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Finding Family

Title: Finding Family 23/40
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult - Overall
Paring: W/X HUA
Disclaimer: I own nothing, including the characters used in
this story and make no money off them.
Summary: This story is a follow up to "Flip The Script."
The boys are living together happily when something unexpected
turns their lives around.

William was clearly back in his element. He was the one at home that
did all the shopping at the grocers. He knew just what Xander liked
and made sure that Bungy fixed it to suit.

It didn't bother him in the least that this was what some considered
'woman's work'. Xander did what he was best at, construction work,
and William did what he was best at, taking care of Xander.

It was an arrangement that had proven extremely successful for both.
The business was booming. Xander's reputation as one of the best in the
state kept them in some of the most prestigious jobs, and with William
by his side both men were living the happily ever after of Will's books.

The money afforded him the ability to stay home and focus all his attention
on making their home just what they both wanted. He still went to the
library where he had worked and spent one or two afternoons a week
visiting, volunteering and reading with friends and students, but he was
most happy at the house.

With Willow and Bungy, he was living the way he had once only
dreamed of.
He was happy, loved, and thanks to Xander, very sexually satisfied.

Coming back here was the last thing he had ever thought they would do.
It was all too confusing, too upsetting. The memories of a past he had
left behind. It had assaulted his senses the minute he landed at
the airport. The good of his childhood was equaled by the horror
of his last years living here.

This, however, was something he knew. A little piece of the familiar
that he could lose himself in.
Xander's favorite cereal, cookies, wheat bread instead of white, and
plenty of beef. Everyone else could just adapt or go hungry.

Once they were rid of Billy and Deena, Xander could take charge
of repairs at the house and in less than a month they would be on
their way back to California.
Free to resume a lifestyle of their own choosing.

He was more than happy to turn the keys back over to the caretakers.
They were good people and he trusted them completely.
Xander was talking security system so this problem should not
occur again, and he was more than willing to take legal action
against his cousin if need be.

Will had been giving the whole situation some thought and tonight
he would discuss with Xander the posibility of paying a month or
two's rent on a flat for Deena and the baby.

He didn't want to just write her off simply because she had made
the foolish mistake of getting hooked up with an idiot like Billy.
After all if it was Billy's baby that meant that it was Will's family too.

He knew at some point he and Xander would have to make a
decision about the estate, but not yet.
He hated having to be the responsible one.
He needed Xander to do that.

William continued up and down the aisles loading up with fruit and
vegetables and running a menu through his mind. Checking his
watch, Will realized he had been gone much longer than he had
planned and hoped the girls weren't waiting on the sidewalk for him.

Hurrying to the checkout, Will quickly unloaded his basket and
watched the lady happily add up the exorbitant sums.


"Oh my God, Willow. Did you see what all that added up to?"
The girls dropped down onto the wooden bench outside the
baby shop. Both needed to get off their feet and catch their breath
while they waited.

Willow patted Deena's knee and stretched out her legs.
"Yea, it was a doozy. Don't worry Will won't mind. Besides a
lot of that was on sale so we really saved him money. He should
be grateful."

Deena frowned and tried to process the logic but barely had time
when Will pulled up and beeped the horn.
Jumping out of the car he hurried around to lend them a hand.

Looking around at the several huge bags at their feet he crossed
his arms over his chest and huffed.
"Are you sure you didn't miss something? I mean you didn't
accidentally leave something on the shelf in there did you?"

Will looked up at the shop window in time to see the clerk happily
wave. Automatically and before he could stop himself he smiled
and waved back. When he realized the reason for her glee he
dropped his arm and scowled.

Helping Deena to her feet and snatching up one of the smaller
bags Willow headed for the car.
"Nope, I think we got what we needed."

Grumbling, Will loaded the trunk and slammed the lid.
"Fine, can we go home now?"
Will hated to have to use his most sarcastic tone on his beloved
Willow, but some times called for drastic measures.

"Um, no. Pull in to that pub up there. I don't know about anybody
else but I'm starved."

Will struggled to keep his eyes on the road as he stared in the rear
view mirror.
"No Willow! No nononononono. Xander is waiting on us. He is
probably hungry too. This is where I put my foot down. No no no."

Willow sighed.
"Will, darling, Deena hasn't eaten all day and neither have we.
It is important that she keep up her strength. Now we are all
going to sit down and have a nice lunch then we can take something
back for Xan. That way you won't have to cook. It makes
perfect sense dear."

"No Willow. I'm standing firm this time. I have a whole trunk full
of food that we can cook at back at the house. We are not
stopping for lunch. We simply are not!"

"Are you lovely young people ready to order or do you need
another minute?"
The pub waitress had already delivered glasses of ice tea and
waited patiently as Willow gave the menu one last scan then
handed it back.

"I think I'd like a large plate of liver and onions. Deena? How
about you? The baby could use the iron and protein."

Will closed his menu and slapped it down in front of him.
"Oh, that's just lovely. The two of you all onioned up and back
in the car with me. Well I'll have you know I can fight fire
with fire."
He handed the menu back to the waitress and smiled sweetly.
"I'll have the same."

Deena held a hand over her girth as she shook with laughter.
She had never heard people speak to each other the way these
two did. She found it hard to believe Willow was Xander's
sister and not Will's.

Not with the amount of love and devotion she could see present
between them.

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