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Finding Family

Title: Finding Family 22/40
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult - Overall
Paring: W/X HUA
Disclaimer: I own nothing, including the characters used in
this story and make no money off them.
Summary: This story is a follow up to "Flip The Script."
The boys are living together happily when something unexpected
turns their lives around.

It was the best day Deena could ever remember. It hadn't taken
long before Willow's infectious enthusiasm had all but erased Deena's
guilt at the extravagance of their shopping trip.

Not knowing the sex of the baby had only added to their possibilities.
Not limited to just blue or pink they were free to buy a few of each,
tossing in some yellow and green for good measure.

Each table of booties elicited and new round of squeals, each rack
of shirts and onesies earned their own ohs and ahs.
The thick fluffyness of the crib quilts was more that Deena could
resist as she rubbed one against her cheek.

The cart they had claimed at the door was now more than half full
with no end in sight.

Necessities like diapers, bottles, wipes and toiletries stacked up
neatly with stuffed duckies, bibs, hats, and a musical merry-go-round
for the dresser.

Willow had even insisted on a cotton top and pair of comfortable
stretch pants for Deena. A luxury for someone who had never shopped
anywhere other than charity and thrift stores.

Hoping what she was about to do would not damage their new found
friendship, Willow really wanted some answers before they returned
to the estate.

"Deena, I don't mean to be personal or anything but when you lost
your apartment didn't you have family you could go to?"

Deena glanced up from the little dresses she was looking at.
"No. Never had a father. Mum said she wasn't sure who it was. She
worked nights, if you know what I mean. I don't blame her or nothin'
She did her best for us. But then when I was sixteen a copper came to
the door real early one morning when I was getting ready for school.
Told me there had been an accident. I never did hear all the particulars
but they said she died of head injuries. It had always just been her and me
If she had any other family, she never said. The church in town buried her
and that was that. I was alone."

Deena shrugged and kept browsing.
"The county put me with a family in town but that didn't work out
too well so I left. Stayed with friends for a while. I quit school in
my last year and got a job at the factory. I was nearly 18 so nobody
cared, and I was doing pretty good. Making fair money and had
my own place. Worked there till I met Billy.
He was so sweet to me. I really thought he was my knight in shining armor.
I don't know. Maybe he still will be."

Feeling bad that she had spoiled the mood Willow grabbed Deena's
hand and dragged her to the crib department.

"Doesn't matter. Now you have a baby to love. Someone brand
new that is going to need Mommy to give cuddles and smoochies.
And you have us. We all care about you Sweety."

"I really do want to do right by this baby. I want to be a good Mum,
you know? Make sure it always knows it's loved."

Finding a new table, Willow held up a yellow sunflower bonnet.
Both women giggled, pretending at least for a little while, that
everything was going to be all right.


"What the fuck do you mean she went to town? Nobody told me she
was going anywhere. She wouldn't have gone without asking me first."

Enjoying the anger this situation was causing, Xander couldn't help
but pick at the sore just a little more.

"Thought Lincoln freed the slaves. Or was that just in the States?
Deena's a grown woman. She doesn't need anyone's permission to go
or do anything. Now, since we seem to have the afternoon free
while they enjoy a day of shopping why don't you help clean up
some of this disgusting mess you made."

Billy was absolutely livid. His vision blurred and his ears rang.
He could see his whole world being taken away. Stolen by
that spoiled little rich brat just like when the were lads. It was unfair!
His whole fuckin' life was unfair!
He could feel his heartbeat pound in his temples as he pressed his
fists against his closed eyes.

Xander leaned against the sink and smiled as he watched the Billy
volcano build toward eruption.
The kitchen clean up was more than an even trade off for the pleasure
of seeing how all of this was effecting Will's asshole cousin.

Just when Xander was beginning to wonder if Billy would ever peak,
the hands came down and the spit flew.

Americans come over here and think you own the fuckin' world and
everything in it. Well. you don't own me and you sure as fuck
don't own Deena. She belongs to ME! That fuckin' baby belongs
to ME!. Just like when we were kids that goddamn pussy assed
William thinks his fuckin' money can buy him anything."

Xander was beginning to become slightly concerned.
Billy's face was beat red and his hands clenched in fists so tight his
nails were piercing his palms.

He couldn't help letting his mind wander to the cartoons he had seen
of people who get so mad their heads would swell like a balloon.
Bigger and bigger until they pop. Exploding and spraying the room
with multi colored pieces of confetti.
Damn, confetti was a bitch to sweep up.

He idly wondered what the odds were of Billy having a stroke and
eliminating all their problems. Nah, they weren't that lucky.

Without seeming to need to breath, Billy ranted on.
"You're going to regret this. You are all going to be sorry for the
way you treated me! You are all buying more trouble and problems
than you can imagine. Every single one of you will pay for the way
you disrespect and insult me. You want me to help clean this up?
Well, fuck you!"

Billy picked up a greasy plate sitting on the sideboard next to him and
sailed it like a frisby aimed at Xander's head. Ducking it easily,
Xander laughed as Billy turned and stormed off.

"Well that was fun."
He chuckled as he swept up the broken dish.

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