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Finding Family

Title: Finding Family 12/40
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult - Overall
Paring: W/X HUA
Disclaimer: I own nothing, including the characters used in
this story and make no money off them.
Summary: This story is a follow up to "Flip The Script."
The boys are living together happily when something unexpected
turns their lives around.

Note: To all you nice people that asked about a link to all
my stories, it is at the end of this chapter.

All the preliminaries and niceties had been addressed and were
out of the way. Mrs. Canters cleared away the tea and biscuits
and the room fell quiet.
Mr. Canter's sat back in his chair and lit his pipe as he collected
his thoughts.

Taking a deep breath, he began.

"The trouble began about a month ago. I had just completed my
weekly check of the manor house and was locking up when a vehicle
drove up to the front door. A young man approached me and
introduced himself as William Barton. Well needless to say I was
caught off guard. I had no notification that you would be arriving.

He showed me his identification, yet I knew it was not you from
several pictures I had seen in the house. When I questioned him
further he explained that he was related to you and although you
share the same name he uses the name......"

William finished the sentence for him. Walking over, William stood
by the fireplace with his hands in his pockets and picked up the

"He is my cousin. My Father's brother's son. This estate and the
money left to me were from my Grandfather. My mother's Father.
My Father's family had nothing so Billy had nothing, including morals,
honesty, or a job.

Even as children he always treated me badly. Name calling,
bullying, the things some children enjoy doing to others.

He always hated me and was thrilled when I became embroiled in
the tragedies here at the estate. His joy was short lived, however,
when he realized that it meant that I would receive the inheritance.

He has contacted Mr. Rayne numerous times over the years requesting
money and was always rebuffed. Last I heard he was living in Blackpool
working in a car garage. Apparently that didn't suit him either.
My uncle, his father passed away from a heart attack about 5
years ago. I assumed he would move on to London, but
apparently not.
What did he want? Why did he come here?"

The old caretaker set down his pipe and leaned forward in his chair.
"He told me he was looking for you, but I had the impression that
was not his true intent. When I said as much he became very
angry and left. I had hoped that would be the end of it. It was not.

The next week when I returned I was stunned to find him apparently
living there. He had forced entry through the side door and had made
himself at home.

Naturally I attempted to reach Mr. Rayne but was told he had gone
to Stockholm for an extended stay. At that point I returned to the
estate and ordered him out.

I am ashamed to say he physically tossed me about and out the door.
I finally contacted the local authorities."

Xander had been watching the face of his lover and could see the
anger growing and burning in his eyes. It was something he
had never witnessed before and it worried him more than he could say.
He knew however this trip ended for the two of them personally,
right now he would stand by Will and defend him and his property
with his very life.

Xander got up from his seat and walked over to where Will stood..
"What did the police do? Didn't they throw his sorry ass out?
Didn't they arrest him for roughing you up?"

Mr. Canter's sat back in his chair in defeat.
"No, they said the property owner was William Barton and his
identification papers proved that was who he was. The said if he
was family then it became a civil matter. There were no marks
to prove the assault so it was his word against mine.

They told me the courts would have to hold eviction hearings
but that it could take months, even as much of a year to remove him
and the situation was already becoming much more urgent."

Xander moved closer till his hand was lightly brushing Will's hip.
"Why is that? What else happened?"

"I fear Mr. Billy has a drug problem. There have been several small
fires in the house. Nothing causing major damage but worrisome never
the less.

And things have come up missing. Antiques, items he could pawn or sell.
He no longer allows me near the house and I worry at the destruction
his is doing."

William scratched his head and rubbed his hands over his face as
he gave the matter consideration.
"You were right to send for me. Billy has always been a problem
but this is going too far. If the legal system won't offer us
assistance we will remove him ourselves."

Mr. Canters rose and inched toward Will. His hand lifted as it
started to reach to pat Will on the shoulder, but held back.
He knew it was outrageously inappropriate to show such familiarity
towards his employer yet something told him that this young man
needed all the support and affection he could get.

"I offer my sincere apologies Mr. Barton. I feel we have let you down.
You have always been so generous with us and we have taken great
pride in our care of your property. We understand that this is an
unforgivable failure and if you choose to dismiss us we understand."

Startled out of his concentration Will again focused on the old
man standing so near to him.

"What? No, of course not. You have done everything possible.
I only regret that you were injured in this. I wish you had
contacted us sooner"

Stepping forward Will placed a hand on the caretaker's arm.
He knew his position as owner of the estate made him the
one who was ultimately responsible for what happened there
and with that in mind it was he who had failed.

"Don't you worry. We'll deal with this matter and everything
will be fine. Are you all right now? Do you need anything?"

Offering his support and backing, Xander added his own reassurances.
"Will's right. We'll toss Billy Badass out on his ear and everything will
be cool."

Willow too jumped to her feet. Confident smile plastered in place.
"Yep, you can count on us. He won't know what hit him."

The kitchen door flew open and Mrs. Canters entered making no
effort to conceal the fact that she had been eavesdropping on the
entire conversation.

"You see there Dear, I told you that Mr. Barton was a good man.
I knew you would not blame us for this, but my husband is such a
worry wart."

The room fell silent. Everyone momentarily lost in their own thoughts
and plans. The two caretakers stood patiently as the three newcomers
caught their breath and let it all sink in.

Finally it was Will who broke the quiet. Grabbing his jacket off the
sofa where he had laid it he headed for the door.

"Well then, I think we have a problem to solve. You two coming?"
Xander immediately rushed to his side. Although full of bravado
Xander could hear the waiver in Will's words.

"Right behind ya Buddy."

Just as they opened the door to leave, Mr. Canters hit them with one
more fact.

"Oh, by the way, he's not alone up there. He has a woman with him."
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