed out of Will's slight body.

Reaching between his legs, Will wet his fingers in the excess lube
that was dripping off Xander's sac and he coated his own cock.

In only minutes Xander can feel the tingle in his thighs spreading
up to his groin. Two strokes ahead of him Will stiffened as his own
orgasm flowed through him. The squeezing inner muscles hurried
Xander's release and he grunted as he filled Will with his love and
his seed.

Both men held still as the rush slowly left them limp and relaxed.
Easing his cock from Will's body Xander quickly cleaned them
both up to prevent any mess from getting on their clothes.

Snickering together they righted themselves and checked each other.
When both were satisfied all was in order they snuck from the stall
unseen, washed their hands and with matching big smiles and headed
for the baggage claim.

It didn't take long to locate Willow and Teak who were standing in the
midst of a stack of luggage.

"Hey, there you two are. Where were you? Oh, for God's sake
you didn't. Did you?" Willow stood with her fists on her hips
and searched their faces.

"Yep, you did. Well Teak and I have collected all the baggage
and called for the shuttle to take us to the rental car place.
If you can control yourselves for five minutes give us a hand
with the bags and let's go."

Teak stood plastered to her side, arm around her shoulders
and big smile on his face.
"What? What did they do? Where were they?
Is something going on?"

Willow patted the side of his face, touched by his innocence
and ignorance.
"No Teak honey, there is nothing going on. My brother
and his baby face little boyfriend are just annoying deviants, that's

Xander pretended to be angry but the grin on his face was a
dead give away.
"Hey, we resemble that remark. We are NOT annoying."
Then together they burst into giggles, grabbed the bags and
headed for the exit.

All stories tucked away below - all welcome.


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