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Finding Family

Title: Finding Family 16/40
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult - Overall
Paring: W/X HUA
Disclaimer: I own nothing, including the characters used in
this story and make no money off them.
Summary: This story is a follow up to "Flip The Script."
The boys are living together happily when something unexpected
turns their lives around.

"Oh, well good morning. Hi, I'm Willow Harris I think you
have been expecting me."
Willow stood patiently on the door step. She clutched a notepad
tightly in her hands and had a pair of Xander's work glasses perched
on the tip of her nose.

The face of the large man standing on the other side of the door
slipped easily through several conflicting expressions.
Anger, surprise, confusion and, as the wheel finally came to a stop,
settled on total lack of comprehension.

"Who the fuck are you? This is a private residence and what ever
you are selling we aren't buying."

Willow did her best to stay calm. She tried to peek in and see if
this man was alone but his large shirtless body effectively blocked
the entire doorway.

She tried not to show her distaste at his hairy, flabby belly
or fur covered back.
He smelled strongly of body odor and from the looks of his
bare feet nail clippers had not arrived yet in the UK.

She assumed this was Will's cousin but even if he wasn't her goal
was the same. Keep him here long enough to let Xander get
a look around.

She shifted her notebook to the other hand and removed her glasses.
"Oh dear, you're not the caretaker are you? Please let me explain.
I am an exchange student from the states studying old English
architecture at university.
We were given permission by Mr. Rayne to set up on this estate
as part of a field study project. In fact there is a whole bus load
of other students on their way now. I was sent ahead to unlock
the house."

Willow hoped this slab of flesh would not try anything stupid if
he thought she was not alone. Taking a deep breath she went
into full babble.

"We were told there would not be anyone here. I'm certainly sorry,
but I'm afraid there will be at least 20 of us going over this place
with a fine tooth comb. But please feel free to go about your
business. Whatever that business is. What exactly is your business?
Oops, that's kinda nosey and rude isn't it? Anyway we will try
not to get in your way. Oh, and don't worry about
your property.
My fiance is with Scotland Yard in London and he is going to
spend the week end, so you will be safe as houses. Oh, hey,
I made a joke."

Taking a deep breath Willow waited patiently to see what the
response would be.
The reaction she received was certainly not one she had expected.


The heavy wooden door slammed in her face so quickly she said a
brief prayer of thanks that she was far back enough and her nose
short enough that she just missed being face flattened with the shape
of a gothic door knocker embedded on her forehead.

A huge grin spread over her lips as she thought about telling Will
Whistling, she turned and hopped down the steps as she
made her way back to the car. Although not resolved, the situation
had certainly taken as interesting turn.

Xander had kept low and worked his way down the row of French
doors on the side of the house.
The first room was apparently the library. That was the one where
he had seen the four occupants. As soon as the man on the sofa rose
to answer the door, Xander had slipped on down to the second

Peeking in, the room appeared to be a formal dining room.
It was hard to tell though with all the damage the room had incurred.
He could see that a chandelier had been pulled from the ceiling and
pictures knocked off the walls.
The center of the huge solid wood table had obviously been burnt
and the chairs around it smashed.

Right now, however, this was all irrelevant. There were no people
in there and that was his only concern.

Keeping his body flat to the wall he then went to the last door and
ducking his head, looked in. This room was smaller.
Cozy, or used to be.
It was an alcove off the kitchen. Probably a breakfast room.
Xander couldn't help but think how wonderful it would be to sit there
or step out onto the lanai with their morning coffee.

That's when the realization actually hit him that this was Will's.
All of this belonged to his lover and therefore in some ways
was also his. A fury shot through him. A possessiveness that
screamed 'how dare they!'

Xander stood and looked in.
The space was now empty. The small table and chairs that should
have been there were missing.
Instead it was being used as a garbage dump. Trash bags, food trash,
beer cans, and carry out food cartons were strewn everywhere.
The only good news seemed to be that this area was also unoccupied.

As far as Xander could see the four in the library were the only
people in the house. That meant that Billy must be one of them.
Xander's confidence solidified itself in his mind.
'Fuck. No sweat. We can get rid of four drugged up squatters.
Easy peasy or we break their kneesys'

Before Xander had the chance to relax into his new found
fearlessness a sharp slamming sound accompanied by the shout
of voices behind him caused him to drop into the shrubs like a rock.

Every muscle in his body went rigid, his brain screaming just one word.
Jumping to his feet, Xander spun around in time to see the first set of doors
fly open and the retreating backs of the four residents, still nearly naked,
trying to dress as they ran into the woods.

Chivalery must, in fact, be dead as the three men disappeared
into the trees leaving the skinny, skanky, female to stagger
waveringly behind.

Dashing back, Xander vaulted over the garden wall and bounded
towards the front of the house. He was overwhelmed with relief
to see Willow resting casually against the rental car.

Pushing off she laughed as she approached him.
"Well that was a lot easier than we thought. Why do you think they
ran like that? Do you think it was the threat of a boy friend in The Yard?"

Xander joined her in a chuckle.
"So that was it. Figures, what with all the drugs they have in there.
From what I could see that was all of them.
Lets go pick up Will and tell him how well it went."

Before they had the chance to get into the car, Will came jogging
up the lane and met them, puffing and out of breath.
"Wow! I don't know what the fuck happened, but four of the
ugliest half naked people I have ever seen just ran past me.
Are you two o.k?"

Willow flipped her hair with pride. Her eyes twinkled with
a smile that showed more relief than humor.
"Yep, your spy plans worked better than we thought they would.
Guess the problem is solved."

Will frowned and let his gaze sweep over the estate.
"Not exactly. I don't know who those clowns were, but none
of them were my cousin, Billy. He must still be in the house."

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