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London Boys
Title: London Boys
Pairing: The only one that matters S/X
Warnings: m/m sex
Disclaimer: None of it belongs to me, I make no money
Rating: 'X' in old money - Adult
Summary: Spike and Xan get sucked back to the 70's. Un-beta'd. This is my second attemptat posting and if I get it wrong again, my apologies, please bear with me. Thanks.

London Boys

"Spike? What was that, I'm kinda blinded here, and ewww - whats that funny smell?"
"Bollocks. Damned if I know Harris, sensitive vamp vision here, think you're bleedin blinded - wot about me eh? And, jesus that bloody stench, smells worse than your washin basket!"
"Hey, enough with the personal remarks bloodbreath!"
"Pot meet kettle – need I say more?" Xander could tell Spike had raised his eyebrow and had that infuriating sardonic look on his pasty face even tho he couldn't see him properly. When his vision cleared slightly what he could see was that he wasn't where he thought he should be.
"Spike this isn't Sunnydale Memorial Cemetery is it?"
"No, it's bloody Highgate!"
"I didn't know there was a Highgate Cemetery in Sunnydale" Spike mentally counted to 10, Whelp couldn't help being an ignorant tosser "It's not soddin Sunnydale you dolt, its bloody London!"
"But- but, how can we be in London?"
"Bloody witchcraft or some kinda mojo if y'ask me, why the fuck are we in bloody London tho?" Spike was puzzled, no less so was Xander, he was trying very hard to grasp being in another city, another hemisphere even.
"C'mon Harris, let's have a look round see what else the fates 'ave in store fer us" Spike yanked on Xander's collar, he gave a yelp and trotted after Spike who was heading off with a purposeful stride.
It seemed purposeful to Xander cause it looked as if he knew where he was going, plus he knew where they were which was of the good.
Wasn't it?
Spike got them to the cemetery gates, had a quick shufit round and headed off again with Xander almost running to keep up. Spike spied a newspaper stand and going up to the guy asked if he could just have a quick look at the headlines, the newspaper seller wasn't terribly happy, but he thought Spike might just hang one on him so he showed him. Spike checked out the date "Fucking bloody bollocks!"
"What's up bleached blunder?" Xander asked, panic starting to gnaw a little at his gut.
"Fucking nineteen seventy fucking seven innit, bollocks, bollocks, bollocks!!" Spike said with vehemence.
"Oh. But, well, you've lived thur it already, why's it so bad?" Xander asked innocently.
"I was here in '77, me n Dru. Just up the bloody road. Shit!"
"Again here with the why's that so bad – you want to let me in on what's so wrong?" Spike heaved a big sigh.
"Nothin wrong really whelp, I just don't fancy going thru it all again is all. Wasn't a bad time, in fact as I remember it was bloody fantastic, the music, the vibe, the – the life! It was a blast, the times were changing, anarchy was the buzzword, I felt the most alive I'd ever been since I was turned. I loved it. But, see Whelp, thing is, I was a very, very, nasty piece o' work. You wouldn't have liked me at all, thought I was bad when I came to Sunnydale, I was a fucking pussy compared to the me of 70's London, believe me"
"Oh" was all Xander could say.
"Sayin all that tho, I think the best thing for us to do, being as how I'm chipped we have no English money and you're as much use as video game to a blind man, we aught to go to my digs."
"What, to the other you and barmy Dru? Are you out of your tiny mind?"
"No Harris, as much as you may think that - and to call my mind tiny compared to your pea brain! – it's the best thing to do in the circumstances, a warm place to stay, we can get food, well you can, dunno bout me. But, and this is a big BUT Harris, don't let on I'm chipped, show me a bit o respect, and try very hard not to be alone with either of 'em. Kay?"
"As much as we dislike each other bleach, I think I'll stick as close to you as I can. Believe me, if you were worse now than when you came to the Dale, well, it doesn't really bear thinking about" Xander shuddered involuntarily.
"C'mon then mate, let's go, me n Dru should've fed by now and you should be safe, just please, don't bloody antagonise other me eh??"
"Don't worry Spikey, I won't show you up, I'll behave, promise!" Spike didn't hold out much hope for Xander's continued healthy existence if he kept up his usual tirade. He hoped he didn't have to go up against his other self and Dru to save the bleedin whelp. He wasn't a bad kid, in fact he'd grown to like him even tho he'd never admit it. He didn't want him getting hurt. They made their way towards Spike and Dru's 70's London lair. Once they got near Spike reached back and took hold of Xander's hand.
"Hey, Spikie, I know we're getting on better but I don't think we're at the hand holding stage yet!" Xander quipped.
"Just shut the fuck up will ya! Here I am tryin t'save yet worthless life and all you can do is make with the funnies bout me holdin yer hand. Button it, just for once in your life Xander!"
He called him by his name. Xander was astounded, it must be serious if he called him by his name
"Sorry. I'll try Spike, I really will, I don't wanna be a happy meal. What will we do if we're here long? How will you feed?" Xander came to a realisation. If Spike couldn't feed he couldn't protect him from other Spike, Xander would die, he was sure, and he really didn't want to go out as an Original Spikey snack.
"Spike? You know if you need to while we're here you – you can feed off me, if you need to" Spike stopped so abruptly in his tracks that Xander collided with him.
"What? You'd what?"
"Let you feed off me…….?" Xander said hesitantly.
"You'd do that for me?"
"Well, my own self interest here Spike, you get hungry, you get weak, I get to be other Spike's snack food, therefore, keepin you healthy, keeps me healthy, we make it outa here"
"But still, it was a nice offer, thanks Harris, I'll see you in a different light from now on"
"Har har! Come on, let's go, and keep quiet for fuck's sake pet!" They walked a little further and came to a row of terraced houses, stopping outside the first one; it had a black door with a big brass lion knocker and an old fashioned brass knob. Spike didn't bother knocking; he turned the handle, pushed on the door and went in. There was no light on in the hallway, he held Xander's hand a little tighter and pulled him down the hallway to the back of the house and the staircase. He turned and went up the stairs pulling Xander behind him until he got to the first landing. Spike and Xander could both see a light coming from under the nearest door to them. Spike squeezed Xander's hand and Xan squeezed back, he kept quiet as Spike pulled him towards the door with the light shining underneath it.

Spike shoved the door open and stood on the landing waiting for his eyes to adjust to the light. He walked in dragging Xander behind him. There was an audible gasp from the of occupants of the room "Oh, Spiiikey, two of you to look after me, oooh, and a kitten for me to play with too, but the kitten's got claws Spike, ooooh and you, you've got a spider crawling inside you" Dru twirled around under the bare light bulb as William the Bloody - original version looked on. Xander had never seen a more menacing looking person – scratch that – vampire in his entire life. He held a little tighter to his Spike, funny that, how he felt safe with his Spike, but felt shit scared of the beautiful ruthless looking bastard infront of him. Beautiful - where did that come from? But he was, beauty incarnate. Beautiful, cold, deadly. Not like his Spike. He pressed into Spike's back, gaining comfort from the contact.
"Well, now here's a turn up for the books eh princess?" Original Spike said. "And where did you spring from?"
"Dunno" Spike told himself. "Was in a cemetery in the US and then after the light and the smell went we were in bleedin Highgate, and twenty years out a time"
"So you from 97 then?"
"Yeah, an we live in the US on the Hellmouth, Dru's gone of with a chaos demon, oh and our bleedin Sire's in love with a soddin slayer" Spike informed himself. Original Spike pondered all this "What d'you make of all o' this Princess?" he asked Dru.
"It's the truth Spikey, but I can tell there's more, it's that Spider crawling, crawling, it's not right, it's making other you….different" Dru told him.
"So, who's the snack?" Original asked.
"My pet, or will be eventually" Spike told him.
"I'm n….." Xander managed before he realised he had to stay quiet.
"Not trainin him very well, needs a bit of obedience beatin into him, want me to do it for ya?" Xander felt real fear and leaned closer into Spike.
"I like em a bit lippy these days, like to make 'em obedient without beatin em, much more of a challenge. You'll learn" he told original Spike knowingly.
"Got somewhere we can crash for the night, me n the boy need a bit o kip - need to get re-acquainted" he told Dru and Original.
"Still got that spare room on the second floor?"
"If you're me you know we have" Original told him.
"Right, come on luv, let's go make the springs squeak" he told Xander with a leer. Xander lurched after him leaving original Spike and Dru to make what they would of him and Spike. Spike pulled Xander up the stairs and when Xander started to speak he swiftly put his hand over Xan's mouth, turned to him and put his finger to his lips shushing him. Xander nodded that he understood. They stopped on the second landing and Spike led Xan to the second door, pushed it open and tuned on the light.
"Wow!" exclaimed Xander at the opulence of the room. Four poster bed with very heavy velvet drapes, Louis X1V chairs, chaise lounge, thick shag pile carpet, the height of luxury.
"Get in bed luv" Spike told Xander as he put his finger to his lips making sure Xander would be quiet. "Yes Spike" he said, stripping down to his boxers and sliding under the cotton sheets. Spike appreciated the show Xander unknowingly gave him, he was an attractive boy, no doubt about it, he'd enjoy curing up against him tonight.
"Now pet, you keep all nice and quiet, don't want you wakin' the folk downstairs with your screams n shouts now do we?" Xander looked questioningly at Spike who again held his finger to his lips. He leaned forward and very quietly whispered in Xander's ear. Xander gave a shudder at what he heard, but he played the game – he wanted to get home alive, not undead.
"Master, how can I please you?" Xander said in his best submissive tone whilst giving a full body shudder. God, this was pervy. "That mojo's done summat to me love, just suck me n swallow me down tonite, it'll help me sleep. Xander's eww face was what greeted Spike. Spike was loving this Xander thought, no way in hell was he gonna take that undead dick and stick it in any part of his living body. "I live to serve Master" was what he said tho for the benefit of those listening downstairs. Xander stuck his fingers in his mouth and moaned round them while Spike jacked off and as he came he shouted Xander's name for effect. Spike held his finger to his lips again. "That was adequate pet, not yer best, but under the circumstances, not bad - now settle down and go to sleep like a good boy" he told Xander.
"Yes Master, Thank you Master."
"Go to sleep pet" Spike said as he rubbed his spunk into Xander's flesh. Xander tried to fight him off but it was no good Spike was stronger than him. He whispered in Xander's ear as quietly as he could "Listen tosser, you gotta smell like me otherwise they'll know summat's up, only way t'survive!" Xander submitted to Spike unwillingly. Spike snuggled down and wrapped his arms around Xander holding him and his warmth close as his dick nestled in the crack of Xander's arse. Xander tried to squirm away but was held fast by Spike.
"S'OK Xan, go t'sleep yer safe" Spike whispered in his ear, and somehow even with a dick pressed in his ass which was giving him the oddest feeling he actually did feel safe with Spike. Original Spike was an altogether different kettle of fish. He was the sort to bite first and not even bother to ask questions later. Xander wriggled down against Spike, for comfort he told himself
"Night Spike"
"Night luv" Xander went to sleep fairly quickly but Spike stayed awake for a long time just thinking of how he could protect Xander and himself from himself. He knew what he was. He was ruthless, mean, and dirty. And it made him what he was now. He'd protect the boy as best he could, he had a fondness for Xander, and he hoped that eventually the boy would return the feeling.
Not tonight tho, although he was happily snuggled in his embrace. Spike nuzzled at the base if Xander's neck, inhaling his smell, tasting him, giving little nips, Xander moaned in his sleep pushing back against Spike, the delicious scent of arousal coming off him. Spike smiled, held him closer and kissed the back of his neck softly, his fangs lowered, he knew it would hurt him but he scraped a fang across the crook of his neck. It didn't cause him pain, and a ruby jewel of blood welled up from the scrape of his fang. He lowered his lips and suckled on the precious blood. It was beautiful, just the one drop, full of innocence and love and trust and pure Xander. Perfect. He savoured it, rolled the jewel around his mouth, too little to swallow, but the taste was the pure essence of Xander. He decided then and there he was going to be his. No if's but's or maybe's. His.

On waking Xander disentangled himself and padded off to find a toilet. He opened the door and stepped out onto the landing, opening a few door before he found the bathroom. He pee'd, flushed, washed his hands and face and headed back to the bedroom.
"Couldn't sleep?" a sibilant voice asked behind him.
"Shit Spike don't make me jump - you do that on purpose don't you" he said as he spun round, realising as soon as he clapped eyes on Spike that it was original. He was scared. Spike sniffed and could tell. He was intrigued.
"How come you're scared of me and not him, we're the same. I can't have changed that much in twenty years" he waited for Xander's answer.
"Be quick boy, I don't normally let the food say a word, so you're lucky" he began to become impatient. Xander was incensed, food indeed.
"Y'see Spikey now there's your problem, you don't appreciate the wit and wisdom that is the Xan Man, but one day you will, and I. Am. Not. Food. And don't you forget it Bleach, nummy I may be, but you my friend are gonna have to wait a long, long time before you get a taste" Xander had almost forgotten who he was talking to but that changed abruptly as Original changed to gameface and grabbed Xander by the throat. Now he remembered he wasn't supposed to piss him off, why hadn't he remembered before, why did he let his stupid mouth always get him in trouble?
"I really think you need to put my property down. Do it gently and possibly with an apology" his Spike's voice came from behind him, cool, measured, in control.
Original looked past Xander to see a semi naked him framed in the bedroom doorway. God, he (meaning himself) was a hottie he thought, no wonder the birds liked him, blokes too. But he was damned if he'd apologise to the food. He thrust the human away from him as if tainted from touching him. Xander fell backwards and landed in a heap on the floor, Spike walked over and helped him up. "Didn't I tell you to be a good and obedient boy and not rattle his cage? When will ya learn luv? He'll as soon bite ya's look at ya. What d'ya say pet?" Spike waited, Xander played the game, eventually.
"Sorry Master, I was wrong and foolish"
"Yeah pet, ya were, but yer only young, now" Spike pulled Xander to him, he was getting a bit of a kick from being called Master by the whelp. He crushed Xander's lips under his own, showing his ownership to the other vampire, Xander at first resisted but soon gave in completely to Spike's passionate kiss. Spike fucked his mouth with his tongue finding little and then no resistance, in fact he found to his delight reciprocation as his 'pet' kissed back. He pulled away from Xander, eyes golden as he looked in wonder at the boy, Xander was equally awe struck as he gazed back, eyes heavy lidded and lust filled, he ran his tongue over his lips, savouring the taste of Spike. Spike was mesmerised with that tongue, he wanted to take it between his teeth and nip and suck on it. A throat clearing behind him brought him back to reality "Where was I? Oh, yeah, Now, get back into that bedroom, and loose the shorts!" Xander was still stunned and managed to stutter out a quiet "Y-yes Master" before he dazedly walked back to the bedroom. He took his shorts off and got into the bed, only realising what he was doing once it as over.
Spike had kissed him. Expertly. It had been hot. Hotter than hot. Volcanic. He wanted to do it again. But. It was Spike. He was a he. He was an undead he. Oh, yeah, and don't forget he was a HE!!! I am so not gay. Spike is not gay. He likes girls. Breasts. We both like boobies. Soft bodies. Girly places. But that kiss.
He felt between his legs, knowing what was there. A very hard hard-on. From kissing a man. He was so gay. Or not. Maybe bi. Kiss some more. Find out if it was a fluke. Yeah. Where was he? His mouth was missing him already.

Spike was on the landing trying very hard to get the taste and feel of kissing Xander Harris off his mind. It just didn't seem to want to play ball tho. His mind that is.
"So that's how it is with us is it? What about Dru? Must admit tho, he's a pretty one - you sure I can't have a little taste, hey, how bout a threesome, you have his arse and I'll have his mouth, never get the opportunity to be fucked by us at both ends. Can I tempt you?"
"Fuck off, boy's mine." It was a very, very enticing prospect, one he would actually like to take part in. But the boy was straight, plus he couldn't rape him, actually didn't want to, he liked the git too much.
Original knew he'd hit on something, he knew he was up for it and he felt sure that his older self wanted it too, why wouldn't he tho? Only a human after all. He couldn't figure his older self out. Something not quite right. Spike watched his younger self stroll down the stairs before he went back to the bedroom. Xander was sitting in the bed, little tent showing, Spike turned round closing the door to mask his smile. He could smell Xander was aroused, shit he was aroused himself.
He walked across to the bed and then deliberately unzipped his jeans and shimmied out of them. His cock was standing to attention, he scratched behind his balls, not looking at Xander at all, letting the boy look if he wanted without catching Spike's eye and thus causing embarrassment. Xander looked, and looked a little more, he'd never seen an erect penis all up close and personal before, it was quite a sight. He thought he'd like to touch it, see what it felt like. His balls started to ache. Shit, he must want it pretty bad. So being a gay boy here. Spike smelled the increase in Xander's arousal, and still not looking at him he got into bed.
"You OK pet?"
"You kiss nice luv"
"Th-thanks. D'you, would you, I mean…."
"Wanna try again?"
"Yeah" Xander breathed out shyly. Spike sat up and rolled so he straddled Xander, his knees at either side of Xan's hips, and if he moved forward just a little bit, then their cocks would touch. Spike was leaving that for now, he just wanted to kiss that sweet mouth again, didn't want to scare him, not now he had gotten this far with the whelp. Xander was breathing rapidly, his heart racing "Calm down luv, gonna be fine" Spike soothed as he leaned forwards and licked Xander's lower lip and pulled it into his mouth to nibble on. He sucked and tugged at it and then let it go "Jesus Christ Spike, just fucking kiss me" Xander panted. Spike sidled closer, his cock nudging against Xander's, who moaned again and pushed forwards, their cocks battling for dominance almost. Spike had started breathing, he'd not been so aroused in - shit he couldn't remember, his mouth latched onto Xander's who pressed into him, his tongue exploring Spike's cool mouth.
Nope, definitely not a fluke the first time, he could do this for the rest of his life, god it was fantastic. He could feel Spikes dick rubbing against his own, he'd cum soon if he wasn't very careful, this – was – heaven.
Xander pressed closer to Spike, he let his hands explore the cool taut body, pressing his fingers over his torso, rubbing gently at pebbled nipples, feeling the steel of muscle in his arms. Spike was doing some exploring of his own, he tentatively held Xander's cock knowing it was fine as soon as the boy thrust into his hand. He rubbed over the tip of his cock, feeling the wetness, his own was leaking pre-cum too, he lined his cock up against Xander's and wrapped his hand around them both, he felt Xander quiver in anticipation, moths still locked together, Spike began a slow rhythm, pumping both cocks together as he fucked Xander's mouth to the same slow beat.

Xander could feel his orgasm building, this was wonderful, he'd never felt anything like this before, ever, he was gonna cum, he moaned deep in his throat as Spike's hand got faster, now Spike moaned into Xander's mouth, tongue becoming frantic as they both seemed to go taught and arch at the same time, bodies pressed together, their combined seed covering both their naked bodies. Spike pulled away from Xander's mouth, panting, hand still wrapped around both cocks, he smiled a shy and beautiful smile at Xander. Xander couldn't believe what he had just done. He was such a gay necrophiliac, but who needs labels? That had been intense, fantastic. He wanted more. He wondered what it would feel like to have Spike fill him. What would it be like to have his dick in his mouth? Could he swallow? Soon find out. Spike's fingers were covered in their combined spunk. Spike sat astride Xander's legs and slowly brought his hand up to his mouth and very deliberately sucked the cum off a finger. Xander watched mesmerised as Spike went for the second finger. Before the third one went in Xander took hold of Spike's wrist and slowly pulled his hand towards his own mouth. He slowly licked a stripe across the palm of Spike's hand where the cum was the thickest and swallowed it down. It wasn't too bad he thought, salty and a consistency of cod liver oil, but he could manage that. Spike watched in fascination as Xander slowly took his third finger into his mouth and sucked on it. He was hard again instantly, vampire recovery time was legendary!
"Fuck Xan!"
"I think so Spike"
"Ya do pet? Ya sure?"
"Yes. Sure. That was. It was" he looked in amazement at Spike "I've never…"
"I know luv. You got lots to learn. I'm gonna enjoy teachin ya. Even original me wants in on the action." Spike couldn't fail to notice the increase in pheromones that wafted off Xander at that revelation. "Would ya like that pet? Dunno how long we're gonna be here, might be a while"
"He scares me Spike, he's you, but colder and mean, and, ……yeah"
Original Spike had heard most of the conversation. He smiled a self satisfied smile. He was gonna enjoy fucking the kid with himself, it should be fun. Sounded like it'd be his first time too. Such a tasty treat. He went back to sleep with a smile on his face, his hand pushed between Dru's thighs, thumb pushing into her moistness. He slept.

Spike and Xander were getting re-acquainted, Spike was sucking Xander's cock, tasting his essence, fondling those heavy balls, pushing his fingers back towards Xander's hole and Xander was revelling in the feelings Spike was making his body feel. Spike let Xan's cock drop from his mouth,
"Gonna nip downstairs pet and get some oil or summat, want to make this as easy as we can for us both pet". Spike bounded down the stairs two at a time in his haste to get something vaguely lube like. He knew that there was usually some sort of human food in the house cause he always had liked eating. He went to the kitchen rummaged around and found some olive oil which he grabbed and bounded back upstairs.
"Wow, talk about fast!"
"Well, didn't want you havin second thoughts now did I? You haven't have you?" he asked.
"No, I haven't. It's kinda strange Spike, I don't understand why I'm feelin like this, I've never felt attracted to men, well, to you, I like girls, but it's like, like I can't get enough of you – d'you think it was a spell?"
"Bloody 'ope not pet, cause I don't want you goin into denial if it wears off". Spike got back onto the bed, he really hoped it wasn't some kind of spell, he wanted to believe that Xander was attracted to him without any external influences, he liked him, wanted him, not just to fuck, but he wanted a companion, someone to share things with, he was lonely.
He enjoyed the way he and Xander sparred with words, he'd known Xander hadn't liked him much at first but lately, before they were thrown back to the seventies, they'd been getting on better, or so he thought. Xander slid over towards Spike and started kissing him, hands travelling over his body, exploring, delving into his nooks n crannies, mapping him, consigning it all to memory – just in case. Spike was doing the same, hands ghosting over Xander's smooth hot flesh, not rushing although he wanted to, he took his time, giving and receiving pleasure just by the merest touch, Xander's body vibrated underneath him, his hardness stabbing gently into Spike.
Spike lifted Xander's leg so it bent, giving him access, he didn't want to let go of him but had to, to open the oil, he opened it with shaking fingers, spilling the liquid onto the bed but managing to get it onto his fingers as well. What the bloody hell was wrong with him, he'd done this hundreds of times, admittedly not with Xander, or a human, but why so nervous? It was like falling off a log!
Xander tried to open up more as he felt Spike's first gentle exploratory finger breach him, if felt strange, not uncomfortable though, just strange, he pressed back onto the finger, Spike crooked it as he went deeper and found the desired spot, Xander moaned long and low into his mouth as Spike sucked on his tongue and caressed the hidden mound inside him with his finger. If this was what having sex with Spike was like he never wanted it to stop.
Spike pulled his finger out slowly and pushed two back in. Again, not painful – for either of them, things were on the up. Xander pulled Spike as close to him as he could, their cocks rubbing together was the most glorious feeling, he couldn't wait to feel Spike inside him; Spike was on the verge of giving up his tenderness, he just wanted to be inside Xander, but something held him back, he honestly wanted this to be good for Xander, if it was good for him then Spike too would benefit. Spike spread his fingers inside Xander's ass, widening his passage, he felt Xander relax as he became more accustomed to the welcome intrusion of Spike's digits. The time was right for three fingers, he oiled them up a little more and slid them in, so snug and tight, grasping him, the heat inside Xander was incredible, he'd thought his skin was warm, but inside? He couldn't wait much longer for his cock to sink into that glorious warmth. Xander had worked his hands up to Spikes chest and was nipping and tugging on his sensitive pink nipples, Spike groaned as he pried himself away from Xander's demanding mouth. "You sure you've not done this before pet? Cause the way you're makin me feel – fuck!"
"Can we? Now? Want to feel you in me Spike, filling me, fucking me….please Spike?"
"Turn over pet, on yer knees, best like this first time, Not gonna hurt ya, want it to feel good, tell me if it hurts n I'll stop, mind you I'll know if I hurt ya cause me head'll go off!"
"Shit, forgot about that, it'll be a good hurt tho if it does, and so it won't fire – I hope"
"You n me both luv." Spike lined himself up, oiled his cock and placed it at Xander's entrance. He pushed gently against the pucker, not wanting to use brute force, but he needn't have worried as Xander pushed back onto him the head of his cock popped in and was gripped in a near vice like hold.
"Jesus luv, that's tight, oh fuck, this might not last very long pet, keep still whilst you adjust a bit" Spike told him as he gently stroked down his back and around his buttocks.
"M fine Spike" and Xander realised he was, this was wonderful, he felt fulfilled, wanted, this may well have been what was missing from his life, he'd always felt that there was an absence of something, and now – he felt Spike push deeper and he pressed back onto him, feeling the tickle of Spike's pubes on his ass.
He was complete, utterly and absolutely whole. He felt Spike ease back and as he did, the head of his dick slid over his prostate making Xander moan, Spike eased back in making it all the more intense as his dick one again caressed that hidden pleasure zone.
Xander was like a balm to him, easing his pain and frustration, he could spend an eternity like this with Xander wrapped around him, holding him tight, whimpering underneath him, he knew he couldn't last long, but this was too quick - he felt the tightness in his balls, sped up his pace and almost frantically grasped Xander's cock and started to pump it in time to his thrusts, he came with a howl and bit down into Xander's warm flesh, pulling the blood from him, an automatic reflex, Xander came, long and hard as he felt Spikes fangs enter his flesh, crying out Spike's name he shuddered through the best experience of his young life so far.
Spike licked at the claim mark he'd left at the crook of Xander's neck. He hadn't felt a twinge from the chip, nothing – why? He brought his hand up from Xander's dick and started to lick the cum from it as Xander lay panting, Spike's cock still embedded in him.
"I'm sorry luv, I dunno what's wrong with me, never cum so quick in me entire unlife, wanted to make it good for ya" Spike hung his head and curled his torso around Xander's back wrapping his arms around him. Once he could finally talk Xander told him "Spike, as first times go they're supposed to be not all that brilliant, but if I'm honest here, and this is gonna get better, well I think we should wait a half an hour and try it out again, because that for me was fanfuckingtastic." He flopped down onto the bed with Spike clinging to him like a limpet.
"It was? Well, yeah, even bein' a bit quick off the mark, I am a stud!" Spike told him in a rather self-satisfied voice. Xander laughed at his quick recovery from crest fallen at his, so he thought, bad performance to smug conceited bastard that he was. Xander's stomach chose that point to let out a rumble that sounded like far off thunder. "Spike, any food her d'you think, cause the Xan-man is a wastin' away here"
"Some stuff downstairs, I'll go have a look pet, you stay here n rest if yer up for seconds, you'll need it!"
He found food in the kitchen and came back up with sausage and beans which was the best he could do. Xander scoffed it down. He got out of bed and ran across the landing to the bathroom, pee'd washed his hands, drank some water then ran back and dived onto the bed slamming the door.
"Seconds?" he asked hopefully.
"Seconds!" Spike assured him, as once more they got down to business.
The slamming of the door had woken Original Spike and he listened to the sounds coming from above him, bloody enjoyin their selves, wasn't fair, he wanted in, his hand idly caressed his dark plumb, fingers fucking her as she slept, thumb pressing her clit she came in her sleep, her juices flooding out, Spike brought his hand to his mouth and sucked on his fingers, wishing it was the boy's cum he was licking off. He heard them both cry out above him, he turned the sleeping Dru on her side and fucked away his frustration.

Spike and Xander spent another week with Original and Dru, it was difficult for Spike, not being able to go out and hunt, he fed off Xander a little, but Xander had been out to get blood from the nearest butchers to supplement his diet, also Dru had made him feed from her at least twice. She knew - Spike was sure, he was also sure she hadn't told original Spike, not that it would make a difference, but he couldn't tell him, could he? If he did it would change everything and he wouldn't have Xander, now he did, he didn't want to give him up. His original self seemed to be mellowing slightly, didn't seem to be as uptight, tolerated Xander more, infact Spike thought he lusted after Xan, watched his every move when they were in the same room. It worried yet excited Spike, he remembered what Original has said on their first night there, and wondered if Xander remembered.
He did.
He just didn't know how to go about saying something to Spike. He loved Spike, he knew that now, he belonged to him body, heart and soul, but to have them both, the same person at the same time, that'd be something to remember. He felt Original's eyes on him when they were in close proximity, he saw as he rubbed his hand over his cock, Xander wanted him, not in the way he wanted his Spike, he just wanted to be fucked by Original Spike, just pure unadulterated sex, but he wanted his Spike involved too. How to suggest it?
Spike noticed Xander was thinking, he noticed he was pouring off the most delicious lusty smells, and he also noticed he kept looking at his doppelganger. Time to put things in motion. Dru was happily playing with Miss Edith having a tea party with cups and saucers filled with blood – she'd be OK for a while. Original was watching Xander closely; rubbing his thumb over his hard dick, oh yes thought Spike, the time was ripe. He stood and dragged Xander up with him, "C'mon pet think we need to get a few things straight." He hauled Xander up to their room.
"I know what you want pet, you want us both don't you? You want t'be the middle of a Spike sandwich doncha? So, what ya waitin for? Get yer kit off."
"Is it OK to want this Spike? It's not like it's not you, and that's why I want to do it, cause it is you, I want to feel you filling me at both ends Spike, might never get another chance. If- if you don't want it I'll understand."
"Course he wants it" said Original as he sauntered thru the door "I want it, and he's me ergo, done deal innit?"
"True pet, we both want ya, same time, now about getting rid of those clothes – want us to do it for ya?" Xander nodded dumbly as both Spikes stripped and advance menacingly towards Xander. He wasn't in the least frightened by their combined menace, it only served to heighten his lust and he stood trembling slightly waiting for them both to strip him. He thought he was going to cum just from this as they both set about stripping him skilfully, hands roaming his body as they did so, nipples tweaked, sucked and bitten, a mouth on each one, simultaneously driving Xander to the edge of reason, four hands exploring him, one fondling his balls, another his dick and two hands, fingers from each pressing into his arse. "Gonna cum, fuck Spikes gonna fucking cum." The hand holding his cock pinched the base tightly and the hand on his balls pulled and nipped hard making Xander come back from the edge.
"Oh my god, ohgod, ohgod" he stammered out unable to think coherently.
"OK pet, just calm down a bit – you got anything handy?" he asked looking at his other self.
"Got some string, that'll do, keep him from shootin'"
"Get it then, want him to enjoy this, us too, and if he cum's too quick, well it'd be a shame" Spike told himself. Original left Xander and went to rummage thru his jeans coming out with of all things a length of string. He gave Spike a 'don't ask' look and went and expertly tied Xander's cock and balls up tight so he couldn't cum.
"That'll be better pet, you can enjoy every second now without being able to cum"
"Yeah, it'll be great, you can really let go, experience it all knowing you can't shoot yer load, once we've finished fuckin ya one of us will want that tasty treat" Original told him with a leer.
Xander just wanted them to get back on with it, and as if they could read his mind the started from where they left off. Xander's legs began to tremble from the intensity of the feelings his Spikes were invoking. He could feel fingers from both hands inside him, fucking him, massaging his prostate until he was unable to think his enjoyment was so overwhelming. The Spikes removed their fingers and made Xander kneel, they looked at each other obviously thinking the same thing as they both pushed their cocks to Xander's mouth, they were too big to fit at the same time so he held them both and licked the tips, it was heaven, knowing that soon one would be in his ass and another in his mouth. His Spike pulled away and Xander swallowed down originals cock. He felt the heat radiate from Xander thought his cock and into his balls and the pit of his stomach, fuck, no wonder his other self liked fucking the kid, he was a little inferno. He stood there watching Xander eat him, his satisfaction plain to see. Spike bent to his knees behind Xander, prised his cheeks apart and pushed his well oiled cock in, Xander groaned around the cock in his mouth and it started to fuck him as Spike fucked his ass, he pulled Xander back to sit on his cock which he was more than happy to do, original Spike's thrusts were getting more erratic as he neared his climax, Xander continued humming around his cock, his hands rolling Spike's balls he felt them go taught as Spike shot his cold seed into Xander's mouth and down his throat, he swallowed around the cock giving even more pleasure to Original Spike, his ass was still being pounded by his Spike as he felt fingers dig into his hips as he too filled Xander's ass with his spunk.
Xander was ready to explode, his cock had turned a deep purple and his balls ached. "Please, I've got to cum please Spike" he begged.
"Who gets to suck you pet?" Xander didn't know, he didn't want to upset his Spike, but he did want to feel original suck him off, knowing he was unchipped just added to the thrill. He looked at Spike, he knew he understood. "Get on the bed pet, but let me on first then I can fill you up again, might even just manage ta fuck y'again while he sucks out ya spunk" Xander shivered in anticipation, he'd never felt so wanton, so well fucked. He sank back onto Spike's dick, Spike cradling him in his arms as Original Spike wriggled down between Xander's spread legs. He flicked the tip of the swollen dark member with his tongue and Xander hissed, Originals fingers wormed under Xander's arse until he felt the cock embedded there, he started to push his finger in as his mouth lowered and wrapped around Xander's engorged, stiff cock. Again the heat radiated through him, it was delicious, he sucked and licked, nibbling the sensitive underside, Xander's head thrashed from side to side as he fought to remain conscious, he felt Spike once more begin to thrust his cock into his ass, as his pleasure spread to him – it never took much for a vampire to be aroused, but this was pressing all of Spike's buttons, to see himself sucking off his boy, it was beyond erotic. His hips pistoned, his cock rubbing Xander's prostate, Xan groaned, Original knew his other self was about to cum and he whipped the string from round Xander's cock and as he did so Spike whispered in his ear "Cum for me Xan", Xander screamed as he came in Original Spikes mouth, Spike's cock filling him once more with his seed, Original Spike sucked him dry as he blacked out from the intensity of his orgasm.

"So, that's why you keep him." Spike cradled Xander in his arms and smiled a little sadly at himself "No, that's not why I keep him. He's more to me than a good fuck or a warm body, you've got a lot to learn, and it's gonna be hard for you, an I'm sorry for that, but if I tell ya stuff, well, we'll never have him, an I know you want him, I want him, so goes without sayin dunnit?"
"Think he'll wanna go again?"
"Think so, but not just now eh?" They stopped talking as Xander started to surface, Spike stroking his damp hair and forehead "You alright pet?"
"Uhn huh! Spike, I think I died and went to heaven" he said smiling up at Spike "Was it OK for you Spikes?" he asked a little hesitantly.
"'l'll fuck you anytime boy, next time I want that arse tho" Said Original Spike. Xander was unsure and looked up at his Spike who smiled at him and nodded.
"You're on buddy, but gotta give the Xan-man a little R&R here!" Xander snuggled against his vampire and closed his eyes.
"Spike, I'm fucked" he said sniggering.
"You get a bit o shut eye then pet, want me to stay with ya?" he ruffled his hair affectionately.
"Nah, s'OK, know you're not tired, you go off n do stuff" he turned round and kissed Spike then whispered in his ear "Love you" Spike held him close for long moments releasing him quickly "Go t'sleep luv" he told him and walked naked from the room.

All the while Original had watched, and seen and taken note. He heard what Xander said and saw the effect that it had on himself, how his eyes had filled and the smell that came from him, he found it hard to describe, but he knew what it was and he was jealous. He was happy, content, satisfied, loved all rolled into one - that was the smell. He hated and envied him at the same time, but he knew that feeling was now his by right, what was 20 years to a vampire? He followed Spike out of the room closing the door so the boy could sleep.

They had sex together often after that, swapping ends, sometimes Spike and Dru shagged whist watching Spike and Xander, or they all joined in together, but it was always Original Spike that took Dru. Spike and Xander made love as a couple, it was these moments that Spike cherished, he got a kick out of his other self fucking his boy at the same time as him, but when he and Xander were alone together, that was the best. Spike made love to Xander, he didn't fuck him, he loved him and Xander knew it, Xander would always babble to Spike as they made love, and the nearer they both came to climax the more the babble - he always professed his love "Love you Spike loveyouloveyouloveyou, only you, always you, alwyasalwaysalways, only cum for you Spike only you" and didn't stop until he came for his Spike.

They went out every now and then, Spike dragged him to see bands he loved, made him dress like a punk, and Xander loved it all. He'd never been as happy. One night they all went out and decided to go up to the cemetery at Highgate. Spike and Xander had been in London now for a month. It was a lovely night, the moon was full and high, Dru was skipping ahead of them singing in her silly sing song voice about kittens and spiders and the stars pulling them all to heaven, none of them really taking any notice. Original Spike seemed happy too, he grabbed Xander and snogged him , then his other self, thrusting his tongue down his throat, Xander was getting hard watching "Like that pet? Like to see us shag would ya?"
"Spikes, that would be awesome!"
"Alexander Harris, you dirty depraved boy! In your dreams!!!" he teased Xander, grabbing his hand and pulling him into his embrace. Original chased after Dru who had gone skipping off far too far ahead, Xander and Spike wandered the cemetery ending up just about where they came in "Hey Spike, c'n you see you n Dru, oh jesus Spike – what is that…No, no!!!!" he shouted grabbing for Spike. The next thing he knew he was being pushed away from Spike, "What the fuck Harris?!" Xander was disoriented. "Spike, what's wrong?" he looked around "Where's Highgate?"
"Fuckin London you daft twat!" Spike told him.
"Spike, we're back, how - and stop with the being mean to me!"
"What the fuck you on about Harris, back where, not bleedin moved, you insane in yer membrane or wot?" Xander was worried.
"Spike, kiss me?"

"Why the bloody hell would I do that? There's something wrong with you whelp, c'mon, gotta finish patrol" he said striding off into the night. Xander was mortified, how could he not remember "Spike, don't you remember where we've been for the last month, what we've done?"
"Trampin round bloody Sunnydale killin demons?" he said sarcastically.
"What?" he turned exasperated to Xander.
"You really don't know do you? You don't know what you've lost, oh Spike, Spike, what are we gonna do?" Xander was almost in tears at his and Spike's loss.
"Whelp, you on drugs?" Spike showed a modicum of concern "Better get back t'the shop n sort you out." Spike headed off in the direction of the Magic Box, Xander trailing behind giving off waves of despair that had Spike worried. They got back to the Magic Box, Willow and Giles were there "Hey you guys!" Willow greeted the pair.
"Summat wrong with the whelp" Spike said "Asked me to kiss im!" Willow turned saucer eyes on Xander "You did" she squeaked. Xander sighed, maybe it was just his imagination, he really and truly hoped it wasn't - he didn't think he could take not being with Spike.
He absently rubbed his neck and felt the mark, Spike sniffed the air confusion written on his face. Xander was ecstatic, it hadn't been his imagination!

"Will, G-man, me n Spike have been gone for over a month, we went to London, to 1977, ask me anything Giles and I'll tell you, we went to see bands n stuff and I met Spike n Dru and we lived with them for a month and I'm gay and Spike's claimed me and he doesn't remember a thing, what am I gonna do" he babbled all in one breath. Willow registered the word gay and Giles the word claimed, both were equally shocked.
It all became too much and Xander started to cry, Willow pulled him to her and started to stroke and pet him, letting him know it was alright.
It wasn't alright, not by a long stretch.
Spike stood, his face changing to his vampiric form he advanced menacingly on Willow and hissed "Mine" and pulled Xander from her embrace sinking his fangs into Xander's neck.
Willow screamed, Giles stuttered, searching for something to attack Spike with, Xander moaned happily as he felt those fangs slice his flesh and the strong pull of Spike taking his blood. He stopped quickly, pulling Xander to him "You alright pet? What we doing, how did we get back here?" He was confused, Xander was happy.
"You remember? Where we've been?"
"Yeah love, course I do, dunno how I got here tho. Can we go somewhere private love, few things we need to sort out" he said adjusting his jeans. Xander laughed, happy once more now his Spike knew what was what.

"Will, Giles, meet Spike, my love, my life, my mate. Please tell Buffy - tell her if she harms him I will hire someone to hurt her. I mean it. Spike and I are a unit, two halves of a whole, I'm bonded to him and have never been happier. I want you to accept it. It's not a spell, not a thrall. It's love" he turned and kissed Spike as Willow and Giles looked on slack jawed.
"C''mon pet, these jeans are getting tighter" Spike said as he dragged Xander by the hand out of the shop, eager to reassert his claim over the boy he loved.


Spike and Dru arrived in Sunnydale in a blaze of complete indifference.
Spike located a nice abandoned warehouse for them both to stay in, he went out and got a pretty couple to keep Dru company, and then he went on the prowl, he checked out the slayer and her little gang, taking an unhealthy interest in one of them. He watched them spilt up and walk home, the slayer in one direction and a boy and girl in the other. He watched as the boy led the red headed girl to her house, hugged her and left her. Now, he followed the boy, and just before he reached the safety of his home he made himself known.
"Hello pretty" he drawled "Long time no see." Xander backed away from him "I dunno who you are dude, never had the pleasure"
"Oh Xander" he all but purred "you have had the pleasure, believe me, on numerous occasions and I am so looking forward to more of that pleasure in the years to come. I have sorely missed you pet, sorely." Xander had no idea what this mad man was going on about; he'd never seen him before in his life. "Look, you must have me confused with someone else, I don't know you from Adam"
"Then Alexander, let me introduce myself, I am William the Bloody, commonly known as Spike and am the Childe of one Angelus of the line of Aurelius. Now, we've been formally introduced." Xander started to back away, scared now he knew what he was dealing with.
"Don't come near me, I've got a stake an I know how to use it" he stammered.
"Don't I know it luv, and one of the nicest tastiest stakes I've ever had the pleasure of knowing."
Spike advanced on Xander until he had him pinned against a tree. "It's Ok luv, I'd never hurt you, don't be frightened of me" Spike took Xander's hand with the stake and held it away from him as he pressed his body against him. "Missed you so much luv, twenty years I've waited, and seems I gotta wait a few more – how old are you Xander?"
"S-Sixteen, hopefully gonna reach 17" he stammered.
Spike laughed, leaned in and nuzzled his neck, he could smell Xander's fear. "Told you pet, never hurt you, don't be afraid of me, I'll watch out for you, don't you worry. He was so close to Xander, he could feel the boys lovely heat, how he'd missed it, he leaned towards Xander and kissed him gently on his mouth. Xander practically stopped breathing "Never, ever hurt you love" he breathed into Xander's mouth, kissed him again, and when Xander opened his eyes he was alone. Xander could feel his own arousal, fear and confusion as he turned and ran for the safety of his house. Once inside he went to the sanctuary of his room, clambered into bed and wondered how much stranger his life could get. Why did the scary handsome stranger kiss him, how did he know him, why did he tell him he'd not hurt him - he was a vampire for gods sake, and why, why could he still feel those lips on his own?

Spike stood and watched from the safety of a nearby tall tree, giving him a good view of his boy's bedroom. When they'd disappeared that night all those years ago he felt his heart had been wrenched out, he hadn't realised how much he had come to care for the boy, he knew the boy didn't love him, but he would, he loved his other self, and therefore it would come to be.
He'd watched Xander strip and climb into bed, he itched to touch him, hold him, drink from him, be loved by him, but he could wait, time was on his side, and one day Xander would be his, of his own free will.

He would wait.

He had all the time in the world.


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