phase58 (phase58) wrote in bloodclaim,

Title: My Little Pony
Pairing: The only one that matters S/X
Warnings: m/m sex
Disclaimer: None of it belongs to me, shame
Rating: adult smut
Summary: Drabble - the things you get up to when your bored.
Hope you like it, I'll never think of those obnoxious toys in the same way again!

"Oi, Knob Jockey, C'mere"
"You make tha sound like I ride a lot"
"You do"
"Only you tho"
"Yeah, cus if you rode any other knobs I'd havta kill em"
"Wouldn't expect anything less, cause well, I'd 've been forced against my will wouldn't I"
"Course. You fancy saddling up now"
"No saddle for me, I'm a bareback rider"
"Well come and get on then, wot you waitin fer?"
"Been a mite skittish this morning, dancing about all over"
"Well, I've been waiting since we started talking, whadda you expect!!"
"OK, hold still now while I position myself. Ahhhh, thats it."
"Oh yeah, you seated expertly luv"
"Would'nt want to get bucked off now would I?"
"I might just buck once or twice, don't want you thinking you're in control of this pony now do we?"
"As if! Oh god, you're such a good ride tho!"
"Don't think we'll - oh yeah!!!, be going too far this morning luv"
"Just once round the paddock then? For now!"
Spike felt Xander's muscles clench around him, holding him fast, as they rode out their joint orgasm, cold and warm seed spilling, gallop over, they slowed to a gentle walk, heaving, sweating, spent.
"You're the only jockey I ever want riding me luv"
"My Little Pony. With your white mane and sleek flanks, so beautiful."
"Soppy git, and less of the bloody little! M'big me"
"You're perfect Spike, but you're still My Little Pony!!"

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