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Fic: Ignorance Is Bliss 9/??

It's finally here!

Part: 9/??
Summary: Xander was in an accident, and he wakes up to find his loved ones by his side
Spoilers: None really. Takes place after season 7 except that Xander still has both eyes (they’re just too pretty to spoil), Sunnydale didn’t turn into a hole in the ground, and Spike came back there—not in LA.

Many great thanks to electricalgwen and myrlynd for the beta! ::hugs:: Thank you so very much!


Wesley said something, pointing at Xander and Spike turned to look at him. The smile remained but visibly dimmed as Spike made his way to Xander’s side.

“Percy said you wanted us to go home, Xan,” he said, glancing back at Cordelia and Wesley.

“No, no it’s okay. Go…have fun,” Xander managed to say and before he even finished his sentence Spike was gone, back to his friends. He left Xander to stand there and stare after him, arms wrapped around himself.

Wherein Spike leaves and Xander remembers something

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