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|| Bloodclaim ||
You know they're doin' it
Finding Family 
10th-Jun-2007 06:30 am
Title: Finding Family 10/40
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult - Overall
Paring: W/X HUA
Disclaimer: I own nothing, including the characters used in
this story and make no money off them.
Summary: This story is a follow up to "Flip The Script."
The boys are living together happily when something unexpected
turns their lives around.

Finding Family artwork contribited by Petxnd.

The morning was grey, overcast and threatening rain.
There was a damp chill to the air that seeped through your
clothes and into the bones. Xander could actually feel his blood
grow cold and sluggish in his veins.

The four travelers stepped out of the airport and, dragging their
suitcases behind them, headed for the shuttle bus to the rental cars.

Stopping on the sidewalk Will threw his head back and took a
deep breath of smog and fog.
"Smell that?"
He blew the air back out. "Oh God, it smells like home."

With no further comment he grabbed his bags and hustled off.
Xander and Willow exchanged a silent look of concern, then
followed after.

Teak hurried to catch up and walked alongside Will.
"So you're from here, huh? Bet you're glad to be back."
Will's quiet answer was lost in the wind before the other two could
catch it.

Arriving at the rental car office Will, as a UK citizen, stood
in line to finalize the deal, sign all the papers, and collect the car.
Teak who seemed fascinated by Will stayed plastered to his side.

Tugging Willow to a private corner Xander couldn't hold in his
thoughts and babble in any longer.

"Did you hear that? What the fuck did that mean? Smells like
fuckin' home? I thought fuckin' California smelled like home?
Don't you think California smells? I think it smells. What if he
decides he wants to stay and smell London rather than
go back and smell California? We can't stay here. Oh Christ, Wil,
I'll die without him. Is he leaving me? Did he bring me all this way
to dump me? And by the way, why the fuck is Tweek all over
him like that? Is there something you forgot to mention about
your supposed-to-be-hetrosexual boyfriend?"

As casually and as lovingly as she could Willow patted Xander on
the cheek. Twice gently and once leaving a small red hand shaped

"OW!" Xander rubbed his face as she shook her finger.

"Now you listen up Mister. Stop borrowing trouble. Will loves
you and did not come here to dump you. He could have done
that back in the States. This is his past and you can't blame him
for missing it. You will be loving, supportive and helpful even if it
kills you cause if you upset him again I just might. You got that?"

Before Xander had a chance to agree the other half of their party
returned dangling a set of bright shiny keys and a shinier smile.

"Ready to go? Since I am the only one here that knows
the way and can deal with London's traffic I get to drive. I told
Teak we would drop him at his hotel. I gave him directions to the
estate and as soon as we solve whatever the problem is he's
coming out."

Teak threw his arm around Will's shoulders and squeezed.

Willow squealed with delight and hugged Teak's arm. Xander refused
to respond. Everything here was just too unsettling. Suddenly Will
was Mr. Take charge guy in a foreign country he called home.

With a straight admirerer.

At least Xander thought he was straight. Now he wasn't sure, what
with all this talk about him "coming out later."
Maybe it was a code.
Xander wondered if he should look into buying a book on
straight guys hidden gay language.

But that would keep till later. Right now he didn't have enough
fingers on both hands to count the number of wrongs in this
whole scenario.

Locating their car, they piled in. Will driving with Xander beside.
Willow and Teak snuggled in the back like teenagers at a drive-in movie.

Expertly and confidently Will zipped through traffic. Quickly locating
his hotel, plans were reviewed and, much to Xander's relief, Teak
was left behind, smiling and waving on the curb strip.

Hitting the round-a-bout, Will darted through traffic and easily found
the road out of town.
"Might as well settle in, it is about an hour drive."

To Xander the trip seemed as long as the crossing over.
All the landscape appeared the same. Gloomy skys over fields
of sheep. Mile after mile of fucking sheep made ten times worse
by Willow's regular and annoyingly bubbly
"Oooo. Look! Sheep! Aren't they just the cutest things?"

Will chatted brightly, sharing stories of his childhood with his Grandfather.
Things he had never told Xander now came flowing out as though just
remembered, precious, a golden time in a young boys life. A time filled
with love, acceptance, and priveledge.

Willow hung on ever word, asking questions, and marveling at a world
so different from her own upbringing. It warmed her heart to realize
this man she loved like a brother had known a good life before it was
all snatched so violently away.

Xander remained silent. Watching the landscape out his side window
as it sailed by. He felt like his whole world was flashing past him.

Each one of those damn sheep representing a morning kiss, a night time
snuggle, a packed lunch bucket, an evening out, every wonderful
moment they had shared seemed to by escaping, slipping away as the
past reclaimed his love.
Xander knew he couldn't compete with this.
He knew he would be returning home alone.


"Huh? Sorry, Babe, guess I was daydreaming."

William laughed and reaching over, slapped him on the leg.
"Well wake up. You better not be thinking about work, cause you
know Larry is more than capable of handling things. And if you're
not careful I've had a few promising offers from Dave too."

Xander turned and tried to put his best face on for the man he loved.
"Nope, no thinking about work. Guess I'm just tired. I'm not the one
pumped full of drugs last night. Besides, Dave knows I'd kick his
ass if he even thought about touching you."

Will laughed and wiggled his ass comfortably in the smooth leather
"And excellent drugs they were. Good thing since I'm at the wheel and
we are almost there."

Will turned the car onto a smaller side road flanked on each side by large
looming trees. Although somewhat overgrown, it was a road that was
obviously used and marginally kept up.

Two more miles on this road and Will suddenly turned sharply to the left
following a smaller one lane path as it wound around through a tree lined
hillside finally ending in the driveway of a large brick home.

"Well, it certainly is impressive." Xander searched his brain for any
other adjectives. None came.
"I mean it kinda looks like our home back, um, home. Maybe a little
bigger. Obviously a lot older. Lots of ground. Love the ivy that
covers the whole side of the house. Very um, twiny. I guess I can
see why you wanted to come back here."

Will waited patiently while Xander ran out of steam, brow wrinkled in
Finally he turned to him as he shut off the engine.

"What are you babbling on about? You know this isn't the main house
don't you? This is the caretaker's cottage. I thought it made more
sense to stop here and find out what was going on before we just
jumped in blind. Are you all right? You have been acting funny
ever since we got here."

Xander mouth fell open. The caretaker's cottage?
Oh fuck, he groaned,
this was going to be worse than he thought.


As always, feedback is muchly appreciated.

10th-Jun-2007 02:32 pm (UTC)
Poor Xander, he REALLY doesn´t enjoy this trip.. Afraid the Will´s will leave him? That could never happen, right?

Now I´m curious about the mansion... Parhaps we´ll see it tomorrow! Why is that Teak interested in Will? Hmm...
10th-Jun-2007 02:36 pm (UTC)
All good questions.
Wish I could give you the answers. Ha Ha.
Anyway, I can tell you that the mansion is
a couple days away and you will soon be finding
out what is going on there.
Teak is a little confusing isn't he. Hint -
tuck him away in the back of your mind but don't
discard him.
10th-Jun-2007 04:08 pm (UTC)
Aw, poor Xander. He's forgetting he's going to have a mystery to solve. And he'll need to protect his baby dumplin' from whatever mysterious menace haunts the moors....

Nice banner!
10th-Jun-2007 06:38 pm (UTC)
There is definatly evil afoot and it will take
all Xander has to combat it, if he can.
11th-Jun-2007 03:20 am (UTC)
I tried. I tried so hard not to start reading until is was further along, but I just couldn't resist. Lovely, as always.
11th-Jun-2007 09:07 am (UTC)
Thank you Sweety. So glad you could not resist.
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