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I have a bit of a quandary regarding Sweet Tooth - a Spander fic I'm working on. A couple recent well deserved rants about warning labels have me sorta kerflumped about how to label the fic when I start posting it. (which won't be until I get it written to the point where Spike comes into play) I'm gonna give you an overview of my issue, behind the lj cut, and I'd like some advice on labeling if possible.

Here is a brief overview of the fic: It starts out in the episode Band Candy with a what if AU. The theory is Giles, as a faculty member, had access to the Band Candy a day ahead of the parents. What if he was effected BEFORE going to see Joyce?

He comes across Xander who's looking at naughty pictures in one of the books Willow isn't supposed to have, and has asked Xander to return for her. The book itself has some latent magic. Xander is also eating the band candy, he has two prior possessions, and now he's caught the eye of Ripper.

Ripper makes a play for Xander, who's stunned into inaction momentarily before pulling away. Ripper uses that moment of distraction as justification that Xander would enjoy kissing him, and uses an old spell he and Ethan had used on other 'morally challenged' people in their youth, one which removes the little voice in their heads that says 'you can't do this... it's wrong' It releases the hyena which Xander had been suppressing, and basically sublimates his personality for the duration of the spell.

Ripper, in an attempt to placate Hyena!Xander, refers to him as mate... which has a decided effect on the hyena, who then decides to take him up on his inadvertent offer and 'mates' with Ripper... directly atop the Hellmouth, while eating chaos magic laced chocolate. Ripper at no point says no, but neither Xander nor Giles is actually in control of themselves. After a bout of sex, Xander passes out atop the Hellmouth, and Ripper slips away, removing the spell.

When Xander wakes up, he finds himself naked in the library. He doesn't know how he got there, he has increased senses reminiscent of the hyena, and both the hyena and the soldier sort of advise him, which leads us to the main part of the story, and then to Spike/Xander goodness when we get to 'Lovers Walk' and then eventually Spike/Xander/Faith goodness.

Here's my problem, without explaining all this Giles/Ripper Xander/Hyena stuff, people are gonna avoid the fic on the basis of a Giles/Xander pairing, but its not really, its a brief Ripper/HyenaXander pairing, with serious consent questions. Ripper's actions are akin to giving Xander magical Roofies, but Giles himself was already magically drugged. How the hell do I do warnings on this piece without turning off half my readers from either non-con or underage or G/X in the label? And how should I label the sex itself, the parties actually involved are fine with it, the bodies they're mentalities are in are most definitely not, and when both remember... well I guess you'll have to read the story for that. ;)

So suggestions, questions, comments?

The way I've interpreted the community rules, says this is allowed since it is in regard to a Spander fic, but if I'm wrong let me know and I'll remove it immediately.

Thank you in advance for any advice you guys can give.
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