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Finding Family

Title: Finding Family 15/40
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult - Overall
Paring: W/X HUA
Disclaimer: I own nothing, including the characters used in
this story and make no money off them.
Summary: This story is a follow up to "Flip The Script."
The boys are living together happily when something unexpected
turns their lives around.

As always, Feedback is needed to keep the Bee flying
and is greatly appreciated.

The two mile stretch from the caretaker's cottage to the
main manor house reminded Willow of pictures she had seen
of plantations in the deep south of pre civil war America.

It was a narrow winding road with strategically placed turns
that along with the tall dense tree line blocked the view of the
estate till you rounded the last bend.

Approximately one half mile from the end of the road Will pointed
out a smaller access road that almost invisibly slipped off to the left
and into the trees.

It was not much more than a path that was clearly unused for some time.
Overgrown and nearly washed away from the spring rains.

Sitting directly behind Willow, Will tapped her shoulder.
"Pull over here and stop just out of sight. This is a delivery road
that leads to the rear of the house."

Willow did as she was told and they all stepped out of the car.
"O.k. then. Xander, if you follow his path it will take you directly to
the service entrance of the house. You should be able to emerge
unseen and sneak around to the West side of the property.
There are a row of french doors leading out onto a patio, a garden area.
If you stay low there is a high stone wall. Stick close to it and you
can get right up next to the house."

Xander stood by the car and looked up the path.
"When all this secret squirrel shit is over
we are going to talk security system Pal."

Grabbing Will by the waste band of his pants, Xander tugged him in
close and kissed him passionately on the mouth.
Releasing him Xander then turned to Willow.

"Give me enough time to reach the house and then drive on up.
Do you know what you are going to say?"

"I'm not exactly sure, but I'll come up with something. Just don't stay
there too long. I'll pick you both up right here. Good luck."

With a quick nod Xander turned and started off down the path.
Will walked over and took Willow's hand.
"He'll be all right, won't he? I wish I could have gone with him."

Sensing Will's insecurity Willow squeezed his hand almost painfully.
"Hey! Does Sherlock Holmes trust Watson? Come on now
Will, you know Xander will be careful. We have to stick to the plan.
Now you keep back out of sight and we will both be back here
for you in no time."

Will threw his arms around Willow and hugged her tight.
"I love you Willow."
"I love you too, Sherlock. See ya in a few."

Willow jumped into the car and backed out onto the main drive.
Throwing the car in gear she slowly drove on.

Finally reaching the edge of the tree line Xander crouched low and
peered off in the direction of the house. He barely restrained
himself from staggering out into the open and yelling
"Holy Shit! What the fuck?"

It was the sheer size of the place that had him stunned. He expected
big, but he never expected big as fuck. This was bigger than any
hotel he had ever stayed in.

He knew his lover was rich, but shit, this was just ridiculous. This
was like if his cock was their house in California this place was an
elephant dick.
On steroids.
When it was hard.

Xander wondered if the fuckin' Queen of England herself lived in
a palace this big?

The center of the estate was four stories high and at least the size
of several football fields. Added to that were two, three story wings
on each end.
The one on the east end appeared to be a several car garage with an
apartment over top.
The west side, the side he had emerged from was just as Will
had described.

Trying to recover from his shock, and remember the reason he was
here Xander dropped low and darted over to the five foot high
stone wall that circled the perimeter of the garden and ended at a
gate in the rear.

Xander could see that at one time it must have been magnificent.
The center of the garden was brick lined and featured a huge fountain
with three fat cherubs holding flutes, horns and baskets of fruit.

Now however, the fountains were dry, covered in bird shit and
obviously used as a catch all for beer cans and cigarette butts.
There was also a used condom hanging from the nose of one of the
cheribs. Someone had a sense of humor.

Continuing on quickly through overgrown shrubs and weed choked
flower beds, Xander reached the house.
There were three sets of glass doors, the first one led directly out
to where Xander now crouched.

Keeping his body as low and flat to the wall as possible he peeked
quickly in.
The room was huge.
Dark, filled with burgundy leather furniture and heavy oriental carpeting.
It was a man's room. Nothing flowery, frilly or feminine.

The walls were lined with shelves that held what seemed to be
thousands of books. Xander had no trouble picturing Will as a
young child sitting on an old man's lap and being read too.

Stepping forward to get a better look, he was startled to see the room
was not as empty as he had first thought.
Squinting, he counted four. A dark haired fat man sleeping on one
of the sofas, a skinny boy sitting on the floor and snorting a white
powder from the coffee table, and a couple on the floor fucking in
front of the cold, blackened fireplace.

Three men and a woman. Xander made a mental note of their
description for Will. He had no idea which one was Will's cousin,
but it didn't matter.
They all would go before this was over with.

Scanning the area Xander satisfied himself that at least in this part
of the house there were no other occupants. Watching for a minute
or two longer he saw the man who was fucking the woman doggie
style on the floor hump and cum.
Smacking her on the ass, he stumbled to his feet and traded
places with the young man who had just filled his nose with coke.

Coke head lurched forward, sprawling over the woman's back
causing them both to tumble onto the floor.
Then, with no effort, his cock slipped wetly in and he picked up where the
other left off.

Resting on her elbows Xander didn't think the woman was even awake
or aware of the change in partners.
Probably just as well. Neither man looked to be too interested in
whether or not she visited the land of "O".

Just as he was about to move on down to the next set of glass doors,
Xander heard the front door bell.
His stomach jumped to his throat in tense fear for her.

He watched closley to see what reaction her arrival would have.
His entire body went rigid. Ready to move if there was any threatening
gesture made towards her.
At first no one stirred.
He waited and watched as the bell rang a second time.

At last the fat man on the sofa started to rouse. Although Xander
could not hear what was being said he could tell it wasn't friendly banter.
The larger man got to his feet and pointed wildly at the powder
disappearing up the nose of the previous fucker.
The fucker was unconcerned.

Buttoning his pants the fat man kicked the skinny one off the
woman as he passed.
Wiping a thin stream of blood from his nose, skinny laid back
on the floor and absent mindedly stroked his red, angry erection
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