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Finding Family

Title: Finding Family 14/40
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult - Overall
Paring: W/X HUA
Disclaimer: I own nothing, including the characters used in
this story and make no money off them.
Summary: This story is a follow up to "Flip The Script."
The boys are living together happily when something unexpected
turns their lives around.

Xander stood by and watched as his lover threw himself into the
intrigue of the secret plot. He had rummaged through the rental
car and retrieved a scrap of paper and pencil from the glove box.

Draping himself over the hood of the car Will was now sketching out
a rough diagram of the layout on the estate. He was marking
entrance points, windows and doors. The house had angled wings
and approach was possible from a small side area as well as the main
circular drive.

Hanging on his every word, Willow was stopping him from time to
time to ask questions get clairification, and make suggestions.

Xander stood behind and watched Will's body twitch and wiggle
as he drew and waved his arms in discussion and explanation.

He couldn't help imagining Will spread eagle over the car like that
for Xander as his pants were tugged down over his slim hips.
The blond curls of his forehead brushing against the bright red of the car.

He could just picture him helpless as Xander ran his hands up the
firm slender thighs. He'd smack that sweet round bottom and order
him to "spread those legs for me, now!" Xander barely suppressed
a moan as the thoughts became achingly hard and vivid in his
brain and crotch.

Pressing his chest against Will's back, Xander's stiff thick cock
would nestle itself between the soft cheeks he loved so much.
Fisting the soft blond curls he would shove Will's face against
the engine warm metal of the car's hood.

Will's own cock would be crushed between his body and the car.
Being unable to get his hand in there, he would beg Xander to help
him find relief. His little hips and butt would hump back like a beagle
in heat, begging Xander to shove his thick cock into Will's ready,
hungry body.

Arching his back at an almost impossible angle he would cry out
as Xander would finally slick up and shove himself deeply into
his boy's twitching hole.

Impatient for his man to move, to thrust, Will would cry out
"Come on. Come on Xander."

Xander closed his eyes and rocked back and forth on the balls
of his feet.


"Huh?" Xander jumped. His eyes flew open as brain and vision
cleared to find both his companions staring at him.
Willow with impatient disgust and Will with that damn knowing

Will's eyes darted down to the tented front of Xander's trouser's
then back to his eyes. After a quick wink he turned back to his plans.

"I said, come on. I have an outline of the place and Willow and I have
an idea of the best way to go. Since you are going to be the one
doing the recon it is important that you take a look at what we have
and agree."

Xander shuffled, somewhat painfully, forward and checked out the map.
The first thing Xander noticed was that Will was either a poor artist
with little understanding of "to scale" or the place was going to be
bigger than he had anticipated.

Because of his work in construction, Xander was used to interpreting
and working with all sorts of plans and blueprints and this one was
actually not bad.

It showed several points of entry, an open garden area, and the rear
of the property that bordered the woods which offered
an excellent area of concealment.

One thing which shocked Xander was the lack of security and
alarm system. Something which would have been unheard of
back home. Xander resolved to discuss this with Will and rectify
the problem as soon as this matter was resolved.

After a few more minutes it was decided. Willow would approach
the front door with an innocent cover story. Something that would
require a few minutes of distraction and conversation while Xander
would advance from the side.

It was agreed that he would do no more this trip than just creep
and peep.
Slip around the perimeter and look in the windows, note the condition
of the grounds and house and most importantly see if there are others
living there.

Willow took another look at the drawing before handing it back
to her brother.

"I think I can give you at least 10 minutes. I'll try for more, but
we don't want to arouse suspicion."
Turning to Will she continued. "I'll drive and drop you both just
out of sight. We'll give Xander time to make it to the house on foot
then I will drive on up.
I'll pick you both up in the same spot on the way out."

The three stood in silence. All lost in their own thoughts, fears,
and excitement. Will was finally the first to speak up.

"O.k. then. I think we are ready. It is about a two mile drive to
the main house. I know the perfect place about a half mile out
where we can stop.'

Throwing his arms around Willow he hugged her close.
"Don't do anything stupid. Don't let him touch you, and DON'T
go in the house. If anything goes wrong, RUN!"

Willow squeezed back and kissed his cheek.
"Don't worry. I'll be careful and I'll be fine."
Willow jumped behind the wheel and waited, giving the other two
a minute of privacy.

Will turned to Xander who was still studing the plans of the house.
"Stay out of sight. Watch the time and don't push it too far.
007 never jumps into a dangerous situation just willy nilly. He also
plots his escape incase of detection."

Xander laughed at his boy's orders.
"Yes, Mr. Q. I am prepared to shoot my way out."

Will did not share his humor. Throwing himself into Xander's arms
he held on tight.
"Don't you do anything to get yourself hurt. If it came down to
you or some stupid old house, he could have the place. Please
take care of Willow and yourself. O.k?"

Xander leaned down and kissed him deeply. Letting his tongue
remind Will who Xander really was. Strong, faithfull, loving, and
loyal to the end.
Will had placed his confidence in the right man and his fears were
much eased.


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